Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Steakhouse @ Changkat Bukit Bintang KL

A dinner wouldn't be complete without pre-dinner drinks. Aah... that's just an excuse for alcoholics like me to drink more! Two bottles of Speyside whisky on the table waiting for me to uncork and among these two expressions of The Glenrothes, we shall choose the reigning whisky of the evening.

First of all, it's not easy to locate this bottle of 1998 and 1995 expression from the duty free but somehow, someone would have to do it and it's not me! I'm just there to taste. heheheh... We did a blind tasting of these 2 expressions and most of us preferred the 1995. 

Glenrothes 1998 (OB, 2009 43%)
The 1998 vintage is the 1st bottling by Gordon Motion as the Malt Master of the distillery replacing John Ramsay. This is a very easy drinking whisky with lush lemon citrus, vanilla and cinnamon and finished with a medium length. Many whisky connoisseurs will not consider a whisky that is below an ABV of 46% and chill-filtered. However for me, I am always ready to try any whisky.

Glenrothes 1995 (OB, 2011 43%)
Before 1995, the distillery bottled vintages “ad hoc” from the available stocks and this was the first Glenrothes bottled as a vintage with a “designed” character. It's not difficult to understand why most of us that night preferred the 95 vintage as it was high in butterscotch on the nose, and on the palate you can also find honey, vanilla and apples. The whisky has a caramelised spicy medium finish and a rather thick mouthfeel

Located just right beside The Whisky Bar on Changkat Bukit Bintang, The Steakhouse is another establishment by Werner Kuhn who also own several other outlets on the same street such as El Cerdo and The Bier Bar. This place has been around for the past few months and my friends decide to give it a try last week.

I found the menu to have similar dishes from LaVaca Steakhouse which he opened in the same outlet back in 2009. Steaks are the mainstay at this restaurant but there are also several other dishes that one could try such as their fresh live oysters.

Florida Crab Cakes (RM26)
Served with a tartar sauce, these crab cakes are crispy on the outer layer with tender crab meat flakes in the inside. Flavourful and is recommended.

Escargot (RM32 for 6 pcs)
These baked snails are drenched in garlic, herbs and butter making them slithery and juicy.

Baked Portobello Mushroom (RM26)
The Portobello mushroom is laden with seafood and topped with cheese. Baked and served with greens, the portion might look very small but it's certainly enough for 2 if you plan to share this entree. The mushroom maintained its juiciness and plump texture but I didn't really like the toppings.

Chilled Black Angus Ribeye (RM88 for 10oz)

I had my ribeye done medium rare and a friend of mine had it done rare. Both steaks are done right and each steak comes with 2 sides and a sauce of your choice. I prefer mine to be au naturel without any sauces so that I can taste the meat. The steak is tender, very much chewable and edible (cos most steaks in the city aren't) and it has a little bit too much char on the outside and thus the heavy bitterish flavours. I guess if you were to have it with a sauce, it will take away some of these charred taste.

Besides serving Black Angus in various cuts ( Medallion & Tenderloin 7oz at RM98 and Striploin 10oz at RM88), they do also serve Australian Grain Fed Beef Steaks (Medallion & Tenderloin 7oz at RM88, T-Bone 24oz at RM108, Ribeye 10oz at RM78 and Striploin 10oz at RM68).

There should be no steaks without reds. And joining the line-up of wonderful reds are wines from the appellation of Nuits Saint Georges from Burgundy, Chateauneuf Du Pape and Rasteau from Southern Rhone. One very interesting bottle to note was the Rasteau 2010 from the Domaine la Soumade which was selected as one of the most promising 2010 Rasteau reds by the NYTimes. The Domaine, owned by Andre Romero, is dubbed as the "Superstar of Rasteau" by Robert Parker and thus making it one of the must try wines of the night.

But there was one disappointment. Someone brought a Masseto 1996 because I was dying to try a Masseto. The bottle was in my hands and yet we did not uncork it that night because they decide to arrange another dinner with an Italian wines line-up instead. Anyways, there was only 5 of us and these 4 bottle of reds is already very overwhelming. We had a really good night.

The Steakhouse
Changkat Bukit Bintang
(right next door to The Whisky Bar & opposite El Cerdo)  


suituapui said...

Slurpssss!!!! Food looks good. Would love to try those crab cakes. Sigh!!! I always stayed around there but I've not got around to checking even one of the outlets in the vicinity. Maybe next time I'll stay nearer even... LOL!!!

Sean said...

wow, four different bottles of red with this meal! being a fan of red, i want also, heh! i must say, i don't think i've tried any of these four before =)

KY said...

that's quite a lot of alcohol, and i want those escargot!

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

That malt is at the right place with the right dish and atmosphere ! cheers !

foongpc said...

Yummy food! I want the ribeye!!

missyblurkit said...

Check out that piece of meat! Yummeh Think a steak is a must much for trying to say no to red meat for a week. I broke my self promise on day 3:(

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