Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Culinary Month @ Club Med Cherating

This is something new to me. I've never visited a resort that offers a culinary experience such as one that was organised by Club Med Cherating when I was at the resort last month. Culinary month in Club Med Cherating is not all about pilling on food. It's about savouring and learning to cook Club Med's signature dishes. During this month, guests staying at the resort would get to taste Club Med's signature culinary specialities and at the same time, they get to learn how to cook from the Club Med expert chefs and also visiting chefs.

Part of the reason why Club Med is my preferred choice of holiday is due to its all-inclusive-package which includes all these delightful cuisines and choices. The dishes served at the Mutiara Restaurant in Club Med Cherating was appetising, appealing and of quality. Some of them looked as if I was dining at a fine-dining restaurant. From Italian to Korean, your choice of food here is endless. Having good food coupled with a good holiday experience is utmost important to me and I'm glad the resort is able to offer that.

 Sushi Making Demonstration & Competition

I was a little excited when I saw the parent/children sushi roll making competition. The kids are so cute and I told Sue Lynn that I would like to borrow one of these kids for the competition! Haha... The chef firstly demonstrate how to roll a sushi and then shortly after that, the children get their hands at work and start rolling their sushi.

After that, it was our turn, the guests without Kids! Haha... I was so excited to make my own sushi roll and I can't wait how it turn out to be. I felt like a kid all over again. Well, it turn out that I was a little greedy and my sushi was a little fat too! Hehe... The whole activity was really enjoyable because after that, you get to eat your own sushi roll.


Chef Alexandre Beaulieu, who runs "We Cater For You" in London is the guest chef at Club Med Cherating for the culinary month. I first met him at this restaurant, La Vie En Rose at Jalan Raja Chulan, KL and this would be my 2nd time meeting him here in CM Cherating. The media had a chance to have an interview with the guest chef and also the Executive Chef of CM Cherating, Chef Ibrahim from Turkey. 

We had a good time asking Chef Alex some questions. I remembered when one of the media asked him to use a word to describe himself, he replied "Mr. Bean". He told us that he has heard guests commenting that he looks like Mr. Bean a few times and he has even been asked if he is him?!!

What Chef Alex loved most about being a chef is that he is able to interact with the customers, and to share the culinary expertise and experience with his clients. He also told us that when he was very young, his grandparents used to own a restaurant until they passed away. His philosophy towards cooking is truly simple. It's all about simple cusines that tastes great using traditional recipes. The 1st dish he has ever cooked was when he was young and he secretly cooked a caramel when his parents were out.

Did you know that the most important utensil to him is the spoon? There's a little pocket on his left sleeve where it's meant for the spoon! It's for trying dishes, of course!

 Chef Alex will be at the restaurant during dinner time to cook.

During the 2 nights there, I was able to try the creations or specialty dishes that was meant for the culinary month.  The 1st night, Chef Alex made a foie gras dish with pears. It's a simple dish but it tasted good as the pears were complimenting the foie gras really well. On my 2nd night, he cooked a dish with snails (escargots) and it was paired with a garlic sauce with chives.


During this month, the guests also get to learn from the guest chef from the cooking demonstrations. On one of the days, Chef Alex demonstrated the right way to do a fruits flambeed using rum. I finally understand how it can be done without burning my kitchen or even my eyebrows. It was a eye-opening experience but it was also informative as we can ask questions on the spot so that we know the right way of doing it. I'm not sure if my mom would approve me of doing this at her kitchen but I guess I could always give it a try whenever she's out of the house. *cheeky mode


I truly enjoyed myself during the Culinary Month at Club Med Cherating. I felt that it was not only a holiday for me, it was also a time where I can learn something and put it into good use. Of course I have to have a picture with the chef! It's good to know that Chef Alex is really humble and friendly, though he's a french! heheh...

It's not just a holiday at Club Med, it's a total experience.

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Huai Bin said...

I love the Club Med experience! My time in CM Phuket was awesome. This looks like a lot of fun too - no shortage of activities there. :)

suituapui said...

Food looks great...and with all the activities in store, I guess there is no need to worry about the extra calories. Lol!!!

KY said...

i need to have my club med experience toooo

Sean said...

i was thinking that chef alex looks reaaaaaally familiar. and then you mentioned la vie en rose, and oooh yaaa, the light switched on in my brain! i think la vie en rose does a great snails dish too :D

Alabama Rental said...

Food looks delightful. You got me inspired and now I am very determined to start attending some culinary courses. I would like it if my meals had that flawless appearance. Excellent work! Admirations!

eiling lim said...

Huai Bin: Yeah and I wished I did the trapeze like you. One of my regrets...

STP: Hehe.. yeap and since you burn so much calories, you can eat more.

KY: Yes you need it!

Sean: Haha... familiar like Mr.Bean? lol

Alabama Rental: Thanks and I hope you enjoy the culinary courses.

Anonymous said...

My friend told me to meet her @ Club Med as there will be a Birthday party host by one of her students i would say up & coming designer . Know what i was naive at first " Club Med " told her i heard of it then i search through internet there it goes i found it hmmmm very interesting i browse through know what i saw the chef Alex he looks familiar ohh he looks like Mr Bean haha
Well well i be there tomorrow night for the Birthday party yeah am going to enjoy c u guys Friday night that will be about 10 hours from now heehee....

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