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The Olive @ Maxims Genting

Looking for something lavish to pamper yourself and your loved ones? There's plenty of choices at Maxims Genting and one such restaurant would be The Olive. This green facade Fine-Dining restaurant that serves continental cuisine stands out among the rest due to the accolades that they have garnered last year at the MIGF (Malaysia International Gourmet Festival) 2011.

I was mesmerized with their wines that lined the walls from floor to ceiling. It looked so beautiful from the entrance as you can see the lighted shelves changing their colours from blue to green and red. I don't mind having these as walls in my house. I'll love to be surrounded with wines.

There are 2 private rooms available - 1 with enclaved in wine bottles and the other which is bigger and has more seating capacity and is surrounded with colourful bottle of preserved spices. Both rooms have its own cosy and lavish ambiance. The main dining area of the restaurant overlooks the open kitchen where you can catch a glimpse of the chef at work.

This is the man who helms the kitchen at The Olive. Chef Daniel Sheen would be there to ensure that you have the ultimate dining experience with the dishes that he will whip up for you. Born in Australia, Chef Daniel has been working in Asia for more than 5 years and he has brought many creative dishes to The Olive which led to the accolades and awards won at the MIGF 2011.

Their bread basket starts the ball rolling. I've always stressed the importance of having a good bread basket which includes the quality and its variety to start my meal at any fine dining restaurant and I'm glad The Olive did not disappoint. Squid ink breads are not uncommon now but I do like their sun-dried tomatoes bun. It has a very interesting sweet, sour and savoury taste which goes so well with a generous spread of rich and creamy butter.

Amuse Bouche
Rock Melon with air dried cured beef

 Caesar Salad

There's baby romaine heart, foccacia croute, beef proscuitto, parmesan crisp, quail eggs that are halved and topped with anchovies dressing. I love the light salad that is not too creamy but the crisp romaine lettuce pairs very well with the savoury beef proscuitto.

 Portobello Carpaccio

This is one of their signature dishes that has won an award too. The portobello mushroom is sliced razor thin and marinated with truffle oil and garlic, and then topped with shaved pecorino cheese, grissini, and a soft turn of micro salad. When you digged further, you'll discover shavings of tartufo nero or commonly known as black truffle! The secret to this wonderful dish is the balsamic vinegar from Italy that was aged 25 years in a barrel I love the creativity of this dish and the taste itself was surprisingly so good that I wanted to lick the plate clean. It makes my tastebuds go wild! Eee-haw....

Wagyu Sirloin Marble 8

When you felt that you're pushed to the edge from digesting too many entrees, they slapped you with a plate of Wagyu Sirloin which has a marbling grade of 8 and you couldn't resist. I had mine medium rare but I had my hats off for Shah as he had his steak blue! How often do you have friends calling a blue steak? Even Chef Daniel was surprised with his request. The wagyu has a wonderful marbling and it paired very well with the caramelised shallots and it's definitely the chef's recommendation.

 Hot Chocolate Ravioli
Another dish that will send you on an adventurous dining experience is their ravioli that is made from chocolate. In other words, let's have pasta with chocolate as dessert! Served with freshly made pistashio ice-cream, this dish will make you look at pasta in a different light.

 The Durian
The King of fruit dessert is a permanent feature here. In fact, durian desserts are really popular up here and each chef has their way of making anyone who has phobia for durian to try this wonderful fruit. In fact I must say that the durian puree was cooked in a way that it makes the durian more refined, elegant and smooth like ice-cream! Very impressive and worth trying.

We thanked Chef Daniel for the wonderful dining experience!


 Must Eat @ The Olive

The restaurant has a seating capacity of 75 guests while the lounge seats 64. After the meal, all of us adjourned to the lounge, which is part of the restaurant as well that overlooks the frontage of the hotel.

Huai Bin had a cigar and I indulged in wines!

Vivens 2006, 2nd wine of Ch Dufort Vivens

I was given the task to order the last bottle of the wine that we would be drinking that night. The restaurant has a very good list of wines and especially fine wines. Don't be surprised to see the Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1982 or even a bottle of Domaine Romanee Conti costing RM70k in the list! But of course those wines are way out of my range. Even this Vivens 2006 priced at RM400+ is already a luxury to me.

There's a live band and it's really a nice place to relax and have a night cap after a dinner. There's whisky, cocktails and cigars to be enjoyed here right up to 12am except Friday, Sat & eve of Public Holidays where this place opens until 2am.

All the happy faces!
 Photo from Tian Chad. From Left: Me, Huai Bin, Tian Chad, Shah and Ming.

The Olive Restaurant
Lobby Floor, Maxims Genting
+603 6101 1118

Lunch (Sunday Only) 12 noon to 2.30pm
Dinner 6pm to 11pm (last order at 10.30pm)

P/S: Invited review.


Edi神 said...

nice... genting!
I can try tis during sam hui concret!

KY said...

there's enough wine to be perpetually drunk for a lifetime.

Sean said...

this is one of those restaurants that i've meaning to visit for years! but still haven't managed to. looks really good, and the king of fruits dessert sounds like a hit! :D

thenomadGourmand said...

portobello mushrooms looks real good!
And durian desserts, great to know there are creative chefs making use of this LOVELY fruit . hahah yes I'm a durian lover! :P

suituapui said...

Saw Huai Bin's post on this place. Wowwwwwww!!!!! That wine cellar is awesome - for a moment, you probably thought you were in heaven. LOL!!!

missyblurkit said...

love the wall of wine...awesome. i'll like that in my home:D

i've not tasted blue but wouldn't mind trying it soon when one of my blue pals fly in.

Anonymous said...

if your going to go full douche bag this is the way to do it!

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