Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Crib : A Toilet Transformation (Part I)

Finally all the renovation works in the house is coming to an end. No more drilling on Saturday mornings to wake me up from my sleep and no more dust flying around in the house. I think of all the areas in the house, I paid most attention to the 3 toilets because all I ever wanted in my new home is nice toilets with a touch of modernity.
The toilet work progress. Will post the completed toilet work in the next post.

It's actually quite exciting to see the old toilet transforming to the new look day by day from the day the workers hack the tiles to the re-tiling works and then installation of the new wc unit and the basin. It was not a smooth journey as sometimes shit happens (I've blogged about the mixed-up hot and cold water pipes here). But I was glad that everything has been fixed now.

Having the right shower and water system is utmost important. Afterall, a good shower will be able to refresh oneself and having the a good centralised water heater will not only provide a good and continuous supply of heated water during shower, it should also be safe and saves electricity consumption. Therefore, I have no qualms about investing in a good shower and water heater system considering the long term use.

I realised that being new home owner, I am really a noob in house appliances. When I was shopping for bathroom accessories at Better Living, Mr. Ng introduced me to the centralised Seers Hot Water System, I was instantly hooked to the fact that the water heater can be powered by a 12 volt and only consumes 480 watts of electricity compared to the conventional water heater units that consumes up to 3000 watts. This is one of the most cost-saving hot water system out there thanks to their breakthrough technology.

Many people has asked me to install a solar system which is not something new in Malaysia due to bountiful sunshine all year round. While generating power with the solar cells is free, purchasing and installing the panels is not and they're never cheap. An inherent disadvantage of solar system is that it only works when there is direct sunlight and many people didn't know that the solar panels need frequent maintenance like cleaning to ensure that the sunlight can be absorbed properly. And thus, going solar is out for me.

My 40l vertical hot water system unit from Seers

In the end, I invested in 2 units of Seers DC-Heater where 1 unit of 40 liter heater for the downstairs bathroom sharing with my kitchen tap and 1 unit of 100 liter for the 2 bathrooms upstairs which can accommodate up to 4 hot showers. Although the price of the Seers Hot Water System is more expensive than the other brands in the market, the advantages of this system supersedes its price.
  • Saves energy, electricity and eventually the environment
  • 100% consistent supply of hot water for day and night
  • No dangerous live wires to be connected to the water
  • No heating element and compressor unlike conventional heaters
  • Programmable temperature control
  • Protected against overheating, leakage, corrosion or explosions
  • Low/minimum maintenance

I don't see why I mind spending almost RM4k on these 2 units. The idea is to have a system that saves, saves and saves in terms of electricity and also environment due to its efficient use of energy. The other important factor that most people tend to overlook is the safety feature. Most hot water system uses heating elements which resembles those of electric kettles and consumers often are not warned of the risks of electrocution when the life span is up. For a heavy usage household, the heating elements might have to be changed every year and that's something we all wasn't informed while purchasing these units. With Seers, there's no heating elements involved and it prevents electrocution while showering.

Not only I was impressed with their technology, their sales staff was very professional. Mr. Ng explained the features of the hot water system so patiently and the installation workers were also very skillful. They even came back on a 2nd visit to help me check on the system. I was glad that I came to know about this wonderful product or else I would have gone into conventional water heaters. Sometimes, it's really worth spending that extra dollar for a good shower!

If you're interested in Seers, you can always visit their website here or contact Mr.Ng at +6012-4810015 or the list of dealers here.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't make any sense. If the water is hot, you need less power to heat it up. If it is cold, you still need more energy to heat it up.

You can't create energy or destroy it physics 101.

15V doesn't mean it is less power as power is a function of both voltage and current.

The only thing that I can think of is that it aggregates the heat from afternoon and store in a thermos like tank which sort of make sense.

Btw, I used to be in R&D for air conditioning company.

eiling lim said...

Seers is using a heat transfer coupled with a micro processor base intelligent switching system that ensures hot water supply is ready to be used any time of the day with consistency. The power consumption is low.

Sean said...

wow, the before-and-after for the toilet space is a very nice comparison. it makes feel inspired to do some renovation work at my own place too. maybe next year =)

Kash said...

Please don't get offended by me asking this question, why do you need a hot water tap for you sink downstairs?

Anonymous said...

So Seers sponsoring u anything for this glowing review?? Hidden benefit in kinds?

Eiling said...

Sean: Thanks. Trust me, toilet renovation is a headache.

Kash: So that the hot water makes it easier to wash oily utensils?

Anon: I wished Seers would give me those water heater for free in return of this post. I can only dream.

Alyssa said...

It is great to hear that your house is at the end of its renovation! And from the looks of your toilet, I think the transformation is turning out to be quite grand! I agree with you that it is better to spend money on products that can help you save money in the long run rather than buy cheap products that may only create problems. The heater you got is actually pretty energy-efficient, considering it only uses up 480 watts of electricity! Now that’s a great way to take a bath!

@Alyssa Flynn

eiling lim said...

Alyssa: I totally agree with you. I look for savings long term and maintenance free.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled ... It actual waste more energy as per advertised ... You can turn off all appliances and heat up until reach maximum temperature and you be surprise how much seers fool you ... I have compared this product myself against JOVEN brand ... What a gimmic SEERS

Anonymous said...

TNB meter is the best tool to measure energy saving ... I forget to add this earlier

Steven Ong said...

Dear eiling lim:

Almost 3 years you post this, mind to share your opinion about Seers centralize water heater? Any problem so far? Any minor maintenance?

Steven Ong said...

Oop, sorry, I means Seers DC-Heater.
Hope to hear from you soon.

TG Yew said...


I planned to install CH-40L for my bathrooms too. Any comments after 3 years of using?

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Blogger said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow, this seems odd. After few years times, there's only a few comments and no respond towards the question raised by the others.

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