Sunday, March 24, 2013

Table 23 @ Jalan Mesui KL

Jalan Mesui is fast becoming another popular dining street near Changkat Bukit Bintang. Afterall, it's only a short walk from the busy street and it's right next door to Palate Palette and No Black Tie. Due to the proximity of this place to Changkat, it's is really easy to find and you won't miss the colourful signboard..

Sherlene Siew is the brainchild of this place. Previously a property developer, she's indeed a risk taker when she told me how Table 23 started. She conceptualised the whole restaurant from decor to food which I sensed her passion from the way she speak about this place. I like the raw bricks, unpolished wooden tables, hanging light bulbs and spacious dining area. For me, less is more.

Potted Shrimp (RM15)
A few slices of Olive bread which is toasted and crispy served with a ramekin of shrimps cooked with spices and also a homemade grape chutney. The spices are subtle with a tinge of lemon for that zesty flavour which goes very well with the toast. For sweet tooth diners, you'll like the grape chutney which is gives you a sweet start to the dinner.

Pear and Fennel Salad (RM17)
Tossed with a lemon juice, vinaigrette and olive oil dressing. I love the generous portions of rocket leaves and caramelised cashew nuts. Not often do we see fennel salad here in KL but this salad would have been better in my opinion to be served as a side dish than an entree by itself.

Poached Salmon (RM36)
The salmon is poached and laid on a garlic herb polenta base, served with a sake mirin sauce and topped with crispy carrot shavings. Unfortunately, the salmon was a little dry that day when I tried it but I must say that the sake mirin sauce is very interesting and the crispy carrot shavings are quite addictive. Can I have more as snacks?

Beef Cheeks (RM55)
The winner of the night would be the Beef Cheeks slowly braised with love for 6 hours. It's served with diced parmentier potatoes with a crisp outer layer and powdery inside, sauteed julienne cucumbers, bacon and cherry tomatoes. I love how they paired tomatoes with beef cheeks as the beef cheeks could be heavy but when paired with a tomato based sauce, it gives it a little sour and sweet taste to the dish. I would really recommend this as the beef cheeks are so tender and they came right off when I put my knife through it.

Pavlova (RM18)
Served with strawberries, fresh cream and drizzed with mango puree. Light and fresh!

Chocolate Guinness Cake (RM15)
A dark chocolate cake made with 1 pint of Guinness and a layer of cream cheese served with a scoop of Vanilla ice-cream. This is like consuming a pint of Guinness without having to drink it. A recommended dessert here.

I wasn't sure if I could still button my pants after the meal but I was sure that I had quite an enjoyable time there with the company of Sherlene and also my dining partner. This is not a fine dining place nor a casual cafe but Sherlene would call her place a western gourmet dining outlet which is not to be missed. And I would love to come back and try some of their lunch menu which consist of local cuisine. Thanks to Sherlene for the dinner invitation.

Table 23
23, Jalan Mesui,
50200 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: +603-21410023

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri : 11.30am to 3.00pm & 5.30pm to 1am
Sat : 4.30pm to 1.00am
Closed on Sundays


Sean said...

definitely looking forward to trying the potted shrimp sometime. so far, i think The Social does a good version of it in KL, but not sure where else :D

Huai Bin said...

Haha! I really just need to surf over to your blog to find out about the latest restaurants. You've been reviewing quite a lot of good ones Eiling! :D

Eiling said...

Sean: Yeah that's not bad and the shrimps are quite succulent too!

Huai Bin: Thanks for dropping by HB!

suituapui said...

Those cheeks look good enough to pinch!!! LOL!!!

eiling lim said...

STP: and to eat!

missyblurkit said...

chocolate Guinness cake! I like the idea of eating minus the drinking part on some days.

Chef and Sommelier said...

Hey Eiling! Was that Sherlene in the picture? Quite a babe!! :D

TheGunner said...

Hey highflyer, how are you? Have to scroll so far down to find a review of something KL-based. lol

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