Saturday, June 23, 2012

A little obsessed with shoes perhaps?

I don't know why women love shoes but I know I am one of them! Long before I could afford better shoes for my discerning feet, I've always been fascinated with heels. I think my first pair of "heels" was a pair of platform shoes (those that are 4 inches in height and looked like an iron) but it was a rave when I was a teenager. It's like an insight to preparing yourself for heels!

 My first pair of expensive heels and then more...

When I first started working, earning a miserable salary doesn't help when you've got so many bills to pay. I can't even think of buying a pair of expensive heels. All I could afford was probably in a range of RM50 a pair. Then, in 2009 that's when I bought my first pair of branded heels. It was a pair of Nine West grey 3&1/2 inch-heel-sandal which I got for a steal at under RM200. After that, it was no looking back.

But I've also been wasting money buying ridiculous shoes like the 4-inch-heeled black pumps from Aldo which had a wooden heel that can probably kill a snatch thief if I were to throw this at him. It's nice to oggle at but it's killing my feet. Actually there are reasons why I splurged so much on pretty shoes.

1. It's a serious MOOD-BOOSTER. You feel good when your feet looks good! Did you know that when the neurotransmitter dopamine is released while trying these pretty shoes, it provides a feel-good high, similar to taking a drug! "The dopamine increases until you swipe your credit card." Tadaa... and for me, I just ignore the guilt that crept in after that. 

2. HEIGHT = POWER "Like most animals, we're wired to associate height with power," says Helen Fisher, PhD, professor of anthropology at Rutgers University. "High heels can literally raise your status because you're taller when you wear them." Hmm... I think it's a half-truth because people are intimidated by people who are taller but that doesn't mean I have better status.  

3. SEXY Why does women look more sexy in stilettos? Don't you feel that feet are always associated with sex and it's more erotic if someone turns up in really sexy stilettoes? Well, when a woman wears high-heels, it lifts her butts and arches her back. That contributes to a sexy poise.

Actually, I do envy people who are not-so-tall (politically correct) because they can wear 4-inch-heels and they don't look like giants. But when I wear a pair of 3-inch-heels, I am very tall and to make matters worse, my girlfriends would not want to stand beside me! And therefore, I have always been buying so many shoes but I rarely wear them. I was clearing my shoe cabinet today and I found that I have some shoes to give away and about 10 pairs to throw due to peeling and spoilt heels.

All these shoes are size 38(EU) or 7(US). Some of them I've worn a few times and some only once and the problem I had with these shoes is that it's a tad too small for my feet. One lesson learnt while buying shoes at cold temperatures - your feet tend to be a little smaller. I plan to give these all away and it ached my heart to part with them. And so if anyone who is interested to have them, you can always let me know and we'll see if we can find the right time to meet so that you can have these. 

See, I'm such a sucker for shoes! And I'm such a spendrift too for buying these shoes and not be able to fully utilise them. I think at this moment, I have 30 pairs? Probably one pair for each day of the month? Hehe... I am still longing for the day I own a pair of Louboutins!




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suituapui said...

Wow!!! Cinderella has so many shoes... No wonder the handsome prince all confused. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Kinda a repetitive topic already. Double yawn.

Simple Person said...

I love nice shoes too.....

Sean said...

wow, you have really stylish shoes. i like the Guess one, it seems bold and eye-catching. (i must admit, i only own three pairs of shoes! and all of them are at least two years old, heh) :D

goingkookies said...

haha.. ur first few pair do look like killer shoes.. and tad too pointy.

but i so get what u mean about shoes affair!!

ulric said... the Guess one...shining heels rules!...hehe =)

Anonymous said...

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