Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Burps & Giggles @ Ipoh

There's always a first for everything. Whenever I am in Ipoh, favourite hawker delights is always a priority and dining in a western cafe probably never crossed my mind. The abundqnce of delicious hawker treats in Ipoh is enough to keep my stomach filled and where can I still find space for the rest of the food?

This post was supposed to be written earlier but I was too busy enjoying life somewhere around the world. First I was in Doha to celebrate my dad's birthday and stayed with my parents there for a week and then I flew to Belgium to spend some time with my partner. I was so lazy and preoccupying my time doing this and that and neglected my blog. Now I'm back to writing this morning after my partner insisted that I stopped being so lazy and get my butt to the front of his mac and start typing away.

It was not so difficult locating Burps & Giggles as it is located along the row of olden shophouses across the street from HSBC which you can't miss because it is housed in a beautiful colonial british building. All of these buildings are part of the historical sites in Ipoh and until today it is still the charm of this city. Parking might be quite limited but if you don't mind a little walking, you can park a little further and walk to the cafe. After reading so many reviews about this place and also from my girlfriend Jasmin who told me that they make nice burgers, my sisters and I decide to drop by for a visit and some food. 

The decor is very impressive. It's artistic, innovative and it still exerts a rustic charm to this place.

Yiling ordered a Latte (RM10). It came in a nice latte art presentation but too bad it tasted a little diluted. I think the price is quite exorbitant for Ipoh standards too.

Ziling was feeling alcoholic and had a Vodka Lime (RM16) which again I felt was a rip-off because I can hardly taste the alcohol. If you let the glass sit on the table for a while more, all you get is the taste of ice.

My happy two sisters.

The menu are written on the board and I'm not sure if they have a hard copy of the menu because I didn't see anyone with a copy of the menu too. We decided to try the burger and there are a few choices but we selected the one that is recommended called "Bam Bam"(RM28). It comes with a black sesame bun with a wagyu beef patty, egg, cheddar, onions and tomato. The burger took almost 45 minutes to arrive and we were already starving like hell. It comes with no sides. The beef patty is juicy and tender but when the wagyu is made into a patty, you can't really taste the marbling of the beef anymore. The burger is recommended.

We saw many patrons ordering the Chunky Chips with Truffle Oil and we decide to do the same. If you order just the chips, it's RM4 but if you want the truffle oil, it's an additional RM2. I think these are handmade chips and they are fried well with a crisp on the outside and mashy potato in the inside.

I think the owners had spent quite a lot of money in decorating this place. Some of the old switches are recycled and used as decorations and the tables with colourful mosaic motifs reminds me of Spanish tapas places.

I was feeling alcoholic too and ordered a pint of Guinness (RM21.50). Again I felt the price was too expensive not because I think this is Ipoh, it's the quality of the drink. I have had much better Guinness in KL for less. It is somehow diluted and I didn't like it.

It's quite a queue at this place. Maybe because it's a weekend and it is also a long weekend due to Wesak Holidays that we waited for 15 minutes for a seat. I am impressed with the set up and decoration of this place but it probably takes some convincing to make me dine here again. I would say that this is an attraction in Ipoh but for KL folks, this looks like another Ben's outlet.

I'm finally at my last paragraph and I'm feeling relieved not because i dislike writing, it's a hell of an experience to type with an AZERTY keyboard. I had to learn to use a Mac and a Belgian keyboard to blog now and probably by the time I am back home, I need to get used to a QWERTY keyboard again...

Burps & Giggles
93&95, Jalan Sultan Yussuf,
30000 Ipoh
Tel: +605-2426188


suituapui said...

Hmmm...you girls sure seemed to have had a lot of fun. Seen so many of those gourmet burgers everywhere in everybody's blog that I don't think I would even want to try. Overkill.

Ciki said...

only one sis looks like you hor? I need to check out B&G soon.. heard the food is good!

Sean said...

heheh, here's hoping that your partner will continue to coax you to blog regularly :D nice pics of the super-tall burger and also the super-long chunky potato chip! =)

KY said...

looks like a pretty neat place to hang out. :D

Victoria said...

This is cool!

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