Friday, October 19, 2012

Amadeus Bistro & Wine Bar @ Life Centre KL

On nights where the KL traffic is so crazy, don't you just wish that you could just seek a quiet refuge yet cosy outlet where you can indulge in some thirst-quenching European beers or even wines, food and bask in the company of friends?

Amadeus at KL Life Centre provides that ambiance. Located away from the loud-blaring music and bar streets of KL, this place is where you'll find soothing music and good food from different regions of Europe. Drawing insipration from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who is a prolific and influential composer of the Classical Era, Amadeus Bistro & Wine brings out the best flavours in its simple and yet cosy dining area.

 Dina, the General Manager showing us how it's done!

I like the Wine Enomatic machines where you can enjoy 12 different types of wine on every night without having to open 12 different bottles. No more dent in the wallet. The wines are quite affordable too ranging from RM18 to RM26 a glass.

This place serves European cuisine with a strong Austrian influence and it reflects the melting pot of dishes from all the regions that was within the former Austrian-Hungarian monarchy. That night, we were served some of the new dishes of Amadeus which is not on the menu at the time we were there.

 Bruschetta with pickles, grilled pepper and cheese with condiments. 
A yummy prelude to dinner.
Some of us were served with the mushroom soup and I assure you that this mushroom soup does not taste anything straight from the can. You can taste the contrasting textures of a smooth and creamy soup with bits of fresh mushrooms. The ultimate - such fragrant and crispy garlic bread to compliment the soup. It's so precious because there's only 1 piece!!!

The grilled salmon with spaghetti is a really must-try. I tried searching for this in their menu while writing this and looks like this is a new dish! I like how the salmon is perfectly grilled and meat was still juicy. The spaghetti wasn't overwheling the salmon as I believe the portions of this dish is just right.

That's Bob, the executive chef putting the final touches to the duck confit. And then you have Suanie who is busy taking pictures of the Rack of Lamb while Ciki looks on with her usual cheeky self.

 The Duck Confit is also another must try. The flesh wasn't too dry and the sauce compliments the duck pretty well.

 The rack of Lamb is another feature of Amadeus. The lamb is so good- moist and juicy. Even when I'm not a fan of lamb, I did sink my teeth into some. And looks like there was not enough of it to go around and the chef ended up making a plate full of lamb racks that is enough to feed a village!

I thought I'll skip desserts but my heart tells me otherwise. I took a bite at the yellow Lemon Cheesecakes and I was smittened. Then, I try the Red Velvet cakes - oh so nice! Then I asked Dina where did she get these cakes and guess what? She baked them herself. Dina bakes all the cakes in this restaurant and I'm so impressed. Can I bring her home?

Dina is really a friendly and chatty host. For one thing, she doesn't have an European accent and if you talk to her on the phone, she sounds like any Malaysian! Malaysia has been her home for many years now and she has her "kampung" too which is in East Malaysia. I wish her all the luck with this new restaurant and hopefully people out there will get to know about Amadeus and their little gems here.

Prices range from RM17-20 for starters and RM20 - 32 for mains. 

Amadeus Bistro & Wine Bar
Life Centre,
No.20 Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 603-2162 2788

Reservations are recommended, especially on weekends.


Anonymous said...

Of course no dents in pocket's of rich snob like you who can afford to pay rm18-28 for a glass of wine


Sean said...

a restaurant that's quite easy to reach from my office. maybe i should head there this evening, since the friday post-rain traffic will probably be quite harsh! :D

Ciki said...

Great post and shots babe... oh yummeh!

suituapui said...

I've seen a post in this before. Nice place, food looks authentically good...

missyblurkit said...

I love the overall look and feel of Amadeus. Love the food too as well. Will you be there for their Halloween thingy on 2nd November?

Weary said...

Couldn't agree more.

Weary said...

Couldn't agree more.

KY said...

looking back to this again is making me hungryyyyyy

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