Thursday, December 06, 2012

Xmas shopping all done!

Can you just feel the air of Christmas around you? I've always like Christmas for the wrong reasons. It's an excuse for me to shop and splurge on something I don't get to own because I'm obviously buying them as gifts for friends! It's the time of giving and a celebration of the year coming to an end and a new one would begin. It's a time of reflections but also a time to give thanks especially to those who have been important to my life.

Wain or wine, there's no whine about that!

Wine is probably one of the best Xmas gifts. There's bottles waiting to be popped in every christmas celebration and be it red or white, you'll never go wrong with bringing a bottle. If you're unsure what to pick, buying a bottle of Australian wine such as Carbernet Sauvignon (red) is always the safest choice. You can't go wrong with a Sauvignon Blanc (white) from New Zealand too! If the receiver likes something sweeter, pick a Riesling!

This is of course my favourite section during Xmas. As not everyone might know how to appreciate wines, you should also pick some beers too as Tesco carries a wide variety of imported beer as well such as the Erdinger in this picture.

If you're buying for someone who doesn't drink, a bottle of olive oil would also be nice. It's not the best gift in terms of "flashiness" but it's thoughtful and practical if he or she likes to cook. You can even use it in the salad platters or to be dipped with bread during the Xmas parties at home.

 For a good selection of Olive Oil, Tesco do have a few labels under their own flagship brand. I bought a bottle of Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil from there. I wonder who's the lucky receiver of this gift. heheh....

And if you're throwing a party at home, you'll need desserts! Don't fret about thinking what to bake. Just get to the chiller section of Tesco and pick a few tubs of ice-cream. For something really different, how about chocolates that comes in an ice-cream form?!! Snickers, Mars and Bounty are all in that chiller waiting to be brought home!The Snickers ice-cream is really something that get your guests going nuts rounds after rounds. Yummy...

Ok, so what happens if you're on a tight budget but would love to get something practical and useful?!!


Get this artsy-fartsy tissue box from Kleenex. It's not cheap ok?!! It costs a freaking RM8.90 for this beautiful box of tissues. Who says beauty comes cheap? It'll be the centre of attention on that coffee table I tell you and this might just be one of the best tight-budget-Xmas-gift!

Warning: Gift at own risk.

It's amazing how you can actually pick up Xmas presents at a hypermarket. And Tesco Extra at Mutiara Damansara seems to be the perfect place to shop this Christmas season. After a hard's day shopping and pushing the trolley around, why don't you just stop by and have a meal at one of the many eating outlets in there too? All under one roof, isn't that just perfect?

I am giving away Tesco voucher worth RM100 to the one reader who can answer these 3 questions in the best way possible.
  1. Which ice-cream did I recommend in this post?
  2. Which Tesco did I mention in this post?
  3. And compliment me in 3 words. (Best question ever!)
Just post your answers in the comment section with your email address or you can also email me at and I'll announce the winner here after 48 hours from the posting date.

Fire away!



Tesco Malaysia, in its efforts to Help Children with Leukaemia recently launched Walk for Life 2012 which will be held on 9 December 2012 at Bukit Jalil Park in support of underprivileged children suffering from leukaemia. 

Do your part for leukaemia children.

For more info, please log on to


KY said...

1. snickers ice cream
2. tesco mutiara damansara
3. super hot datin

Constance Ant said...

1. Snickers ice-cream

2. Tesco Extra Mutiara Damansara

3. exquisite, hot, atas.


Chef and Sommelier said...

1. Pass
2. Pass
3. True To Yourself

I know I would not win the voucher. :)

Merry X'mas and you have a new follower!

Lydia said...

1. Snickers ice cream
2. Tesco Extra Mutiara Damansara
3. Passionate Life Connoisseur

Sean said...

i've purchased wine from tesco for potlucks before, and i'm happy to report that it's always been fairly priced and enjoyable! :D

Walter said...

1)snickers ice-cream
2) Tesco Extra in Mutiara Damansara
3) Like our country's climate. HOT HOTTER HOTTEST


ulric said...

1. Snickers ice-cream
2. Tesco Extra Mutiara Damansara
3. A winning smile


Jack said...

1. Snickers ice cream
2. Tesco mutiara damansara
3. ever so sweet

Jasmyne said...

1) Snickers ice-cream
2) Tesco Extra at Mutiara Damansara
3) Loving - Elegant - Lively

My email:

Anonymous said...

So ur Xmas purchases is being sponsored by Tesco??? Hahahaha

David said...

1. Snickers ice cream.
2. Tesco mutiara damansara
3. You are beautiful.

Huai Bin said...

Which ice-cream did I recommend in this post?

Snickers ice cream - all the awesomeness of a Snickers bar made into (well, mixed into) ice cream!

Which Tesco did I mention in this post?

Tesco Extra @ Mutiara Damansara - with simply the best range of premium imports around!

And compliment me in 3 words.

Woman about town! - but those three would not even begin to scratch the surface of the person that is Eiling with her wide knowledge of wine and single malts, being an elegant, knowledgeable connoisseur but yet down to earth unlike others, a special quality that makes you YOU! who needs to stock up on groceries. ;)

ykristen said...


1)Snickers Ice cream
2)Tesco Extra Mutiara Damansara
3)SYT - Sweet Young Thing

ykristen said...


1)Snickers Ice cream
2)Tesco Extra Mutiara Damansara
3)SYT - Sweet Young Thing

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