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Dawn to Dusk @ Sands Skypark // Sky on 57 // Ku De Ta

Have you ever tried to spend a day on a sky deck of a hotel? It is not impossible to spend the whole day on a 380-metre long rooftop deck which spans across 3 skyscrapers of Marina Bay Sands on the 57th floor. If you really want to know how big it is, it's actually the size of 3 football fields connected end to end. I might sound like a crazy woman but I ain't one yet!

Morning Swim @ Sands Skypark

The day for me started at 7am where I forced myself to get out from the comfy bed, put Bangsarbabe on the line, adorn my bikini and head towards 57th floor. How about a swim at the 150m long infinity pool at 7.30 in the morning? It was pretty chilling in the morning BUT if I had not taken the swim at that hour, I'll never have a chance to due to the hectic schedule and crowd.

Guest hotel keycards are needed to access Sands Skypark. If you're visiting the restaurants on 57th floor, you'll need to get access cards from the MBS lobby for non-staying-guests.

Let me warn you, this is probably the most-photographed pool as you can see everyone here is swimming with an iPhone or camera. It's not a place to do your laps but rather a place where photographs are a must! The pool opens at 7am and closes at midnight and mornings are the best time to have a swim here and to enjoy its bird's eye view of the city.

Morning Breakfast @ Sky on 57

At 9am, we were at one of  the Celebrity Chef's restaurant by Chef Justin Quek for breakfast and then have a chat with Tamir Shanel, Vice-President for the overall F&B operation at MBS on just about anything we want to know about the restaurants and its operations of the hotel.

We were greeted with Chinese-doll-like images on these beautiful plates as we entered the room.I thought we would be using these plates to dine but those are just for deco as the staff collected the plates when they served us our breakfast. Looks like they don't trust us with these beautiful china.

Clockwise from top left: 1. Tonkotsu Ramen - "Char Siu" Pork Ramen, seaweed, soft-boiled egg and leeks. 2. Slow-Cooked Organic Eggs - Sauteed mushroom, spanish ham and chicken jus. 3. Laksa - thick rice vermicelli with spicy coconut broth. 4. Egg "Benedict".

Apparently one of the must try here is Chef Justin's Laksa. According to Sue Lynn, it's like the Laksa Katong style but this one here is more flavourful and the taste of coconut is stronger. However, I have one complaint - the bean sprouts are just too thin! They need to get some juicy ones from Ipoh. Justin did told us that of course the laksa at his restaurant could not be compared with the stalls as the price determines the quality of the ingredients that you are going to put into the cooking. Breakfast is available at Sky on 57 for S$38++ a person with a selection of one breakfast dish and a cup of Vittoria Gourmet Coffee or a Gryphon Selections of Fine Tea.

The Pirramimma, Marina Bay Sands' own bottling of red & white wines.

While we indulge in our delectable breakfast which comprises baskets of freshly baked breads and a platter of an array of tropical fruits, we had the chance to ask Tamir on just anything! He joined MBS in March 2009, the year it was opened bringing over 25 years of experience. It's just amazing that this man here has a team of 2000 staff handling 60 different food concepts in a 1.2m square feet of F&B space. On the latest developments of the F&B section of MBS, he let us on a secret - one more Celebrity Chef restaurant will be introduced soon. This would be an Asian chef who has been running a Michelin-star restaurant but he ain't revealing the name of the chef! To Tamir, "food is so creative, it's like an art" and there's never a limited number of artists. Therefore, under his leadership, the menu is a constant evolution and he continues to seek iconic, highly recognised restaurants, unique and interesting restaurants to add to the already gourmet heaven in MBS.

Come in early January 2013 would be a 3-day Epicurean Market where they hope to hold it annually to encourage people from all walks of life to come and sample the food of every restaurant in MBS for a nominal ticket fee. This event would be marketed in late November, so gourmands out there, do take note!

Lunch @ Sky on 57

Of course we didn't have lunch right after breakfast. We did something interesting and I shall only reveal it soon as it's probably one of MBS' best kept secrets. Anyways, coming back to Sky on 57, it's helmed by Singaporean Chef Justin Quek, who has a take on traditional Asian and local cuisine - using premium ingredients, refined techniques and served with a hearty dose of Asian hospitality. It's a place where you can bring your overseas guest and wow them with the local cuisine admist stunning views from the highest point of MBS. Offering an unparalleled vista in dining be it night or day, this is the place to go!

We were quite lucky to be able to catch Justin in his restaurant. You'll be surprised that Chef Justin is quite a friendly and chatty chap. There's so few airs about him and he got comfortable with us eventhough we have just met for a minute or two. I can see the passion he has for the perfection of his food and his offerings such as his own wine labels and even cigars.

He mesmerized us with his stories and more importantly, his food!

Demitasse of fresh mushroom cappuccino. Served in an espresso cup, I wished I can have a bigger cup! It's one of the most refined "mushroom soup" I've had. Light textured, foamy & smooth, packed with fresh mushroom and earthy flavours with mushroom bits on the finish.

Slow cooked organic egg. With artichoke puree, foie gras emulsion and runny egg. I love the sauce which has robust earthy and nutty flavours from the mushroom.

 Oriental Seafood Fried Rice "Mui Fan". The rice was wok-fried with egg, and then immersed in a light starch broth with asparagus, big scallops, grouper fillets, tiger prawns and bok choy. I love the silky texture of the starchy broth which resembled the porridge except that the rice was still in perfect grain and slightly burnt on the edges due to the frying. Scallops were a little overcooked but the prawns were just juicy, succulent and fresh!

Australian lamb cutlet. Served with wok-fried julienne vegetables and tapenade jus. Perfectly grilled to a medium, tender and juicy.

Jack Fruit Tart with Crumble. Paired with cream anglaise and accacia honey ice-cream. Although I'm not a dessert-kinda-girl, I have to give this a try. I love the filo pastry that was so crispy and went crumbly when I sank my teeth into it. The tart has a base of jack fruit and topped with red raspberries. Goes extremely well with the honey ice-cream. I thought I would die of sugar rush but I didn't and I've even managed to finish up the dessert. For that, I deserved a pat on my back.

Gosh! Writing all these at 12 midnight makes me hungry especially when I didn't have any dinner tonight. My eyes are squinting already but I am determined to write my longest blog post ever on this historical day.

Cocktails @ Outdoor Terrace of Sky on 57

With Joyce sipping on cocktails & other media members.

I can't count the number of times I've been stepping into Sky on 57. At 4pm, we are already on happy hour at the pinnacle of pleasure and prestige on the highest floor of MBS. This is also the place to savour an exquisite pairing of Krug Grande Cuvee and steamed Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao for a limited time only at S$88.

 There's no lack of good drinks here. See those Cristal bottles?!!
 Sky on 57 has a total seating capacity of 240 seats in the entire venue. That includes 150 seats in the main restaurant and 90 seats at the outdoor terrace.

Signature cocktails - Pink Gin Asiana, Raspberry & Nutmeg Martini, and Mango Tango. 
All for $18++.

Bar Menu - Clockwise from top right : 1. Wok-Fried US Kurobuta Pork fillet in black pepper sauce (S$20) 2. Croque Monsieur with classic French ham and Gruyere cheese sandwich and potato chips in wasabi flavour (S$22) 3. Sauteed King Prawn with Chilli Sauce "Singapore style" (S$49). Time: 2.30pm - 11.45pm

I like all the dishes served during our cocktail session particularly the Croque Monsieur (minus the wasabi potato chips). What I don't get is Singapore's rave about the wasabi-flavoured chips. Why?!! Anyways, I wished I could get some of these finger food in the KL bar scene too.

Do you know that they even provide binoculars for your to appreciate its panoramic sky view. Ask and you shall be granted!

Night Cap @ Skybar KU DÉ TA

One of the best places to have a drink at night would be the Skybar at KU DÉ TA due to its iconic bar that is perched on the obeservation deck of Marina Bay Sands. You get music, DJ, panoramic views and a long list of drinks.

Just remember to get the access card from the lobby of Tower 3 if you are not a staying guest. There's cover charge of S$38 on Fridays and Saturdays after 9pm which does not come with any drinks.

The drinks aren't too expensive. Cocktails are priced from S$22 and above and I had a glass of Suntory Hibiki 17yo for S$20. The bartenders are very nice people as well and of course nothing beats the view. This is really a happening drinking scene in Singapore!

 Sue Lynn looking all posh and pretty for the party!

You can really spend the whole day on Sands Skypark! I've not even mentioned the Chocolate Buffet that one could indulge in the afternoons at The Club @ Skypark. I'm glad I've tried my best to summarize everything that I can do on 57th floor in one post. The post could be longer but I'm having a difficult to keep my eyes open. Good night peeps!

Marina Bay Sands
57th Floor
10 Bayfront Avenue, 
Singapore 018956
Tel: +65-6688 8868


A Arthur said...

Hello Sweetie

Why you take your pix at the Infinity Pool so far away that I cannot see properly.

But I can see that you did not actually put on weight in spite of the rich excellent food and wine that you are indulging yourself at Sands.

Wow, the food must be pretty expensive but the next trip around I wanna go to the restaurants you above just to indulge. What the heck, life is too short not to savour the finer things in life.

Keep up your food blog, is excellent dear.

uncle arthur

eiling lim said...

Hi Uncle Lau,

Thanks for reading and the kind comments. Yeah you should have a go at these restaurants. Have a swim and then a nice breakfast and relax. Life is too short!


suituapui said...

Must ask them to send the food to the ground floor. I'm not going up there. Shudders!!!! LOL!!!

KY said...

why no bikini pic oneee? :P

Sean said...

egg, artichoke puree and foie gras emulsion. arrgghh, that's the one i'd want! :D great-looking food, great-looking drinks and great-looking setting at all these venues =)

missyblurkit said...

Even if I can't swim, I will happily chill in that pool almost all day long (well to step out when I turn wrinkled like a prune).

And those food especially the lamb cutlet is making me even hungrier. Stuck in a cold room with no food in sight...poor me:P

Anonymous said...

when will you show a photo of yourself in bikini?

Constance Ant said...

reading this post at ungodly hour surely is not the right thing to do =.=

arghhh goood food!

Huai Bin said...

Looks like a fun trip to Singapore Eiling! :)

I like Ku De Ta too, their wine coolers (red/white) are refreshing and if memory serves only costs SGD 40 for a pitcher.

eiling lim said...

STP: you must enjoy the view and not just the food!

KY: Cos i *shy*

Sean: that dish really taste good. Great combination.

Missyblurkit: I can also stay in that pool all day with such a great view unless the sun kills me. haha

Anon: Maybe never?

Constance Ant: haha... maybe mee mamak can help with the hunger?

Huai Bin: wow that's a great deal!

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