Thursday, May 31, 2012



Dad called me this afternoon when I was at the airport. "What day is today?"
And I answered, "Er... I dunno".
"What ocassion?" He asked.
And I said, "Huh? No ocassion."
"It's my birthday la!"

Oh shit. I totally forgot. I never forget about daddy's birthday and yet I did today. What a terrible daughter I am. I felt so bad that I need to write a post on this before I go to bed tonight. It's already sad to be celebrating his birthday alone overseas and yet this terrible daughter couldn't remember his birthday!

My dad is super cute. Don't you think he reminds you of the character in Pixar's Up? He looks like Carl Fredricksen and I didn't realise that until my sis's friend did the same thing to the picture and post it up on FB.

Dad used to ask this question - "Do you have a bf?"
And I said, "No."
Then, the next day, he asked me the same question again.
And I answered, "You just asked me yesterday. Even if you ask again today, the answer will still be N.O. NO!" 

After that, he stopped asking. I think he had given up hope on me. Heheh... See, my dad is really cute. I love you Lim Ba Ba and have a great birthday!


suituapui said...

Happy Bithday to your dad and wishing him many more to come. May God bless him abundantly in the year ahead.

No lah! Your dad's so handsome - where got like that cartoon character? LOL!!! (Ummm...any present for me, Eiling's dad?)

suituapui said...

Oops! *Birthday...

Anonymous said...

happy 28th birthday to your dad!

Anonymous said...

*gasp* you are a bad, bad girl! lol.....wellllll, make up for it when you see him next, as he really deserves it for being a great father to the 3 beautiful Lim girls! xoxo shuyi

Sean said...

happy belated birthday to superdad! hopefully you guys will be able to have a nice family dinner to celebrate when he's back :D

missyblurkit said...

Your dad is good looking >.<

Happy burpday to your dad...Hard to forget dad's birthday coz its just a day away from hubby's. Unless I forget these 2 men's birthdays?

Happy travelling girl!

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