Friday, August 17, 2012

Namoo on the Park @ Publika KL

I first read about this cafe on EatDrinkKL and I told myself, "Hey, I've gotta give this place a try". Partly it was due to the nice decor, and the other is due to its menu. I've always have this impression about Korean cuisine that it's all about Bulgogi, BBQ meats and Kimchi. Last weekend, one of my girlfriends suggested to go to Publika and her motive was to eat the orgasmic chilli pan mee but ended up at Namoo instead. Ok, it was my fault.

 Hoong is hanging the menu to her dress!

Namoo is easy to locate. It's just one floor above MPH bookstores in Publika Mall. Namoo means "tree" in Korean and that is why you can see this cute icon that adorned the wall at the entrance. The concept is simple, lots of natural wood and even the menu is clipped with a wooden hanger. There's an indoor and al fresco dining which has a children playground.

   Bibi Rice Burger (RM19.90)

One of their specialties would be the rice burgers. In between the grilled rice bun, there's a juicy piece of grilled chicken breast with bibi sauce and accompanied by mixed vegetables and fried potato wedges. Although I'm not a fan of rice burgers, I could always be adventurous and give this a try.

 Kimchi Soup with Rice (RM16.90)

There's a choice of chicken or beef sausage for this set. Served with Korean rice and white kimchi. Since my girlfriends doesn't take beef, we had the chicken sausage. There's pickled cabbage, chilli, spring onion and tofu in the kimchi soup. I find it a little spicy but it's still bearable for me. It's also quite refreshing to drink kimchi soup for a change.

 Snow Flower Rice Punch Granita (RM8.90)

They do carry an array of interesting beverages. One of them is the Snow Flower Rice Punch Granita which is served cold. It's called "sikhye" in Korean which is a traditional sweet rice beverage. There's really rice grains inside the drink and it has a texture almost like barley and it's sweet. Before I ordered this drink, I asked the waitress how would this drink taste like and she couldn't answer. She could even tell me that it's sour when it's actually sweet!

 Spicy Seafood Ramen (RM16.90)

This is Korean Ramen noodles with baby Octopus, prawns and clams in their own chef's special broth. I love it. The noodles are springy and the broth is very flavourful. Though it's spicy, I still enjoyed it.

It's really a refreshing concept and I don't mind coming back here again and again. The food portion here is small and I think it's the right size for a single serving. All dishes come with a complimentary white kimchi and I actually prefer the white kimchi over the traditional kimchi. One drawback though would be its service. It would have been better if the service is as good as their food.

Girls Day Out

After such a satisfying meal, Luan treated us all a massage and Gee has a pedicure at Aspen Spa in TTDI. What a nice weekend! Thank you girls...

Namoo on the Park: Korean Dessert Cafe N Bistro
Publika, Lot 4A,
Level G3, Solaris Dutamas,
1 Jalan Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6411-6698
Open daily, last orders around 9:30 p.m.


suituapui said...

Rice burger? Hmmm.... I'll just have rice and minced beef the old-fashioned way. I'm so old school, eh? LOL!!!

Sean said...

phew, great to hear that you gals enjoyed your meal at namoo. there are quite a lot of good eateries at publika, but i'd rank namoo in my publika top ten! my only wish is that they'd consider getting a liquor license and serving some proper soju, wine and korean cocktails, heh :D

Cindy said...

can i have the juicy patty and ski the rice?

sean:ya lor so many eateries in Publika....make me hungry all the time reading and lookign at those revies..

Anonymous said...

Why no Jasmin?

Ciki said...

my my.. what pretty friends you have! and the food looks good la!

Huai Bin said...

I like rice burgers - the first one I had was in MOS Burger, too bad there's none here anymore. I've had rice burgers in Korea though, their fast food chain Lotte (yeah, same as the candy brand).

This looks a lot more promising though! :)

eiling lim said...

STP: haha... so old skool

Sean: I think you made a valid point there. They should serve some cocktails and that would be perfect.

Cindy: Of course you can... only at Namoo.. haha

Anon: Cos she's not staying in KL?!!

Ciki: Thanks babe

Huai Bin: Go and try this. I am sure you'll like it too.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i came across this blog and would like to share about my experience eating at this place. It was my first time there having dinner few days ago, thought of trying out this new place since it looks quite interesting. We ordered a kimchi fried rice and gyuniku beef taco...and it was the lousiest korean meal ever I've eaten!

The kimchi rice is tasteless! Rice texture is lousy and sticky, egg wrap is even lousier than those of a nasi pattaya from mamak. Doesn't even taste like a Korean cooking at all. Despite all these, the rice is not even hot when it's being served. 

Attitude from some of the waiters are bad as well. I will never go back there again! 

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