Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Loco Mexican Restaurant & Bar @ Changkat Bkt Bintang KL

A fairly new addition on Changkat Bukit Bintang that has taken over Social. From the people who owns Magnificent Fish & Chips, Havana & Racks, they are certainly not new to the business on Changkat. Loco is their new venture which serves Mexican cuisine and lots of margaritas!

Bangsarbabe and Mayanne suggested that we give this place a try when we were deciding where to meet up on Sunday. Since I rarely have Mexican, I don't mind agreeing to their choice of venue. Mexican food is a stranger to me.

Besides food, they serve some pretty interesting margaritas. There's so many choices, I bet you'll want to order all of them! They do serve the famous Jose Cuervo tequila shots at RM10++ and not only it's the first tequila producer, it's also the world's best selling brand btw.

Glass RM28 / Jug RM110

Maybe when we think of Mexico, we'll think of margaritas. It may be the home of margaritas afterall! At Loco, they use 1 shot of Jose Cuervo and 1 shot of Cointreau in all the margaritas. The secret lies in their carefully guarded homemade sour mix which gives the margaritas an authentic and unique tastes. From a list of Pomelo, kiwi, passion fruit, honey, mint, rock melon, strawberry & watermelon, I'm really spoilt for choice. In the end, Mayanne chose a honey margarita and I had a passion fruit one.

The margaritas are really refreshing but the passion fruit flavours are way too subtle. I didn't taste much of the alcohol too and remained all sober the whole night. Nice to have it as an evening drink.

As an entree, we had a bowl of Tortilla Chips. It's served with their house salsa. The green salsa had a really spicy taste which gives our tastebuds a kick! We were snacking on this while waiting for Bangsarbabe.

Shortly after that, she arrived in style. We spotted something on her blue vest and it was a shiny badge that screams "skinny bitch". She is really a skinny bitch! No matter how much she eats, she's still that skinny. Makes me want to hate her! Sarcasm aside, she's really a nice babe!

 Me, Bangsarbabe & Mayanne

Since I'm a noob at Mexican food, I'll let these both order the food. All I do was to eat and indulge in the food and drinks!

Quesadillas RM28

A fairly large portion of flour tortilla sandwiched and grilled with cheese, cilantro and avocado. There's also a generous portion of beef and you can dipped it with salsa pico de gallo provided. If you don't fancy beef, there's also an option for chicken and vegetarian. I liked this quesadillas as the tortilla was well-grilled, the meat in it was juicy and it paired very well with the salsa.

Baja Fish Tacos RM30

This is a baked flour tortilla filled with freshly cooked dory fillet, and then garnished with lettuce, jalapenos, salsa pico de gallo, avocado and mayonnaise. The tortilla is very thin and it's soft and thus you won't feel that it's too filling while having the whole taco. The jalapeno in the taco is very little and lucky for me because I can't take food that is too spicy. Quite an interesting dish for me.

 One for the road!

The total bill comes up to about RM 60 per person inclusive of 1 margarita. It's quite affordable and I don't mind coming back again. 

Margarita Madness!!! 
Every Sunday 12pm-5pm
All you can drink Margaritas
All you can eat Food
RM 188++

 Loco Mexican Restaurant & Bar
22 Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-21428260


-V.- said...

Jose Cuervo is not too bad of a tequila, though I prefer Souza :)

I'd recommend Frontera at Jaya One for a more extensive collection of better quality tequilas.


Baby Sumo said...

Only ordered 2 type of food? Hehe.

ulric said...

Rock melon n honey margarita for me :)

Thank god the Baja Fish Tacos is not tat spicy...will give it a try :)

Yea...that skinny gal really can eat lar...salute! =)

Sean said...

the sunday 12-5pm deal sounds quite good actually, especially since it lasts five hours! but i can guarantee i won't be able to drive home after that, after drinking margaritas for five hours! :D

eiling lim said...

V: haha I'm a noob in tequila. I've tried Frontera and they are not bad too!

Baby Sumo: Cos I just had roast beef and yorkshire pudding at Albion before that. hehe

Ulric: Yeap she can really eat!

Sean: I think I can't be able to stand too after a few glasses.

suituapui said...

Ah...livin la vida loca! In BB area eh? Don't have to go too far now.

suituapui said...

* for Mexican, i.e.

missyblurkit said...

love the green salsa too.

Bangsarbabe...that's one girl who seriously eats and I wonder where the food goes!

ChemiKaze said...

Hmmm... This looks more like a Cali-Mex than a Mexican restaurant, not that there is anything wrong with it. Cali-Mex is the Californians take on Mexican food. The original gringo Mexican food that is popular is Tex-Mex. Real Mexican food is a hodge podge of braised cow parts like tongue, head, etc.. They are also very simple and low in cost due the economic status of most Mexicans. Nonetheless, they are muy delicioso

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