Monday, October 29, 2012

Catching Tiger at CIMB Classic 2012

I was really lucky to have a friend who extended this pass to me. It's not just a pass to catch Tiger Woods at The Mines Resort and Golf Club, it's also a pass for free flow of beers at the Chang room where food is catered by The Westin and there's a nice patio where you can catch all the action at hole 18th.

 Wonderful pose there, Tiger!

The CIMB Classic actually started 2 years ago as a showcase that featured PGA Tour players and Asian Tour players. Beginning next year, it will be a full-fledged PGA Tour event, when the tour begins its new season in October after the FedExCup competition. The tournament this year features a 48-man field - 30 from the PGA Tour, 10 from the Asian Tour and eight exemptions (which include two Malaysian professionals — Danny Chia and Shaaban Hussin) all competing for RM16.85million. This is Tiger's 2nd time in Malaysia, the last being in 1999 and the lady beside me was telling me that the last time she saw Tiger Woods in person was 13 years ago!

The closest I could get to Tiger. Not bad huh?!!

Tiger's tee-off was at 10.30am and we managed to catch a glimpse of him and at that time, the number of his followers have already started to build-up. This is my first time watching a golf tournament live and I didn't know what to expect but I was lucky to have two experienced golfer friends who knew the game well and the course so well that they explained to me what was going on and taking me through short-cuts and getting a good spot to watch Tiger in action. Tiger was playing alongside Kruger on the 2nd Day.

After following Tiger around until the 9th hole, we decided that it's time to return to the CIMB-Chang room to have our lunch and to quench our thirst with some Chang Export beers! It was such a hot weather out there and I must say that following these golfers around are no easy feat. There's a lot of walking up and down the terrain. We even caught a glimpse of Siti Hasmah watching the tournament at her home compound.

I had 3 beers and then another glass of Old Pulteney 12yo while waiting for Tiger and Kruger to arrive at the 18th hole. By then, I was getting too comfortable with the air-conditioning and too lazy to walk out into the sun. Although I don't know the game well but this experience did ignite my interest towards golfing. Looks like I have to stop fooling around the driving range and start taking up lessons from professionals. I don't know when I will start taking up lessons but I'm sure I do like golf!

Tiger did perform quite well on the 2nd day by posting a four-under round of 67. Standing at nine-under overall and five strokes behind leader Robert Garrigus in a tie for fifth. Overall after the 4-day event, Tiger Woods' eight-under 63 on Sunday put him on 4th place, a tie together with de Jonge and Kirk. Asked if he would be coming back next year and he replied that he would like to come back. Well, I do hope that he would be here next year and I would definitely like to go around chasing Tiger again!


suituapui said...

Didn't have your photo taken with him...or get his autograph...and a kiss perhaps? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

Eiling said...

STP: haha... well, I'm no longer young to be such a crazy fan asking for pictures and autographs but some golfers do throw the golf balls to the crowd.

Simple Person said...

that day I saw 13 units of brand new BMW 7 series.. for the CIMB golf official car.. damn...

Sean said...

ooo, u came very close to a living legend! i read that he was suffering under the heat and humidity though, so i'm thinking he might not return to malaysia for at least another 13 years at this rate! :D

timing said...

Free flow beer?!? Sounds like a dream for kaki botol's ha ha.

eiling lim said...

Simple Person: Yeah they were all using the 7 series to chauffeur the golfers

Sean: Yeah and it's really an experience to see him play! I hope he comes back again next year.

timing: yeap but if you drink too much, you'll miss the tournament

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