Friday, April 27, 2012

The Avengers

I managed to catch the preview of The Avengers and I must say that this movie is worth watching and worth making me drove 1 hour from my house to Midvalley despite the crazy traffic.It's also worth getting less sleep for this movie. It will get you laughing in stitches in some scenes especially with Hulk's presence and it's very action-packed as well. Check out the Iron Man suit up scene. Damn cool! Makes me wanna become a superhero too. Lol.

One advice though: Do stay on till after the credit roll for another 5 minutes of Thanos' presence. Oops is that a spoiler?

There's another 90 more days to go before the Olympics 2012 in London.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Glenfiddich 30yo and Bunnahabhain 21yo in a night

I labelled myself as real lucky when drinking is concerned. Looking back at the blog, it wouldn't have existed if not for my dining experience, wine indulgence and never-ending whisky trail. And the reason why I'm doing this is for myself to provide some form of record so that I can look back and treasure the things that I have and the wonderful experience I've gained. Most importantly, these writings remind me of the people that I've been sharing these times with though their names might not be on the page.

Things happened when you least expect it to. I tend to meet friends in unexpected occasions. Sometimes, I do receive emails from readers from all over the world sharing their whisky and food experiences with me and then we met up and became friends. This time around, I finally get to meet a food gourmand and avid whisky drinker.

It's cool to be led into the insider loop where the chef prepare dishes off the menu, getting good seats, service and good companionship. I won't talk about dinner, but rather the whisky that we had that night.

 Glenfiddich 30yo 2010 Release

I was poured a glass of whisky with ice. Politely, I asked the waitress if I could have a glass served neat and gladly she poured another glass for me. The reason for doing that is not to show off as a whisky connoisseur or some lady who can hold her drinks, it's more to appreciating the taste of that particular bottle in its original form without adding any liquid or ice. My dinner companion asked me to have a sip before showing me the bottle and asked me to guess the age of the whisky. I have not been drinking much Glenfiddich but I told him that this whisky should be older than 25 years. After having a glass neat, I asked for some ice and I taste the whisky again.

First of all, I really like the stylish bottle. It still bears that signature Glenfiddich triangular-shaped-bottle feature but this one here has a broader base and accompanying the bottle is a very nice grainy wooden box. This Glenfiddich 30 yo is matured in Bourbon and Oloroso Sherry casks and a abv of 43% which is 3% higher than its predecessor. For the first time in 2010, each bottle of this 30yo will bear an individual bottle number and batch number which will allow Glenfiddich to identify precisely which Glenfiddich casks their Malt Master has selected to marry together to create that bottle of Glenfiddich 30 Year Old.

On the nose, the Glenfiddich 30yo has a bouquet of oak which is balanced, hints of sherry, chocolate and some coffee. The aroma is already tempting enough which is definitely a Speyside character, I wonder how would it taste like? When I tasted it neat, I found that there's some peel, nuts, sweetness from the fruits and also some vanilla notes. It's perfect to be drank neat as I find this whisky to have a very smooth and elegant finish. The toffee and sweet notes appeal to female drinkers as well. I will call this a yummy whisky.

The both of us and then a few glasses shared with the staff and we finished the bottle! The night was still young and we headed to another place to have more whisky. This time, I get to choose what I want to drink and with a bar full of whisky, I'm really spoilt for choice. Since I like Islay malts, why not choose one from there?

Bunnahabhain 1986 Vintage

Bunnahabhain (pronounced as Boona-ha-ven) is a whisky that is less well known in my country because the more famous Islay whisky are like Bowmore, Laphroaig and Lagavulin. This is a 21 year old bottling completed for the 2008 Islay Whisky Festival. Did you know that each  of these 512 Limited 1986 Vintage bottles is numbered? Yes there's only 512 bottles out there! The date of bottling is written on the bottle as is the signature of the distillery manager.

If you're not into Islay malts due to the peat, you can give Bunnahabhain a try because it's a smooth and easy drinking Islay malt and you'll be surprised that you might give it a second chance. On the nose, you can identify the sherry aromas, and a little saltiness in the whisky. On the palate, you'll find that the whisky is quite nutty, mixed with toffee and caramel. It's also sherried oak and if you try hard enough, you might get the cocoa flavours as well with a salty tail. This whisky is balanced and the peat is really fine and not overpowering. Do try this neat for the first sip to fully appreciate its quality. And after that, add some ice and try again. It's also wonderful with water. 

We both didn't manage to finish this bottle but I would like to thank my companion for the wonderful whisky and dinner.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Maxims - crème de la crème of Genting Highlands

Ever wonder what's inside under this circular structure on top of this building, right under the gigantic Genting Highlands logo? I've been wondering about this since young and I can't believe that I finally know what it is and the best part is, I've even gone up there to have a look.

This is the picture that answers my curiosity. At 6,118 feet, under this circular structure is the ultimate room in Genting Highlands - the Maxims Royal Suite. The Royal suite comes with a big balcony that overlooks the other hotels and also the highest view of the surroundings of Genting Highlands. The balcony is so big that you can easily throw a BBQ party for 60-80 people here. How cool is that?

When we walked into the Royal Suite, everyone went "ooohh-aahhh" over the size of this place. At 20,000 sqf I'm sure we can play a little game of hide & seek in here. There's a big living room that is separated into 2 sections, high ceilings, big windows with a view and many rooms to explore. If I could still remember, there should be 3 king sized bed rooms and 2 twin rooms that comes with their own washroom with bathtub and shower, TV, working desk and your very own safe box and mini bar. These 5 rooms are just like their Maxims suite but in addition to that, this Royal suite has a Karaoke/AV room, a smoking room and a chef's room for personal chefs.

The sauna, gym and jacuzzi room overlooks The First World Plaza and I really don't mind working out with a view like that! Now, for the million-dollar-question: How much is it to stay in this Royal Suite? For this question, I've received a million-dollar-answer too. "It's not sold to the public". The stay at Maxims Royal Suite is at the discretion of the Casino de Genting where only certain members are allowed to make reservation for the room!

Don't be despair because Maxims has other rooms that we all normal people can afford. Let's start with something luxurious (I might not be able to afford but some will). The Maxims Signature Suite has 2 rooms where one is a king-sized bed and the other room will have a twin bed. According to our guide, usually celebrities will stay in these rooms as there is a small kitchen, dining area and a small living area.

There's a choice between a swanky modern interior or an Arabian themed-suite. All rooms also come with a cosy TV corner. These rooms have their own washrooms with bathtubs and shower. Yours only for RM4,125++ a night (low season).

If you're looking for suite with only a room, then you can book the Maxims Suite. The standard suite comes with a King size bed with soft feather pillows, 42-inch Plasma TV, a mini bar, spacious washroom with bathtub and shower and spacious walk-in wardrobe. Laptop on loan is complimentary upon request.

This room is priced at RM1320++ during the low season. The room is quite spacious and everything is in good condition.

I love the spacious hallways near the lifts where you can also have a sit while waiting for your friends or family members from other rooms. The interior is posh and the yellow lighting gives it a very luxurious feel to the whole hotel.

The most affordable rates were for the Maxims Premier Rooms where Ming and I were staying for the night. Our rooms are around RM550++ for a night. It's much smaller than the suites but it does come equipped with a nice minibar, bathtub and shower together with some premium toiletries.

Most of the time, I would bring my own toiletries even if I'm staying at the hotels where these amenities are provided. I am very fussy about the quality of the soap and shampoo as well as the toothbrush and thus I prefer to use my own. However, I find that there isn't a need to pack all these if you're staying in Maxims. Soaps and shampoo are all from Aigner and I loved the fragrance from the soap. It's quite manly but at the sametime I don't mind using it because it smells really good! The toothbrushes are of good quality and there's even a nail file and razor kit provided.

The rooms come with complimentary breakfast at the Coffee Terrace. Huai Bin and Tian Chad were there even earlier than me (at 7am!!) and there is indeed a variety of food to choose from. There's Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Nyonya, and also western breakfast. This place is spacious and comfortable. I think I easily ate 3 rounds of food over there!

This is the lobby to the Maxims hotel, which is just located beside the Highlands Hotel. The location is really wonderful as the same building houses some of the best restaurants in Genting Highlands which I would be writing about them soon. Casino de Genting is also in the same building and since I was already staying in the same building, why not go in and play a game or two right?

I truly enjoyed my stay at The Maxims Genting thanks to the invitation from Genting and Nuffang. For more info on the rates, you can check it out here and for Maxims Club, you can read about it here.

96 days to go for Olympics!

Picture taken from here.

 If there's one sporting event that I would watch on Olympics, it would have to be the swimming feat. I love watching the competitive swimming events, diving events and the synchronized swimming. That fascination I have for swimmers have been instilled in me since I was really young. And probably it got stuck to me till I've grown up now due to their well-built-6-packed-bodies?

There's one swimmer whom I've looked out for at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and he's Michael Phelps. I can't help but marvel at his beautifully sculpted tan body. And honestly I hate those full swimming suits that these swimmers have to wear nowadays which claimed to have improved the timings by second or microseconds?!! Gone are the days that you get to ogle at their bodies because all they have on were just swimming shorts. Sigh...

Picture taken from here.

Honestly, not everyone is lucky to be able to catch the Olympic Games live at the stadium as there were so much costs involved! There's air tickets, accomodation, food, and not to forget about transportation and other expenses while in London, where the next Olympics will be held.

If you're a blogger and loves to write, look no further. Here's a chance for you to catch the Olympics in London for free and be a star to be reporting about the games from London itself. As a Samsung Global Blogger, you’ll be mentored by celebrity judges and have the opportunity to file reports from London. You'll have your very own video blog promoted across 19 countries. You'll be sent out and about in the British capital to cover what's going on and give your unique take on the city.

To enter, just send in your 30 second audition saying why you would make a great Samsung Global Blogger for a chance to be in London during the biggest sporting event of the year! 

Tips to nail that video of yours:

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All the tips in detailed explanation can be found here. And you can see some of the videos that the other participants had sent in here too.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Time for Whisky!

It's been a long week for me. In fact, I felt it was weeks of neverending problems and stress. Then, there's also the travels that makes me tired and burnt out. What's the best way to let it all out?

Drinking an awesome whisky!

Port Ellen 27 years from Old Malt Cask

One of the very first whisky that changed my perception towards drinking this amber liquid is actually a bottle of Port Ellen. Surprisingly, it was an islay malt that captured my palate. Though the distillery has closed down in 1983, just one year before I existed, the malts are still available ie. Old Malt Cask.This range is under the private bottling house of Douglas Laing & Co which emerged as a caveat that the single cask bottlings only be available in limited bottles.

There's a reason why I enjoyed drinking Port Ellen, especially this 27yo bottle. Knowing it's an Islay (pronounced as eye-luh) malt, this bottle has a very distinctive flavour. On the nose, you can already feel the peat and not to mention an earthy note. A sniff is enough to make my day. When you have this golden liquid run through your palate, you can almost taste a sea-like, complex and peaty flavours. Then there's also the burnt cocoa and liquorice notes. Though it's an islay malt, the Port Ellen is really a wonderful drink because the peats are really elegant. One of the 568 bottles out there!

 Meeting Fred H Laing & getting a bottle from him.

It was truly an honour for me to be able to meet Fred last year. I love the Old Malt Cask range and I stumbled upon him at his booth. Being my daring self, I introduced myself and told him how much I loved his range of whiskies. His father is the founder of Douglas Laing & Co and together with his brother Stewart, both of them are now continuing their father's whisky legacy.

 My Collection of Old Malt Cask.

 These are really very special bottles to me and I couldn't possibly imagine myself uncorking any one of them. They also represent my age from the very first year that I truly learnt how to appreciate drinking single malts. Unfortunately, what's missing from this collection is the 28 year old bottle. Would anyone be able to let me know where I can find a 28yo bottle?

These are the bottles that I've digested. They are truly amazing and it's really drinking the "water of life!" I would suggest if you're able to get hold of any of these bottles, please do and you'll experience the pleasure of drinking a whisky expression that is away from the commercialised vintages.

Whisky time now. Anyone?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wanna be a Samsung Global Blogger?

The prize is a lifetime experience in London during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

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This competition is only open to people from the following countries: UK, France, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Belgium, Brazil, China, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain and Thailand.

Let Jamie Oliver tell you all about the contest!

And the Grand Prize motivate you! It's a fully paid-up trip to London for the Olympics. Once there you’ll record the events, atmosphere and reaction around the UK capital to the biggest sporting event of the year on your very own Samsung Global Blogger blog. How cool is that? It's really a chance of a lifetime and it's free!

I've always like London. The city has so much to offer from sights and views, world-class restaurants and cafes, broadway musicals and movie premiers, football and lots of beer! My first trip to London was in 2006 and I stayed there for a good 1 month to experience the wonderful city life there. Ever since, I've already been to London 3 times and I'm looking for my fourth!

So join me and take part in the competition now! For more info, please log on to Samsung Global Blogger.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cranberries Flash Mob Video

Watch the Cranberries Flash Mob Video
Even the kids joined in and have a dancing good time!

Friday, April 13, 2012


What does this picture remind you of? Well, it reminds me of the olden days where my mom would make a trip to the sundry shop to order a new cooking gas cylinder. Then the sundry shop tauke would send his staff to send over the gas. Sometimes he would come in a bicycle and sometimes he comes with a motorcycle. Nowadays, I've seen them coming in cars and also vans.

As technology catches up, many has turned to using electric cooker than using cooking gas. They might think it's a hassle to order and change gas cylinders or it's just a move towards being technology savvy. Although I now have an electrical cooker at home which I have been using for years, I do have a gas stove too. It's been really useful to have the gas cooker because sometimes there's power cuts and that's when the gas cooker comes in handy!

If convenience is your concern, I have the answer for you. Just remember to dial 1300-888-GAS (427) and the rest is taken care of. This is the Gas Petronas delivery number which they have just launched.

3 Reasons why Petronas is more than just Gas delivery:
  1. Earn Mesra Points and then redeem for fuel at the Petronas stations and Kedai Mesra.
  2. Safety checks will be conducted upon delivery.
  3. Trained personnel is sent to ensure that the gas cylinders are installed properly.

Watch this video. It makes ordering gas looks so cool!

Need cooking gas?

Call 1300888GAS(427) to order Gas PETRONAS

For more info, visit

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ah Or Chu Yuk Fun @ Dataran Mentari Sunway

Literally translated into Ah Or Pork Noodles, this place serves only pork noodles which has been around for more than a year but I only managed to visit the stall today thanks to Ziling. I heard that the owner that runs this stall is related to the stall in SS15 which serves really good pork noodles as well.

For every good food stall, there bound to be some waiting time. When we were there, the shop is already at its 90% seating capacity and we have to wait slightly more than 30 minutes for our bowl of pork noodles.

While waiting for the pork noodles, you can always quench your thirst with some drinks. I had a Iced Barley and sis had a glass of Chrysanthenum which costs RM1.60 a glass. I don't mind paying such prices for a good glass of boiled chrysanthenum but the truth is, the drink was so watered down and I feel so cheated.

I ordered a bowl of pork noodles soup with "lo she fun" which is translated as "mouse tails". This is actually noodles made in rice flour and they resembles the tails. It's a good combination because the "tails" can absorb the porky soup. The soup base is cloudy, sweet and savoury with fried pork lard which lifts the taste of the soup. I like the addition of "choi boh" which are preserved radish into the soup because it really goes well with pork.

You can see that the pork noodles are really tasty because I had finished all of it except the pork livers that I don't take. I would give this a 3.5/5 as I find that there's a lacking in the robust pork taste that you get in a well-boiled pork soup. The portion is quite small and I suggest that you order a large bowl if you're hungry. Mine comes with a poached egg which is upon request and it costs RM6.80 a bowl.

Other than the long waiting time, I would say this is worth visiting for its affordable price compared to my favourite pork noodles at Champ's Bistro which serves an awesome pork base soup and generous ingredients. However, I tasted the MSG. It might not be a lot but I felt rather thirsty after that.

This shop is located in front of the Wisma TT at Mentari Sunway.

Ah Or Chu Yuk Fun
No. 3, Jalan PJS 8/17
Dataran Mentari

Tel: 012-4288680/012-6130479

Opens daily for breakfast and lunch

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Racks @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

I like the quirky quotes that adorn the raw brick walls. There's something about this quote that makes me think twice what the writer is trying to convey. Harry S Truman was the 33rd President of the United States (from 1945–1953) and I was there wondering how could someone be sincere if one doesn't like the other person? But again, it's Easter marking the end of Lent and it's only right that one repents and forgives others. I am no Christian but I believe that being sincere and forgive those who repent is truly a happy cause.

Ok, I got carried away with wisdom and forgot about the food. I've not been on Changkat Bukit Bintang for quite sometime and I do notice some changes. New restaurants have mushroomed overnight have replaced those that are not doing well. It's funny when I think about the dining/drinking scene on this hustle and bustle road because the new restaurants have replaced the previous ones even before I have a chance to visit them. So it's almost customary to visit the new restaurants as soon as they were opened before it's closed down!

Racks had been opened for almost half a year I believe and it was only until recently I managed to drop by and have a simple dinner there. I heard that they have superb ribs and a few nice porky dishes. However, it's really surprising that this place was rather quiet on a Thursday night.

If you like pork cracklings or the Pinoy version called "Chicarron", you will have to order this! I'm serious when I say it's a must-order dish. This Crackling & Dip (RM18) and it comes with a signature BBQ sauce that compliments the crispy pork cracklings. This is no doubt thicker than the usual pork cracklings you'll get out there but I like the thickness and it requires no extra jaw muscle strength to eat this.

The Smoked Pork Belly (RM26) is fried with capers and sage. The pork belly is cut into thick strips, almost to the size of those thick hand cut fries and it has the smoky taste that I like. It's not too salty and not oily too. Makes a very nice side dish.

The forks and knifes are raised and we were prepared to charge the Beggars Omelette (RM24) which has hidden gems inside it. There's chunks of smoked bacon, potatoes, onions and capers. One of the best omelettes I've have and I don't mind having this breakfast. The thick bacon strips satisfied me really well. Hehe... Those black coloured slices that you see on the top of the omelette are the charred tomatoes.

Did you know that Racks is owned by Paul Corrigan, Shu Min Lim and Paul James, who also run The Magnificent Fish ‘n Chips and Havana Bar along the same road on Changkat Bukit Bintang? I've not tried The Magnificent Fish 'n Chips but this place is getting my thumbs up. I shall return for some ribs and pigs in the blanket soon!

Racks Bar & Baby Backs
18-1, Changkat Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2110 1550

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Johor Premium Outlets

The Johor Premium Outlets (JPO) which was opened last year has received quite an amount of attention. I didn't have the opportunity to head south until recently when I needed to drive to Johor Bahru to attend my cousin's wedding dinner. And since it's on the way, I decide to go and have a look together with mom and sis.

I think one of the problems that I encountered was the lacked of road signs that direct me to this place. I made a wrong exit and thus I had to make a big turn to get to the correct one. The directions provided on their website didn't help much either. You know how girls are really bad with directions?!!

But this website gives a better direction. I've copied the direction to take if you're coming from KL. If you want other directions, you can click on that website.

From Kuala Lumpur via Plus North-South Highway:

Exit the interchange to Nusajaya/Pontian/Tanjung Pelepas/Tuas (Exit253) in the direction to Singapore 2nd link.
Take the next exit to Senai Airport/Ulu Tiram (Route E 304). Please be careful not to take the Tanjung Pelepas/Tuas direction. In case you do, then proceed until you reach the Lima Kedai Toll. Do not enter the toll but instead make a U-turn to your right and go until you see the Senai Airport exit. Proceed from there and you will see the Johor Premium Outlets after 600 meters.
Alternatively, you can exit 252 Kulaijaya/Kota Tinggi (this exit comes before the exit 253 described before). Proceed to Kulaijaya from there, and go until you see the IOI Mall/Indahpura interchange. Proceed to Indahpura Jaya on your right and then go straight until you meet the second roundabout. Take the 9 O'clock turn and proceed straight until you see the Johor Premium Outlet. However, this route into Kulaijaya town is often congested and you are advised to take Exit 253 (as described before), which is faster and without traffic congestion.

There wasn't much food choices available. However, there's a food court if you want affordable food because the rest are pretty much expensive. There's a Coffee Bean, Absolute Thai, Taang Shifu, George & Dragon and Kampachi.

As for store listings, you can check out the whole list here. There are a few brands that has all the crowds such as Coach, Burberry and Padini Outlet Store. I've visited the Coach boutique and the discounts are up to 30% of the normal retail price but most of the designs are of the past season and those on the 50% discount racks are bags that I won't buy due to the funky designs. Salvatore Ferragamo didn't give a good discount and so does the other big brands.

The Zegna and Armani outlets do sell some haut couture dresses and also very nice jackets but the price tags are heart-stopping at RM10k and above. Even if they offer a 50% to 70% discount, the clothes are still at a four figure price tag. Those prices are definitely beyond my means.

There are some interesting brands that we don't see often like the Oroton and also Michael Kors. I also visited the Samsonite and Tumi outlets. They do have some really good bargain luggages but I felt that the bags on offer are too few in designs and sometimes you get a better price at the outlets downtown. My sis bought a bag from Pedro at normal price due to new arrival stocks and I checked the price of the same bag at the outlet in 1Utama and to my surprise, even the outlet downtown gives a 15% discount for the same item.

If you're looking for Ralph Lauren Polo T-Shirts, they are priced at RM230-300+ which I think it's not a good deal. I can easily get that at lower prices elsewhere when I travel.

However, if you like good bargains, the Padini Outlet Stores do have very good discounts on clothes, shoes and accessories as well as Cotton On which is located on the 1st floor. I found some good bargains on clothes at Guess too. I was disappointed with Shanghai Tang as their outlet was so small and the offerings were even smaller. It took me 5 minutes to browse through everything in the shop!

I think the most you'll spend about 2-3 hours here including a meal. It didn't give me a full shopping experience as I felt that somehow, something is lacking. There isn't enough shops and the bargains weren't that attractive too. I might have to think twice coming back here again unless they have expanded with more labels and varieties.

Johor Premium Outlets
Jalan Premium Outlets
Indahpura 81000 Kulaijaya, Johor Darul Takzim

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Sunday, April 01, 2012

A-RoyThai @ Funan Digitalife Mall, Singapore

I was craving for some Thai food last night and thus I went out and tried a new Thai restaurant in my neighbourhood. It was such a disappointment that the food wasn't what I expected and it left me dissatisfied. This reminds me of one place that I've tried in Singapore and I've forgotten to blog about it.

The Thai restaurant recommended to me by Ervin is called A-RoyThai. "Aroy" being delicious in Thai is indeed a suitable name for this Thai restaurant. I was very happy with the quality and most importantly the taste of the food. The ambiance is casual, very suitable for family dining and the service is good too.

Appetizer : Prawn Crackers with Chilli sauce

Lime Juice & Lemongrass to sooth the throat and to counter the spiciness.

Thai Mango Salad (Yum Mamuang) $12.90 - small
This is really a spicy salad. The mangoes were sour and crunchy but the cuttlefish compliments the salad very well. I think next time I'll tell them to make them less spicy for me.

Tom Yum with Seafood $14.90 - Small
This is a clear tom yum soup with an assortment of seafood. There are squids, prawns, fish and mushrooms with lots of lemongrass, ginger and other spices to give this soup its "kick".

Pad Krapow Moo $13.90 - small
This is one of the must order dish for me whenever I'm at a Thai restaurant. It's a stir-fried pork with basil leaves and chilli. The pork is minced and thus it absorbs the flavours of the basil and chilli really well. I love it!

Tod Man Pla $3.90/piece
This is the fried Thai fish cake served with their special cucumber and grounded peanuts with chilli sauce. The fish cake was very good and the sauce paired really well.

Stuffed Chicken Wings $4.90/pc

This is one of the must try dishes here. The chicken wing is delicately stuffed and fried to perfection. You get a crispy skin on the outer layer and tender stuffings inside which is so delicious!

As for dessert, I love a good bowl of Tap Tim Krob ($3.90) which is actually a bowl of crunchy waster chestnut coated with tapioca flour and served with coconut milk. What was lacking in this bowl is the slices of jackfruit. It's not my perfect dessert with the jackfruit missing but at least the "red ruby" has been made properly without loosing its crunch.

This place does serve some really good Thai dishes, however the prices may be a little steep for the portion served. I would still make another visit as there are other dishes that I would also love to try here.

A-roy Thai Restaurant
109 North Bridge Road
#04-06 Funan Digitalife Mall
Tel: +65-6338 3880

Mon-Sun: 11.30am-2.45pm, 6pm-10pm
(Saturdays whole day, 930pm last order)

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