Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Brother Kuan @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Puchong is like another part of the world to me. Although I live 20 mins away from there, I've never ventured into the area except for a few occasions where I had no choice but to make a trip down. Now that my sister is working there, she's been telling us about some of the nice restaurants she found and one night, we decided to take Lim Ba Ba there for dinner.

Ziling recommended this restaurant called Brother Kuan. Located on the same row as Bumbu Bali. you won't miss this place with its red facade and huge banner. The irony about this place is that the facade is done very nicely, but the interior looks like any other coffeeshops. The tables and chairs are those similar to the ones used at hawker centres. What a combination!

See that stainless steel steamer there? It's not a dim sum trolley but this is used to house the bamboo steamer that keeps the rice warm. When the dishes are served, a guy would push the steamer to your table and scoop the white rice onto the plates.

The difference between a baby boomer and a Gen Y.

After having ordered our food, we were served drinks. There's a variety of herbal drinks available such as the Chrysanthenum with water chestnut and winter melon with longan. Some are only available warm and some only chilled. That's another irony.

 BBQ Pork (Medium RM20)

The one thing that you should order here is their barbequed pork which is caramelised and has a dark red appearance with bits of the burnt sides. I like the BBQ pork this way where you get some charcoal notes, a little sweet sticky caramel on the pork and some fats surrounding the meat. I would say the fat content in this "char siew" is only one third and it makes a guilt-free indulgence for me.

 Steamed Chicken (Quarter RM10)

 The steamed chicken Hailam style is commendable although it's not giving me the WOW effects. The chicken is smooth and the shallot oil with soya sauce is a nice compliment to it.

 Bayam Soup (RM8)

The spinach in superior soup with wolfberries serves 4. I find this dish here a bit bland as there are many other restaurants that do it better. There's a lack of taste from the soup probably due to either the anchovies or the dried shrimps.

 MaMa Steamed Pork (RM10)

The steamed pork is also another let down here. I liked the version with a distinctive cuttlefish flavour intertwined with the pork but this one here just tasted plain and uninteresting. If you like light flavours, this is the dish for you but for me, I like more robust flavours.

 Roast Duck with Herbal Sauce (Half RM24)

Another dish to try at this outlet would be their Roast Duck served with a herbal sauce. The roast duck maintains it crispy skin while the meat is immersed in a light herbal soup-like sauce. This is very new to me as I have not seen any other restaurant offering such a dish. The roast duck did not turn soggy and the additional herbal flavours compliments the roast duck well. I would recommend this to those who like roast ducks!

There's some hits and misses here but I guess the price made up for the lack of perfect dining experience. The bill for 4 of us is just RM84. This is one of the better BBQ Pork around. The BBQ pork and roast duck are definitely the winners here and if you are looking for something to eat in Puchong, Bandar Puteri is the place to go. There's rows and rows of restaurants and eating outlets and I wonder why I've never been here?!!

Restaurant Brother Kuan
No.2A, Jalan Persiaran Puteri 1,
Bandar Puteri Puchong,
47100 Puchong, Selangor
Tel: +603-8062 1733


suituapui said...

Food looks great, name sounds like a Hongkong franchise. After what that tomboy foodie said about Malaysian food, I would never support anything Hongkong again... What kind of foodie would make a sweeping remark like that - head to big for her feet!!!

eiling lim said...

STP: Which tomboy?

Constance Ant said...

i think stp meant the bossie of tong pak fu:/

Constance Ant said...

this's my first time seeing the duck dish submerging in herbal broth! anything related to duck is my favourite! hehe

Constance Ant said...

this's my first time seeing the duck dish submerging in herbal broth! anything related to duck is my favourite! hehe

suituapui said...

I thought it was a MAN!!!:

suituapui said...


Simple Person said...

next time I will put some kei chi on the steam mince pork..

Sean said...

oooh, i've heard some good things about this place, but i've not managed to try it yet. the duck looks and sounds great. puchong does seem like a real buzzing place, especially for chinese food. i bet that if we tried to eat at every chinese restaurant in bandar puteri puchong, we'd need three months to do it! :D

Anonymous said...

Down the rd near the market, there is a better place called The Wok. Brother Kuan really so-so only. Ziling really have to work on her recommended place to eat suggestions.

ulric said...

The Roast Duck with Herbal Sauce and the BBQ Pork makes a good enuff case for me to visit...haha :)

Ciki said...

Food looks tasty.. too bad no WOW factor on the pak cham kai.. one of my favs worrr :P

KY said...

aiyoh the pork looks so good! I need some!

Huai Bin said...

Nice! The Mama steamed pork looks exactly like the ones that my maternal grandmother used to make.

It looks like a very promising place to eat! :)

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missyblurkit said...

The spinach soup caught my eyes. Just as much as the BBQ pork. Dang...do I XLB tonight or Brother Kuan?

cati said...

i think stp meant the bossie of tong pak fu:/

cati tamiri said...

What kind of foodie would make a sweeping remark like that - head to big for her feet!!! think stp meant the bossie of tong pak.

Anonymous said...

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