Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Noodle & Congee Corner @ Grand Lisboa, Macau

Guess what I've spotted?

A dashing Bentley Continental Flying Spur. 
Not just one but 3 of them parked right in front of Grand Lisboa. Did you know that you can rent one of these Bentley to take you to the airport/ferry terminal at MOP$550 or RM215 per trip?

No thanks. I rather spend it on food.

The day I arrived at Macau, the 1st casino I visited was Grand Lisboa. This is because the building is too huge to be missed. On the way to the hotel, I was telling myself that I have to step foot here as the building intrigued me a lot. I wonder who designed it? Thanks to google, I found out that it was designed by renowned Hong Kong architects Dennis Lau and Ng Chun Man. I really liked the architecture as it's iconic and posh. These two guys are brilliant.

I guess I never thought that I could control my gambling inclinations and not gamble away a single cent during my entire trip in Macau. Can you imagine the possibilities in this land of casinos?!! I might have rolled some big bucks there to support my shopping escapade OR... some might say that I might lose my skirt.

After some casino surveying, it's time for dinner. We were quite lucky because we met a friend who works in Macau and he was our accidental tour guide for the night. Rei brought us to a restaurant in Grand Lisboa on the upper 1st Floor overlooking the gambling tables. I looked at it and said "what's so special about a noodle house at a casino?"

Noodle & Congee Corner

Don't underestimate this restaurant. Underneath its unpretentious, humble looking space lies a place that specialises in hand made noodles and chinese tea that is served by a Kung Fu Tea Master who walks around with a long spout copper kettle.

This place is quite spacious. You won't be close enough to another table to eavesdrop. I had a cup of Long Jing 龍井茶 which is translated to Dragon Well Tea. It's a type of chinese roasted green tea and it's quite expensive depending on the grades of the tea leaves. Did you also know that these tea leaves can be eaten after infusion?


This restaurant specialises in noodles prepared the Shanxi way where you'll find at least 6 types of noodles here to tickle your palate. We ordered a bowl of Jian Dao Mian 剪刀面 which is noodles that are cut from an enormous pair of scissors as the spool shaped dough is rotated. Thus the end result as you can see here is noodles that resembles the little pig tails. The broth is made of pork bones that has been boiled for many hours and thus the creamy white colour. This is one of the best hand made noodles I've eaten and I kid you not! Not only the noodles have that X-factor which is springy, the soup certainly did make a big difference. YOU MUST ORDER THIS!

Besides this variety, there are also some noodles that you might want to try. There's one that is called Yi Gen Mian  一根麵 which is a one strand noodle that measured 10 feet long! Now that's a never-ending noodle. Or you might also want to taste the Dao Xiao Mian  刀削麵 which it is also called a type of knife cut noodles where the giant dough is shaved with a knife directly into the boiling water.

A set of noodles with 1 side dish will set you back $62 while 2 side dishes will only cost you $68. Of course we took the 2 side dishes noodle set. 

Shanghainese Spare Ribs (Side Dish)

We had a bowl of braised pork and a plate of the shanghainese spare ribs. As you can see, it's quite apparent that I chose the accompanying dishes because it was everything pork! Why not indulge in pork when you're in Macau? The Shanghainese spare ribs might not look pretty from its presentation but I can assure you that these are very tender pork. No excessive chewing needed and it's VERY THE NICE! (pardon my broken English)

Succulent shrimp wantons!

Fried Rice $52

Pacific Clam and Asparagus Wrapped in Steamed Rice Flour $42

They are quite creative with the steamed rice roll. Apart from the usual barbequed pork or shrimps, here they have rice rolls wrapped with scallops, enoki mushroom, beef fillet, and bamboo piths. Price starts from $30 to $65. It's worth a try but you will have to savour it while it's still warm. These rolls are quite filling as well.

This is truly one of the noodle houses that I don't mind revisiting. In fact, the noodles are so good, I wished there's an outlet here in KL and I don't mind paying RM20-30 for a bowl of that. It's just like paying the price of a bowl of ramen. The 3 of us ended up with a bill of $300+ here.

It turns out to be that this Noodle & Congee Corner is a 2 Michelin Star restaurant! Need I say more?

Noodle & Congee Corner
Upper 1/F Grand Lisboa,

Open 24 hours
Tel: +853-88037755


Sunday, July 29, 2012

SPOON by Alain Ducasse @ InterContinental Hong Kong

The 1-Michelin Star SPOON by Alain Ducasse (Michelin Guide 2012) features contemporary French cuisine inspired by Alain Ducasse, one of the world’s most celebrated chefs. A combination of a celebrity chef and Michelin-starred restaurant definitely warrants a visit. His other Alain Ducasse restaurant in The Dorchester is a 3-Michelin Star.

The SPOON at InterContinental Hong Kong, located in Tsim Tsa Tsui has a decor imagined and conceived by the designer Tony Chi which lavishly showcases the breathtaking view of Victoria Harbour and its stunning skyline.

That's my view for the night!

What's not to love when you have such a breathtaking view at dinner? Instead of siting opposite your dining partner (which I usually do because it feels weird not to sit opposite each other when there's only 2 of us) here, we sat side by side as to not to block this picturesque view of Hong Kong harbour. It took my dining partner more than a month to make a reservation for one of the best seats in this restaurant. When the night falls, the diners can enjoy a display of laser light performance from the towers.

To be honest, I did not have any expectations at SPOON. I just want to enjoy the food, wines, view and a good companionship. When I was served the amuse bouche, my eyes were sparkling. First there was a beautiful napkin folded into a lotus flower carrying these small little "papa johns", then on a shiny silver plate, there's some cute macaron look-alike amuse bouche which is filled with salmon & mozarella cheese and the green ones are the lettuce with crab meat. 

I don't usually place too much expectations on amuse bouche because usually they are bite sized and they looked too effortless. However, these ones here are just spectacular. I love how they experiment with the asian ingredients and then served in the French way. Well, I finished all the amuse bouche the unfeminine way. The breadbasket is equally impressive. This is where you will have to really come empty stomach and try to sample every dish that is served to you. And don't let me start on that creamy butter.... ohh ahh... that sounds like orgasm already.

After all that, we have not even started on our appetiser yet. Can you imagine that? The night falls and we are still sampling yet another stunning amuse bouche comprising a fried frog leg with a bowl of ginger soup. First, eat the frog leg and then let the ginger soup trickle down the throat. I found so much pleasure in drinking that ginger soup. The spiciness of the ginger is very subtle but the soup tasted of savoury stock which I suspect has been boiled with frogs as well. Ahhh... so good.

While waiting patiently for our 1st dish, we had a bottle of 2004 Domaine Ramonet Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru Les Vergers which costs HKD$1350 at the restaurant itself. It's a chardonnay from the Burgundy region it's indeed a very good bottle. I like the fresh, spicy and wintermint nose. On the palate, it is buttery with flavours of pears and notes of white flowers. It has a medium body grip, the right complexity and a medium to long finish. Is the bottle worth the price tag? At this restaurant, this price tag is definitely worth it. Mathieu Ginglardi has been a very attentive sommelier as well.

ORGANIC Egg, Truffle & Tomato ($350)

Can you see that the slices of black truffles on this dish is so generous. I finally get to savour these flakes like potato chips! Haha... except that they don't taste anything like potato chips. What lies beneath this pie-like egg dish is a perfect egg yolk waiting for me to sink that fork into it. Very interesting dish which makes you wonder why did you just pay RM150 for some eggs? Oh well... If I knew how to make this, I wouldn't even have ordered it right?

Steamed Duck Foie Gras from "Les Landes" ($390)

This is something different from the usual foie gras I have. Instead of having it pan-seared, this is steamed and served with varies diced fruits, almond and basil. It's quite refreshing to have the nectarine to pair with foie gras so that it neutralises the taste of fats.

 Dover Sole "A La Riche" ($720)

This is a main dish with dover sole, crayfish, mushrooms and truffles. A Dover sole is a long, slipper-shaped flatfish with a small head, light-brown mottled skin and a creamy underside. The meat of this fish is delicate and flavourful but firm. Because one rarely sees this fish on a menu, if there's one, you better order it!

That afternoon before dinner, we were shopping around in Tsim Tsa Tsui and we came across this wine shop called Major Cellar located on Hankow road. I suggest all wine aficionados and collectors to visit this shop. It's filled with wines of the vintages that you'll wish to own or rather sip. They have an impressive line ups of 1st growths of Bordeaux as well as Burgundy. I get to choose a bottle for tonight's dinner and I finally chose this Chateau Montelena 1994 from Napa Valley costing $1980.

This bottle here received a 95 points from Wine Spectator. I felt that I could have mistaken this as a Bordeaux from the nose of this wine. I'm not a big Napa drinker but I do realise that there are actually many wonderful wines that come from this region. Montelena is one of them and I like how this bottle here has a bombastic display of black fruits, hints of vanilla and oak with a full and rich finish.

 "Challans" Duckling ($590)

My main comprised of duck with a cereals crust, served with babty beetroot and turnip. It looks like a piece of steak from the outside. I am impressed that they managed to serve my duck medium as per instruction. Along with the duck, there is also a side dish of duck confit with crepes. You eat it like how you would eat a peking duck wrapped in momo skin and cucumber. The duck confit was very flavourful and robust. This is one of the best duck dishes I've had at a French restaurant!

Sorry I had to mosaic his face for anonymity. 
Sometimes you just need some privacy. hahahah

For dessert, my partner has a cheese platter comprises of 4 selections of French cheeses ($170) where one of my favourite is the Comte.

While I had an Almond Soufflé served with Apricot Marmalade and their home made ice-cream ($160). Soufflé has been one of my favourite desserts at any white table cloth restaurants as the soufle shows the true skills of a chef. This one here passes the test with flying colours.

While I thought our dinner had ended, the Maitre D served us some petite fours and some chocolates from Jean Paul Hevin. This is just too posh! I had a wonderful culinary experience here as well as stellar service from the staff. This is truly a Michelin starred restaurant because the service definitely makes a difference. There's no need for waving of hands as they're always there when you need them. For a restaurant like this, you just need to look into their direction and they'll be at your service.

I have to thank my dinner date for bringing me here. The whole dinner costs $4k+ excluding the bottle of Chateau Montelena as you can always negotiate a 1+1 deal where you buy a bottle from the restaurant and you BYO one. Is it worth it? Yes!

SPOON by Alain Ducasse
Hôtel Intercontinental, Lobby Level,
18 Salisbury Road
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel. +852 2313 2256
Fax. +852 2732 2803

Friday, July 27, 2012

Join & Support the Malaysian Team

Do join and support our fellow countrymen who are in the London 2012 Olympics.

Of course I am supporting Lee Chong Wei in the Badminton category. Pledge your support by just uploading a pic of yourself and the event that you will be supporting. Click here. The number of supporters are growing every second. Make Malaysia Mighty!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hello Typhoon Vicente!

5.20am - Woke up and get ready to depart to the Hong Kong International Airport from Metropark Hotel Kowloon. The flight is supposed to depart at 8.45am.

6.00am - Checked out and head to the concierge to get a taxi. The staff informed us that the authorities hoisted the highest No. 10 tropical cyclone signal for several hours overnight and that morning it was No.8 and there might be no taxis. There's not even a single soul on the streets. More details on the typhoon here.

6.30am - The staff helped to hail a taxi from the pouring rain and strong winds. The usual taxi fare to HKIA from the hotel is HKD$260 and that morning, the taxi driver wanted to charge us HKD$800. What a rip off and moreover, I only had HKD$600 left. I decide to wait for another taxi.

6.45am - The staff was so sharp to have spotted an Airport Shuttle Express Bus passing by the hotel and he ran out there with my luggage to ensure that we got onto the bus. He even told the bus driver that he was crazy to have driven the bus at this weather. I thought we were very lucky to get a free ride to the Kowloon MTR station where we could take the Airport Express to HKIA.

 The bus that saves me HKD$620

7.00am - We ran out of luck! On the way to the Kowloon MTR station, we saw a car reversing out from the road ahead and I thought something must have happened. And indeed there was a fallen tree that blocked the single lane road leading into the station. The driver told us that if we are rushing for time, we could just get down and walk into the station. We did! It was a 5 minutes walk under the rain and some blowing wind and I'm glad we did that or else we'll never make it to the airport.

The Airport Express service is really convenient. One could just take the free shuttle to the Kowloon MTR station, purchase a ticket from the ticketing machine (One Way from Kowloon to HKIA is HKD$90) and then using the same ticket to access the check in counter area to check in the luggages and to collect the boarding passes.

7.15am - We head one floor down and wait for the trains. First train departs at 5.53am and it runs every 10 minutes. It took only about 20 minutes to get to HKIA. It was very comfortable and they even provide information on which door to exit (right or left) if you're heading to Terminal 1 or 2. Taking the airport express saved so much money and time!
7.45am - We enquired about the status of the flight at the MAS check in counters and the staff told us to come back to the counter at 11am to enquire again. It's not even 8am and you want me to wait until 11am to check on the status?!! He gave each of us HKD$40 for breakfast.

This is how it feels to be outdoors during the warning No.8

 Sulky face & lots of food and people too!

8.00am - Had my breakfast at Fairway which is on the same floor as the check in counters. They do not accept the airline meal vouchers and I had to pay HKD$30 for my Congee + Fried noodle set. Then we explored downstairs where there are more eateries and we could use the voucher at one of those outlets and so I decide to have breakfast round no.2. That's another HKD$40 for the Nissin noodle with egg and sausages with a honey lemon drink.
9.00am - Went upstairs again and have an English Breakfast tea at Starbucks while waiting for the clock to strike 11am. The tea costs almost HKD$30.

This is the fashion in HK during rainy days. 
I saw so many of them wearing PCK boots in colours you've never imagined!

11.00am - The staff at the counter told us that the flight is estimated to depart at 4pm. They gave each of us another HKD$40 voucher for lunch. An hour later, they confirmed that the flight will depart at 5pm. SIGH............

12.30pm - We decide to enter the departure hall. One thing I learnt from this experience is that one should never enter into the departure area (pass immigration) because you can check with the airline staff for the latest updates on your delayed flight and at the same time you can also claim for meal vouchers. Many who were stranded inside the departure area did not get the vouchers.

Did you know that you can always travel in style when in Hong Kong? How about getting picked up at the Airport on a Rolls Royce Phantom for the ultimate ride into the city? You can arrange that thorough the Peninsula Hotel. The one-way trip costs HK1,500.

There is just so many shops to browse at the airport. I think I'm lucky to be stranded in HKIA and not in Manila airport! Well, Zara saved me as I spent quite sometime in there choosing and trying on clothes. Total damage was only HKD$1000 for a 5 pieces which I would never be able to get with the prices in Malaysia. Such a good deal!

2.00pm - After shopping, I'm hungry again and I have to use the meal vouchers. I wanted to eat the Roast Goose rice. It's my 2 nd Roast Goose rice for the entire trip and did you know how much was the rice with a cold Osmanthus drink?!! It was HKD$100!!! OMG did I just had a RM40 plate of rice?!! Instead of topping up in cash for the difference, the lady at the counter was so super nice that she said we don't need to pay for it. I still don't get it until now why did she do that.

People who are stranded at the airport since yesterday are making themselves comfortabble on the carpets. Err.. I hope I would never need to do that. The departure hall is really packed with passengers and since there is a lacked of space to sit, some of them even dine on top of a recycle bin!

3.30pm - Went and check out the wines and liquor and ended up buying a bottle of Chateau Potensac  Medoc 2005. One should really buy wines in Hong Kong because it's really duty free and it's so cheap! I just couldn't resist the temptations of such affordable wines.

4.30pm - Finally we are ready to board. The walk from the main departure hall to gate 35 took us at least 5-10 mins as we need to take a train to the other side. There's easily 500 gates at HKIA.

 Gloomy skies and heavy clouds.

5.45pm - The plane finally took off. What irked me is that this is a very old A330-300/200 and the entertainment unit was spoilt and I can see that no staff ever get it checked because the monitor kept dropping. Lucky the flight was quite empty and I had lots of space. I think I ate too much during that 8 hours and I didn't touch the airline food at all when they served us at 7pm. The choices for dinner also were lousy (Chicken Rice or Omelette with Potatoes). Who the hell eats omelette for dinner? And by the way, they also served omelette for breakfast on the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong.

9.15pm - I have finally landed in KLIA. What a day!

6.50am - On the way to work...

Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm heading to...

Guess where I'm heading to this morning? Woke up at 6+ this morning to head to the airport and catch the 1st flight to Hong Kong and then to Macau and back to Hong Kong for a full shopping + eating itinerary. The last time I was in HK was about 9 years ago!

Casino will be one of my destination and hopefully I will have some beginner's luck or else I really have to jump from the Macau Tower without the safety harness. Gosh so many casinos and so little time!

I have been deliberating for a month if I should just try their bungee jump from the Macau Tower. To jump or not to jump is not the question. Money is. But then again, paying almost USD400 to jump from a building seemed too expensive. However, that decision is not final. I think it'll depend on how I fared at the casino.

From the 2nd day to the 5th day, I'll be in Hong Kong. I've prepared a whole list of eateries that I wanted to try. I think I'll have 10 meals a day. But I hate queuing up. Life sucks.

A friend asked me if I am MACHO enough to give the stinky beancurd a try? I heard that these beancurd stinks like a sewage and would I put something like that into my mouth?

Why not?

If I can eat 2 Balut eggs on my 1st attempt, why not the stinky tofu?!! 
They seemed so harmless until I smell it from afar.

Wish me luck! (I wanna meet Moses Chan, preez!)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Coffee Time @ Pastry House KL


I like searching for places to have a cuppa. Although I am not a coffee addict, it does not stop me from enjoying a shot or two of caffeine anytime. I drink coffee for 2 reasons - I like the taste and the other is that it makes me go to the toilet when I have constipation problems. However, the only coffee that ever worked for constipation for me is Nescafe! Haha...

Anyways, my friend found me a place to explore near Imbi where we can have a cuppa while he have a smoke. The PH (Pastry House) is located in a quaint bungalow in Imbi where it's near all the Chocolate Boutiques for tourists. It's located on the same street as Levain if I"m not wrong.


When I walked through that door, I instantly fell in love with the interior. It was simple, spacious and it has a rustic charm to it. I like the clever use of mirrors to give an illusion that this place is bigger than what it seemed to be. We sat outside, near the garden area and I must have thought that I would probably melt out there with such heat. Surprisingly, I didn't melt because it was airy and cool.

  Caffe Latte RM6.90

The coffee selection is quite limited to Espresso, Double Espresso, Americano, Cappucino, Caffe Latte, Mocha and a Caffe Gelato. Prices starts from 5.90++ to RM9.90++. They are using Bristot, which is Italian coffee. There are also other drinks available such as juices, tea, house specialties and beers.

Caffe Gelato RM9.90

Nice to see that they combined a cup of coffee with a scoop of gelato. It's like a version of affogato with cafe latte instead of a shot of espresso.

 Tiramisu RM8.90

My friend suggested that I should give their cakes a try. I don't really like cakes in general but I guess I can give the Tiramisu a try. I hate it when I asked any staff at any outlets to recommend which is their best-seller or what they think is the best, they always tell me "everything is good". Sigh... then why did I bother to even ask?!! Unfortunately the tiramisu did not meet my expectations. It lacked textures from the ladyfingers (italian: savoiardi) and I like a tiramisu with rum. Since this place is halal, there is no rum allowed in the food.

 I love the fact that these tables have hangers for your bags!
That's so thoughtful!

 While this place has really nice ambiance, it lacked a few things. The staff wasn't exactly giving the best service. Since we were sitted outside, it was difficult to get their attention. The cake disappoints and the fresh pastries and bread that was displayed did not tempt me at all. I have to return to try their food as they do serve breakfast, lunch and dinner such as sandwiches, pasta and steaks.

This place made me felt like I'm in Singapore. During my coffee time, 90% of the patrons are actually caucasions and they all sat in the al fresco dining area. Sometimes I think they're crazy to love the sun and heat so much. I would have chosen the air-conditioned area for lunch anytime! Not a perfect place but I don't mind coming here for a cuppa.

PH Pastry House
54 Jalan Utara, Off Jalan Imbi
55100 KL
Tel: +603-21411228
Open Daily 7am-9pm

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Oasis Cafe @ Sunway Lagoon Club

Just a glance at the name of this place would not have conjured a chinese restaurant image in your mind. It does the same to me. When my friend suggested that we give this cafe a try on last weekend night, I didn't expect this place to serve such good chinese cuisine.

This place is a little tricky to locate but if you know your way around Sunway, this is no problem at all. Located in a humble corner in the Sunway Lagoon Club lobby, this place is easily accessible and you do not need to be a member of the club to dine here. After finding out a little more from Raymond, the proprietor of this cafe and the occassional chef, this place was not well known to others but his regular patrons include the management staff of Sunway whose office is just next door and also club members. And I'm surprised how a restaurant that serves good food can be off the radar for foodies like me?!!

Well, it's suppossed to be a cafe but I was surprised that the interior and ambiance looks more like a restaurant to me. It's not like those posh chain restaurants but it's a comfortable and laid back outlet for simple food. They have big tables that fit 10 people comfortably for family dinners as well as small tables for couples.

 Ginger with Egg soup

If I have any food that I dislike eating, it'll be ginger, celery and bittergourd. And I don't know why but that night 2 out of these 3 ingredients were in my food! I don't mind having ginger to enhance the flavours but I just won't chew them. When I was served this soup, I was quite sceptical that I would enjoy drinking it. In the end, it proved otherwise. I had a few helpings except that I carefully picked every shred of ginger out of my soup. It's similar to an egg soup but I was surpised how the ginger and siaoxing wine enhances the egg flavours and gave it a hot, fragrant spice lift to the soup. Thumbs up!

Raymond, the owner & the ocassional chef!
He's a very shy person but is a good cook!

 Scrambled Egg with Bittergourd 

This is another dish that makes me squirm. I hate bitter stuffs except dark chocolate and bitter durians. I couldn't tell you how good the bittergourd was because I have no benchmark for this dish but at least I was adventurous enough to try. Usually other restaurants serve a salted egg with bittergourd version but Raymond says his Scrambled Egg version is worth a try. I tried it and all I can say that while I enjoy eating the egg, the bittergourd is still bitter! Vegetable prices starts from RM10.50.

 HP Chicken

The HP Chicken is really a highlight here. This is a pork-free place and thus chicken is used in place of pork ribs. The chicken was fried and then cooked with the HP sauce until it fully absorbed the flavour. The end result - a flavourful dish with hints of vinegar and sweetness. It was one of David's favourite and he had the most servings between the three of us. I told the proprietor that next time, he should have a Dell Chicken as well. If you take their single meal menu, the HP chicken with rice costs only RM7.90. A good deal right?!!

 House Specialty Fried Mee Hoon

This is my favourite and it was so good that I had to order an additional serving for take-away. Don't just look at the plain presentation of the mee hoon which looked like it is lacked of flavours due to its colour because it's packed with fried dried shrimps, and seafood for flavours. The calamansi juice gave this mee hoon a refreshing lift in taste. You'll be surprised how something simple can taste so good!

 House Specialty Fried Tofu

This is one of their recommended dishes as these tofu are homemade and the chef makes it from scratch and then have them fried till it has a crispy outer layer and smooth, creamy tofu in the inside. The dipping sauce is also their secret recipe which combines both mayonnaise and thai sweet chilli sauce. They serves a variety of tofu dishes here as well. Prices starts from RM10.50 for regular and RM16.80 for large.

 Hot Plate with 3 Types Seafood

This is one dish that has all my favourite seafood on one sizzling plate! There's some medium-sized prawns, cuttlefish and lala clams fried together with green onions, chilli and a special sauce. I could identify the presence of prawn paste in the dish and that is what makes the dish more flavourful. There do not have a regular size for this dish as it come in one size and it's RM56.80. Most of the seafood prices starts from RM23.80 for regular and RM39-60 for large servings.

Ginger and Onion Fish Slice (RM19.80)

This is one of the popular dishes at any chinese restaurant because if you only have 2-3 pax, you wouldn't want to order the whole fish. The fish slices are fresh and I like the abundance of spring onion in my dish. The price is also reasonable. They have a variety of cooking styles for fish slices and you won't be bored with the list. Of course they do serve whole fish as well and prices are by weight.

At the end of the dinner, the cake was brought out and it was Mayanne's birthday! Such a joyous occasion and we had so much food that we were stuffed to the brim. There were only 3 of us and we ate that much ok?!! However, I still had a tiny space left in my system to absorb a piece of cake. I had a good time there and I had a pretty interesting drink of honey lemon with grass jelly. It's a nice twist to the ordinary honey lemon drink.

Mayanne & David. Both also foodies!

This is not your usual posh-looking chinese restaurant because in addition to chinese cuisine, they plan to serve western food in the future. The prices here are a little above those of the "tai chow" places but at least you don't sweat here and you probably won't get flies or stray cats that licks your legs. The best feature here would be their BYO policy. There's no corkage charged. Cheers!

The parking fee for the club premises is RM3/entry. 

Oasis Cafe
Sunway Lagood Club,
No.3, Jalan Lagoon Timur,
Bandar Sunway.
Tel: +603-56311261, +6013-9306862
Opening Hours: 10 am to 10pm

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