Monday, July 22, 2013

The Royal North Sea Yacht Club @ Oostende, Belgium

The Royal North Sea Yacht Club is the only yacht club located in the city centre along the Belgian coast. There are many restaurants, a train station, shops and busses within walkin distance. Luc made a reservation here for our dinner as he told me the restaurant at the yacht club is really good.

The restaurant and bar is located on the highest floor and it has a sunny terrace that overlooks the Belgian coast. However, the capacity of the restaurant is only 30 people and it's not easy to get a reservation here.

Artisanale Garnaalkroketten, Gerfrituurde Peterselie €16

Luc ordered a shrimp croquette with parsley as I decided to skip the appetisers. I was still stuffed from the previous beer session at Botteltje. This is a typical dish of the Belgians and also the Dutch because I remember eating croquettes every meal when I was in Netherlands. The Croquettes were piping hot and the outer layer was so crispy. It was very delicious indeed.

Klassiek gebakken kabeljauw met een lauwe aardappelsalade en tuinkruiden €25

I ordered a Classic baked cod with potato salad and garden herbs. It's been a challenge for me to understand the menu here as most of them are written in Dutch and sometimes with French. During my almost 2 months stay, I've learnt some words and I could also figure out some of the dishes especially if it's written in French. Sigh... it's a daunting chore to ask my bf to translate everytime at a restaurant but some staff were nice enough to explain to me in English. The cod was so good as it was fresh, fleshy and smooth.

Gebakken Zeetong met Garnituren en frietjes

Luc ordered a fried sole with fries and one dish that I really like during my stay here is the Zeetong which is also called a "dover sole" or "black sole". It's from a family of flat fish and it usually lives in shallow water with sand or mud at the bottom. It's really delicious when it's grilled and served with a little lemon juice.

Frietjes or also known as Belgian Fries because the people here find it offensive to call it French Fries. It's thicker than the normal French Fries and it has a firmer outlet layer. This is like a national food of the Belgians and I've not come across anyone here who doesn't like them. If you go to any restaurant, you can be sure that they serve Frietjes and people can eat them by tonnes!!

We had a bottle of 2011 Domaine Thibert Pouilly-Fuisse Bourgogne €42 which is affordable and the wine is definitely drinking very well. I think we'll never get these prices for such a good bottle when dining in Malaysia. I will miss the wines very much when I go home....

The happy bf after a good meal!!!

Royal North Sea Yacht Club
Montgomerykaai 1  

8400 Oostende

Tel: +32 (0) 59 70 27 54


Sean said...

Ooo this is quite a unique setting. And even though it's cloudy day, looks like a nice amount of natural sunlight still makes it through the windows to make everything look pleasant :D

Anonymous said...

Aww, too bad thought u gonna marry off to Belgium...

Anonymous said...

wow the main Klassiek gebakken kabeljauw met een lauwe aardappelsalade en tuinkruiden (i totally mastered that!!) is a good sized portion! yummmz :) - xoxo shu

Missy Missy said...

A happy boyfie too coz you're right in front of him!

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