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An Unparallelled & Delightful Lunch @ JAAN, Swissôtel The Stamford Singapore

I cannot believe that throughout my countless trips to Singapore, I did not discover Jaan. Situated on the 70th floor, Equinox Complex of the Swissotel The Stamford, far from my sight, it's a restaurant with a great view. The view is not only the thing to feast on here because the dishes that Chef Julien Royer is about to unravel is keeping me busy marvelling at every morsel.

It's no secret that Jaan ranks 17th in Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2014 list and Chef Julien believes the beauty of food is in its simplicity and freshness.

The menu that we took for our Sunday lunch is an "Artisanal Cuisine" where Chef Julien showcases the different cuisines using the freshest and best produce according to the seasons. Here, the canapes will blow you away and what a way to start a meal! On a black elevated granite plate with prominent "Jaan" carved in the stone, we were served 3 different canapes starting with a Black Sesame Sponge with smoked eel, Chicken Pastilla with coriander and a Cantal and walnut cracker with a mini wooden peg as a holder. There is also a very cute glass jar containing the Chef's interpretation of Lentil "Humus" made of lentils from Saint-Flour, Auvergne and Chestnut paste. It is served with thin crispy cereal crackers that are quite addictive.

I love a restaurant with a good bread basket. Jaan serves at least 4 different types of bread and the brioche is the most popular! To go with our canapes, our friends bought a Dom Perignon Oenotheque 1996 which is a stunning champagne with an explosive of fruit, lemon, toastiness and balanced acidity with a lingering finish.

 Wild Mushroom Infusion
Cep sabayon, Walnut and lovage. Tastes exceptionally delicious with the smoothness of the cream and nutty flavours from the mushrooms that are in small dices. 

The next dish got us staring at the tray when the staff walked towards our table. Looks like something fancy is going on here! On the tray were eggs, half-boiled, nicely arranged in a typical paper egg tray and some dry ice below it and thus creating that mysterious look. This dramatic entrance reminded me of some Heston Blumenthal cooking shows I've watched.

55' Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg
On a square black tile, there is a round transparent glass bowl filled with ratte potato, small pieces of chorizo iberico and buckwheat. Underneath the bowl is some smoked rosemary and the egg which has been delicately poached for 55 minutes is poured into the bowl. This is definitely a heavenly dish from sight to taste.
For the next wine, we had a bottle of 1980 Clos du Mont- Olivet Chateauneuf-du-Pape. The wines from this estate is one of the finest in CDP and they have a history dating back to 1547. This is truly a wonderful CDP which I'm trying for the first time!

The top picture is a dish of Gillardeau Oyster with horeadish, grapefruit and caviar. I must say that it's quite interesting to eat an oyster prepared this way instead of just a fresh oyster with some lemon juice. The below dish is a Beetroot "Collection" with Burata "artigiana"(fresh Italian cheese made from mozarella and cream), honeycomb and preserved raspberry. It's a sweet dish comprising of different textures which was presented in an appealing way. To me, it looked very much like a dish from Nuance.

Winter Garden
The chef is using "forgotten vegetables", hazelnuts and "Auvergne" ham for this dish which was meticulously presented in a line in the middle of the plate. Guess what? I also have these plates at home and they were designed by a Belgian designer. In between the vegetables, there is some shavings of black truffles. A beautiful and delicious dish!

Blue Brittany Lobster
When it arrived at our table, the red lobster looked like a caterpillar on my plate! It was indeed a delicious dish as the lobster was succulent and cooked just right. The presentation is simple yet the flavours complements each other really well.

For the next dish, Chef Julien came out with a big black Staub cocotte. When he opened the lid, a very smoky aroma of garlic, hay and pigeon drifted across the table. It was his next dish that he wanted to show us before he had the pigeons plated. 

Pigeon "Plouneour"
The pigeon is presented in a very artistic way on a white plate. It's served with barley, winter mushroom and vin jaune (a type of white wine in the Jura region of Eastern France). The pigeon is indeed tender and well roasted. At this point of time, I really had quite a lot of food in my digestive system and in my mind, I hoped that this is indeed the last dish!

But of course at a fine dining restaurant, the meal has not ended if one has not taken a dessert! At this point in time, Frank Phillipe, the restaurant manager came to our table with two wooden trays on his hands and voila... there were two tempting cheeses waiting to be savoured. One was Tomme de Savoie and the other Marc de Raisin.
And for our delectable cheese dessert, Emmanuel brought a bottle of Chateau d'Yquem 1958 to end the wonderful lunch at Jaan! You can always expect some fantastic wines from these guys because they are all true connoisseurs...

The Chateau d'Yquem 1958 was truly unforgettable. The sweetness of the sauternes wine has developed more complexity and the colour has turned to a deep gold. Every sip is heavenly and together with the cheese, it is a lethal combination! 

An Indulgent Afternoon!

It was really a privilege to be invited by these guys to their monthly lunch gathering. I'm the only lady ever to be invited and it's an honour! Thank you to all of you for this wonderful lunch that I will not forget for a looooong time...

Jaan is indeed a superb restaurant which I found out only after dining here this year. This is truly a great place for a romantic dinner with a skyline view of Singapore. After 4 and a half hours here, I'm stuffed and it's time to fly back to Kuala Lumpur!

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