Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Coffee Time @ Pastry House KL


I like searching for places to have a cuppa. Although I am not a coffee addict, it does not stop me from enjoying a shot or two of caffeine anytime. I drink coffee for 2 reasons - I like the taste and the other is that it makes me go to the toilet when I have constipation problems. However, the only coffee that ever worked for constipation for me is Nescafe! Haha...

Anyways, my friend found me a place to explore near Imbi where we can have a cuppa while he have a smoke. The PH (Pastry House) is located in a quaint bungalow in Imbi where it's near all the Chocolate Boutiques for tourists. It's located on the same street as Levain if I"m not wrong.


When I walked through that door, I instantly fell in love with the interior. It was simple, spacious and it has a rustic charm to it. I like the clever use of mirrors to give an illusion that this place is bigger than what it seemed to be. We sat outside, near the garden area and I must have thought that I would probably melt out there with such heat. Surprisingly, I didn't melt because it was airy and cool.

  Caffe Latte RM6.90

The coffee selection is quite limited to Espresso, Double Espresso, Americano, Cappucino, Caffe Latte, Mocha and a Caffe Gelato. Prices starts from 5.90++ to RM9.90++. They are using Bristot, which is Italian coffee. There are also other drinks available such as juices, tea, house specialties and beers.

Caffe Gelato RM9.90

Nice to see that they combined a cup of coffee with a scoop of gelato. It's like a version of affogato with cafe latte instead of a shot of espresso.

 Tiramisu RM8.90

My friend suggested that I should give their cakes a try. I don't really like cakes in general but I guess I can give the Tiramisu a try. I hate it when I asked any staff at any outlets to recommend which is their best-seller or what they think is the best, they always tell me "everything is good". Sigh... then why did I bother to even ask?!! Unfortunately the tiramisu did not meet my expectations. It lacked textures from the ladyfingers (italian: savoiardi) and I like a tiramisu with rum. Since this place is halal, there is no rum allowed in the food.

 I love the fact that these tables have hangers for your bags!
That's so thoughtful!

 While this place has really nice ambiance, it lacked a few things. The staff wasn't exactly giving the best service. Since we were sitted outside, it was difficult to get their attention. The cake disappoints and the fresh pastries and bread that was displayed did not tempt me at all. I have to return to try their food as they do serve breakfast, lunch and dinner such as sandwiches, pasta and steaks.

This place made me felt like I'm in Singapore. During my coffee time, 90% of the patrons are actually caucasions and they all sat in the al fresco dining area. Sometimes I think they're crazy to love the sun and heat so much. I would have chosen the air-conditioned area for lunch anytime! Not a perfect place but I don't mind coming here for a cuppa.

PH Pastry House
54 Jalan Utara, Off Jalan Imbi
55100 KL
Tel: +603-21411228
Open Daily 7am-9pm


suituapui said...

Jalan Utara? I thought that's somewhere PJ side? What pastries do they have? I love savoury pies and pastries...

Sean said...

i like the ambiance here too, but i hear they'll be changing their business hours soon, and they might not be open during dinnertime anymore...

Cindy said...

how come I am not aware of this pastry house? I pass Levain every day...OMG i wanted to try the cafe gelato...anyone can confirm its eact landmark??

Sac said...

Aren't Americano suppose to be black?

Vacation Home Rentals said...

Looks like a place full of comfort offering a great variety of coffee specialties and wonderful desserts.

eiling lim said...

STP: Nope this is in KL.

Sean: But service and desserts can be improved.

Cindy: It's somewhere near the chocolate houses.

Sac: Oops sorry for the mistake. It's supposed to be Caffe Latte.

Vacation Home Rentals: Yeap.

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