Saturday, August 11, 2012

El Rincon @ Changkat Bukit Bintang KL

El Rincon has taken over taken the previous Le Bouchon on Changkat Bukit Bintang. This place has been opened for a few months now and some of the deco has been reused and thus you can see the similarity of this place with the previous restaurant. It's also good to have an alternative for spanish cuisine on the same street besides Pinchos.

Sangria (Red) Glass-RM20 Jug-RM80
The Sangria here isn't really the best but it's still quaffable. A bit diluted in my opinion.

Pan Tumaca
Complimentary toasted bread with olive oil and preserved olives to start the meal. Better than the usual bread with olive oil and balsamic.

Deep fried Wild Spanish Mushrooms (RM19.90)
Fried with breadcrumbs, the juiciness of the mushrooms is still intact. Good to have this as an appetiser or a side dish.

Huevos Rotos (RM26)
This is a very interesting dish. It has fried "broken eggs" on potatoes and topped with cured ham. I loved it.

Angel's Hair Seafood Paella (RM78/148)
The small portion is meant for 2 people and the large one serves up to 4. Since we had so much food, the small one is already more than enough for the 4 of us. This is one of the better angel's hair paella I've tried and I truly recommend this. It's a change from the normal paella.

Paella de Marisco (RM88/168)
This is a seafood paella using the Aborio rice. Although it's not the type of grain I wanted in a paella, they do cook a decent dish with a nice sauce but too bad it was a little too wet. It could have been better.

Cabrito asado en su jugo RM89
 This is a roast suckling goat! This is a one portion serving and it's quite expensive too but the four of us shared this dish and it's enough because the taste is very rich. It's not too overpowering or gamey and the meat is tender and flavourful due to the process of roasting it in its own juices. It's worth a try.

During the dinner, since we are seated at the open air section, I managed to lit up a cigar which my friend had asked me to try. It's a new aged Dunhill blue label and I shall write about it soon.

I would recommend this place for its few specialties such as the suckling goat and angel's hair paella. Corkage charges here is exorbitant and no negotiation allowed at all for BYO and their wine list is rather limited and you can also imagine the prices of a drinkable wine. I'll just stick to Sangria and tap water thank you.

El Rincon
14, Changkat Bukit Bintang, 
50200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-21427633
Open daily for dinner 6pm - 1am (11.30pm last call)


missyblurkit said...

Suckling goat! Not seen it on any menu in KL so far...or have I not been going to the right places?

Sean said...

mmmm, i'm a fan too! it's really nice that more spanish restaurants are opening in KL, to complement the italian ones. we have lots of places that serve great pasta, but we need more places with great paella! :D

suituapui said...

Very familiar with the cuisine... Would certainly love to try if I get the chance.

suituapui said...

Oops!!! I mean...*unfamiliar...

KY said...

that sangria does look a bit tired, but the angel hair thingy, I can eat that!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Do you know where Le Bouchon has moved to? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Do you really smoke cigar? I did not see one in your mouth. haha

eiling lim said...

Missyblurkit: so far i've only seen it here. Maybe you can give it a try.

Sean: yeah that's true. Many places don't do a good paella!

STP: Yeah you have too the next time you're in town.

KY: Sangria failed. haha

Anon: This is managed by the same people of Le Bouchon.

Anon: Do I have to show the piece of meat in my mouth to prove that i ate it?

SKin said...

Is the suckling piglet good?

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