Monday, December 10, 2012

Dining in the Dark @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

This is the much talked about dining experience in town right now. If you have no idea what it is all about, the best is to head down to Changkat Bukit Bintang and experience it for yourself.

This is Werner Kuhn's latest concept restaurant on Changkat Bukit Bintang, located on the 1st floor of Werner's on Changkat corner outlet which is just 2 doors away from The Whisky Bar. Actually I have heard about him wanting to realise such a concept restaurant months ago and it was until a week ago he finally get this place running. I asked Hue Gee to come along and be my "blind date" for the night.

Anything with light or glowing watches have to be kept in a locker before entering the dining area.

The experience that you will get for RM88++
Drinks are not included.

For drinks, there's red and white wine available by the glass for RM20/glass, Carlsberg by the bottle at RM14, fresh juices and soft drink at RM10. Water is not provided as well but you can request for a bottle of Mineral water for RM5.50.

After the pre-dinner aperitif, you will be escorted into the dining area whenever you are ready. We were led into the dinner table by a visually-impaired waitress and we walked hand in hand just in case someone got lost in the dark. You can't imagine how dark it was. I really can't see anything at all!!!

This is what you see in the restaurant. I guess this is the easiest food review ever with no pictures needed for the food that we ate.

The experience

Darius, the waiter responsible for our table briefed us about the orientation of the cutlery and glasses on the table. There's only a fork and a spoon laid on the right side of the table, no knives were needed probably for safety concerns. Joining me and Hue Gee were Meena (from A Whiff of Lemongrass) and her friend. While anticipating our entree, we had so much fun talking in the dark. Gee told Darius that his voice resembles Big Bird from Sesame Street so we asked him how does he looked like out of curiosity. He told us he looked like Harry Potter. Now imagine Harry Potter with a voice like Big Bird...

Did you realise that whenever we go out for a dinner, most of the time we would be busy with the phone instead of having a quality conversation without undivided attention to our friends and family? What happened to those days without handphones? But seriously, we really had a great time laughing and making jokes at the dinner table, most of the time with my eyes closed because it doesn't matter if you open or close your eyes. You will still see NOTHING.

The Food

The entree plate consists of 3 different compartments. Don't read this if you want the dinner to be a surprise. Or maybe I shouldn't even blog about the food! 

Ok. I shall not spoil the surprise. Just enjoy the food and try to figure out what you have just eaten. It's quite fun. At some point of time, some of us started using our fingers to eat. Who cares?!! Nobody can see a thing in there and you probably can smudge your face and no one knows. A word of caution - better don't wear white. 

The food will not be piping hot due to safety reasons which I can understand. In my opinion, the food was fine but don't expect something out of this world. It is the experience of dining in the dark that is unique and trying to guess all the types of desserts on the plate is really fun!


We really had so much fun in a pitch dark restaurant. However, this is not for everyone as some people might not be able to take such an experience. After our dessert, we felt that we need to see the light again and we got Darius to lead us out of the dining area. When we can finally "see" again, we were surprise to see him and he certainly doesn't look like someone with such a voice. See, the interesting thing about dining in the dark is that it lets your imagination run wild. It also eliminates "bias views" about the other person due to their physical appearance. Werner told us that he will be planning some "blind dating" dinners here and I think it would be very fun. So stay tuned....

Dining in the Dark
46 1st Floor, Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +603-2143 2268


Simple Person said...

nice concept .. dining in the dark..

Chef and Sommelier said...

Hi Eiling! It must be a very unique sensory awareness experience!

I tried this once for a charity event and it really made you think hard, experience the world of the blinds and appreciate what you have and the fact that you could see.

In addition, because you couldn't see the food, it really took you on a journey of taste which would enhance your world of senses.

Marko said...

The Coolest post ever read!

missyblurkit said...

Loved the dine in the dark concept. Experienced it when I was in the US. Finally someone does it in Malaysia.

Will head int here but will need to look for a buddy. Hubster not into this idea of dining. He rolled his eyes so much when I told him the concept that I was worried his eyeballs will go misisng:P

Sean said...

the wait staff here are really great, aren't they. werner's team really hired some very good people. patient, humorous and absolutely professional! :D

suanie said...

I doubt I'd have the patience to go through with this, hehehe...

Mr Lonely said...

that's looks expensive for me~ >.<~

ulric said...

Understand the concept...but it's just not my thing...I like to be tantalised by the visuals of my food before savouring them...haha =)

Meena said...

I had so much fun that night! The company was excellent too. :-D

eiling lim said...

Simple Person: Yeap!

Chef and Sommelier: Yeah sensory is the word! That's exactly how I felt and when you see nothing at all, you really have to depend on the smell, taste and touch senses.

Marko: Thanks.

Missyblurkit: Yeah you should head down and give this place a try! Maybe you'll like it.

Sean: The wait staff are really great and i totally agree with you on that. They are just awesome.

Suanie: Maybe you'll be the 1st one to walk out after the entree.

Mr Lonely: It depends on whether you want the experience of the food value.

Ulric: then this is not something for you.

Meena: and you too!

Michael Cheang said...

Actually, all those who claim "this is not for me" are the ones who SHOULD go and give this a try.

It's a real er... eye-opener. It made me more aware of the food, my other senses, and how much we take our eyes for granted.

Also, two hours without a handphone and without a single person taking picture of the food was actually quite pleasant hahaa.

Huai Bin said...

Nice! This is exactly like Dans le Noir - a restaurant I went in London back in 2011.

Same concept - sensory deprivation so your tastebuds would be enhanced. You can't choose the menu either.

They do allow cameras though but no flash photography and there's not much point either, it's just to enjoy the experience.

Good to see it coming to our shores. :D

eiling lim said...

Michael: Exactly. How often do we not play with handphones while eating? And I really like the sensory experience because it makes me use my sense of taste to the fullest to know what I'm eating rather than my sight.

Huai Bin: Yeah it takes a bold man like Werner to bring this to our dining scene.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there...i am an interior designer and for my thesis i am trying to design a restaurant with dining in dark concept. Would be able to help me more with the interiors. I know you could not see anything but, would you be able to describe how the furniture was? how the food was served? And what do you think the placement of the furniture would be like?

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