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Our Big Day - 28th December 2013 (Part I)

Finally the day we have all been waiting for - Our Big Day on the 28th December 2013. Apparently my mom says that this date is a good date in the Chinese calendar for getting married. Luc being an easy-going man, he agreed with the date and my family were here for Xmas and then the wedding before flying back on 30th. The date has been set many months in advance and we both were probably too carefree to plan anything until the last minute.

First things first, getting the necessary documents to register the wedding is not easy. As I am getting married in Mortsel City Hall in Belgium as a foreigner, they need a certified copy of a few documents and getting them is almost nightmare. I had to drive to Putrajaya to apply for the documents, chase them for it, get them certified at the Foreign Affairs department and then send them to the Belgium Embassy in KL to certify them! Hundreds of Ringgit were paid before we are even sure if we could get married. Luck is on our side as we managed to get everything in order and by early November, we managed apply to register our marriage on the 28th December 2013.

I think we had only started planning the wedding in mid November, which is a month before the big day. We looked for a few photographers only and I stumbled upon Federic from K-pture and his pictures captivated us and thus we contacted him. Lucky enough he was available on this day to take our pictures. We even met up with him beforehand to explain about the itinerary of the wedding day and some details. I didn't want any pre-wedding photo  shoot. Just the wedding day would be good enough.

Ok, we have found a photographer and next was the wedding gown. I was browsing online and on this site I found some really nice gowns that are simple and versatile at Linea Raffaeli. Luc drove me to the Bridal shop and we tried three dresses and in the end, we settle for this dress in no time. The lady of the shop asked us when is the wedding and we said, "28th of December". She said, "Oh, that's fine and you will have plenty of time." Then Luc said, "No. It's next month!" I could she was a little shock from our reply and she had to call the designer if she allow us to buy the dress as it was a new arrival. Usually a lead time of 3 months is needed for a wedding gown. Luck is on our side again and we were allowed to have it! Yay... and now? 

Shoes, shoes, shoes.... The bridal houses here have everything under one roof. In the same building, you can buy gowns, wedding accessories, shoes, bridesmaid dresses, best man suits, wedding favours, rental of vehicles, balloons and decorations, wedding gifts and even bridal lingerie. Since I needed the shoes urgently, I could only buy the ones available in stock. Even then, this pair of simple heels with white lace costs me more than €140 a pair!

Photographer - check
Wedding Gown - check
Shoes - check

Next was of course the venue of the wedding luncheon. Luc and I decided to have a long lunch instead of dinner as I find dinners tiring. He wanted to have it at his favourite restaurant at Reet which is Pastorale, a 2 Star Michelin by Chef Bart de Pooter which I have blogged about here. I agreed as I really like the restaurant too! It proves to be the best choice we made. Wait for Part II of the wedding story.

Restaurant - check

Next was Luc's suit. Guess what? He only had his suit done 2 weeks before the wedding at his favourite boutique. a man's suit is really expensive. The price of his suit is almost the same as my dress! However, it is a very well-tailored suit!

Flowers and Car decoration was almost the last thing we prepared. We wanted a nice yellow bouquet but during winter, yellow flowers are difficult to get and so in the end, we could only have yellow roses. Luc had to decorate the car himself on the morning of the wedding day and I say... he did a very good job!!!

Luc's suit - check
Flowers and car decoration - check

The wedding invitation cards were handmade by myself. Afterall, we only have 22 guests and that's not difficult. The wedding favours are my favourite and much has been thought about making this gift as we want this to be memorable. It is a miniature of a bottle of Tomintoul 1968 and Glen Elgin 1984 from Thosop Handwritten label. It is both our birth years and there are only 24 sets out there!!!

Wedding favours - check

Then we realise one day before the wedding that we do not have a hairstylist! Shit... In the end, I did my own hair with the help of my sisters and make-up was done by myself too. Hmm... not bad uh?

So you see... our wedding checklist is really simple. So simple that we could have everything done within a month. And all we are needed to do on the wedding day is to enjoy. There was nothing to worry about and we had the best day ever!!! It is indeed something we want and in the end, everyone were happy.

Here are a some of the pictures I like...




suituapui said...

Sobsss!!! Sobssss!!!! So very sweet, so very romantic! I love weddings!

All the best to the two of you again, may your life together be forever filled will the sweetness and romance of this very meaningful day. Cheers!!!

suanie said...

Wah, so chill and relaxed!! It sounded like a happy, stress-free wedding. Can't wait for part 2 :D

kimberlycun said...

love this post! wish you and luc a lifetime of happiness and fun together always!

Sean said...

beautiful pics! there's such a nice positive vibe ... and the date chosen is cool! you'll get to celebrate Christmas and then your anniversary at the end of every year! wonderful :D

Mr Lonely said...

wow, that's was a great wedding, happy marriage! wishing you the very best and happy ever after~ =D

Anonymous said...

Are u having a little bun in the oven? You look rounder than usual :)

Diana said...

Congratulations eiling! Has been following ur blog for few yrs but nvr really leave any comment. U looked stunning n very blissful! :)

mef said...

Hi Eiling,

Wishing you and Luc great big congratulations for the wonderful and joyous occasion.

All the very best and lots of happy time together in your marriage.

The rings on the Havana ashtray is wonderful shot.

Have an awesome 2014 and gong xi fa cai.

Iriene said...

Congratulations! I enjoyed weddings, they are beautiful, always!!!
Both of you have done great jobs with wonderful arrangements :)
Wish you both "Love and Happiness Everyday :)"

Huai Bin said...

Congrats Eiling! :)

I love how you told the whole story! It was so fun to read about your marriage preparations, didn't know you were back to chase the docs in Putrajaya.

Nice restaurant, nice wedding and awesome wedding favors! Whoa! This is one that requires a minimum 4-figure ang pow. Haha!

Anyway, I'm glad to see you both happy and waiting for Part II!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Congrats Eiling!! A wedding and a baby along the way! No wonder you look glowing. How's the pregnancy treating you? Go easy on the alcohol.

Constance Ant said...

congratulations EiLing!!
so happy for you and Luc, even though never met you in person!
i have never seen any bride who's so carefree, no bridezilla at all!

part 2 faitit XD

eiling lim said...

STP: Thanks and I am definitely looking forward to a beautiful journey together.

Suan: It was a bit like a carefree wedding but there were some stress a few days before. hehe

Kim: Thank you so much babe!

Sean: Yeah good timing so that I can look forward to xmas presents and anniversary gift! lol

Mr.Lonely: Thanks so much for your kind words.

Anon: Lol the only bun i have in my stomach is a cheese and ham bun. I've gained weight.

Diana: Thanks for the lovely comment and thanks for reading!

Mef: Thanks and I'm sure the havana cigar ashtray caught your attention. The photographer sure knows what he's doing. Hope you are still continuing your cigar passion.

Irene: Thank you so much. That's very sweet of you.

Huai Bin: Yeah I was back a few months ago before returning to Belgium for 3 months but am back now for CNY. Thanks for your kind words, Nah we didn't ask for any and pows or gifts but the guests were so nice to gift us with wonderful presents.

Anon: The alcohol and food definitely made me gained weight but trust me the glow has nothing to do with a baby. no plans for that yet. It's a glow of finding happiness.

Constance Ant: Thanks babe. Although we have never met but we can still read about each other online. haha... thanks and yeah I was no bridezilla at all. I just enjoy the simple wedding preparation because in the end the wedding should be fun and it should be enjoyable.

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