Monday, February 17, 2014

My 1st Release: Littlemill 1990/2013 (49.8% abv)

It was indeed a glorious day for me as I launched my whisky website yesterday at because I have never thought having my own and it's a whisky related one. Who could have thought that from my passion for appreciating whisky has now grew into having my own bottling label? That is really a big step!

The story how I stumbled upon Single Malt whisky...

Yesterday the day was sunny, not that it's a big deal in Malaysia but here in Belgium it's really a much-talked about topic. Maybe it's a good sign for my website and my first release going online because this morning, Ruben from WhiskyNotes has already written a review on my Littlemill 1990 and rated it a wonderful 91 points. 

I'm glad my first release together with my husband whom we chose the whisky together didn't disappoint our friends in the industry as people has high regards towards any bottle with the name "Luc Timmermans" printed on the label. And in other words, I better not disgrace my husband. Lol...

It is really a good feeling to see my family being so supportive and my friends being the first to reserve a bottle even before it is launched. Some had even reserved more than 1 bottle without tasting it and I'm so grateful to have them to give me a kickstart in this business. 

As a pioneer in being an independent bottler in Malaysia, I hope to bring more goodies into my home country for the whisky enthusiasts so that they can have a taste of the variety of whisky from the world of independent bottlers, which is still a stranger in the whisky scene back home.

I've never thought my 1st release could be so successful that the 68 bottles are quickly snapped out before the news travel. And I must say that Ruben, also my designer for the label has done such a good job with this one and the finishing effect is just my style, the way I like it to be - classy and with a touch of family elements using my family name in chinese characters. Dad must have been so proud to be a "Lim". Hahaha..

The standards have been set and now expectations for the 2nd cask can only go higher. This is all so exciting and I am really looking forward to discovering more beautiful drams with my husband!

You can follow me on Whisky by Eiling Lim website where I will post updates on my whisky journey and hopefully more casks!

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