Monday, April 23, 2012

Maxims - crème de la crème of Genting Highlands

Ever wonder what's inside under this circular structure on top of this building, right under the gigantic Genting Highlands logo? I've been wondering about this since young and I can't believe that I finally know what it is and the best part is, I've even gone up there to have a look.

This is the picture that answers my curiosity. At 6,118 feet, under this circular structure is the ultimate room in Genting Highlands - the Maxims Royal Suite. The Royal suite comes with a big balcony that overlooks the other hotels and also the highest view of the surroundings of Genting Highlands. The balcony is so big that you can easily throw a BBQ party for 60-80 people here. How cool is that?

When we walked into the Royal Suite, everyone went "ooohh-aahhh" over the size of this place. At 20,000 sqf I'm sure we can play a little game of hide & seek in here. There's a big living room that is separated into 2 sections, high ceilings, big windows with a view and many rooms to explore. If I could still remember, there should be 3 king sized bed rooms and 2 twin rooms that comes with their own washroom with bathtub and shower, TV, working desk and your very own safe box and mini bar. These 5 rooms are just like their Maxims suite but in addition to that, this Royal suite has a Karaoke/AV room, a smoking room and a chef's room for personal chefs.

The sauna, gym and jacuzzi room overlooks The First World Plaza and I really don't mind working out with a view like that! Now, for the million-dollar-question: How much is it to stay in this Royal Suite? For this question, I've received a million-dollar-answer too. "It's not sold to the public". The stay at Maxims Royal Suite is at the discretion of the Casino de Genting where only certain members are allowed to make reservation for the room!

Don't be despair because Maxims has other rooms that we all normal people can afford. Let's start with something luxurious (I might not be able to afford but some will). The Maxims Signature Suite has 2 rooms where one is a king-sized bed and the other room will have a twin bed. According to our guide, usually celebrities will stay in these rooms as there is a small kitchen, dining area and a small living area.

There's a choice between a swanky modern interior or an Arabian themed-suite. All rooms also come with a cosy TV corner. These rooms have their own washrooms with bathtubs and shower. Yours only for RM4,125++ a night (low season).

If you're looking for suite with only a room, then you can book the Maxims Suite. The standard suite comes with a King size bed with soft feather pillows, 42-inch Plasma TV, a mini bar, spacious washroom with bathtub and shower and spacious walk-in wardrobe. Laptop on loan is complimentary upon request.

This room is priced at RM1320++ during the low season. The room is quite spacious and everything is in good condition.

I love the spacious hallways near the lifts where you can also have a sit while waiting for your friends or family members from other rooms. The interior is posh and the yellow lighting gives it a very luxurious feel to the whole hotel.

The most affordable rates were for the Maxims Premier Rooms where Ming and I were staying for the night. Our rooms are around RM550++ for a night. It's much smaller than the suites but it does come equipped with a nice minibar, bathtub and shower together with some premium toiletries.

Most of the time, I would bring my own toiletries even if I'm staying at the hotels where these amenities are provided. I am very fussy about the quality of the soap and shampoo as well as the toothbrush and thus I prefer to use my own. However, I find that there isn't a need to pack all these if you're staying in Maxims. Soaps and shampoo are all from Aigner and I loved the fragrance from the soap. It's quite manly but at the sametime I don't mind using it because it smells really good! The toothbrushes are of good quality and there's even a nail file and razor kit provided.

The rooms come with complimentary breakfast at the Coffee Terrace. Huai Bin and Tian Chad were there even earlier than me (at 7am!!) and there is indeed a variety of food to choose from. There's Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Nyonya, and also western breakfast. This place is spacious and comfortable. I think I easily ate 3 rounds of food over there!

This is the lobby to the Maxims hotel, which is just located beside the Highlands Hotel. The location is really wonderful as the same building houses some of the best restaurants in Genting Highlands which I would be writing about them soon. Casino de Genting is also in the same building and since I was already staying in the same building, why not go in and play a game or two right?

I truly enjoyed my stay at The Maxims Genting thanks to the invitation from Genting and Nuffang. For more info on the rates, you can check it out here and for Maxims Club, you can read about it here.


Sean said...

wah, with room facilities like that, i'd be almost tempted not to venture outside at all (except to eat breakfast, heh)!

Edi神 said...

Genting... SIN!

Deceitful deeds of the educated.

JOM428 untuk 'bersih & adil' bagi GE13/PRU13 !!

Anonymous said...

Anyway shit hotel @ old skool outdated price

Look n feel of a lousy yellow lemon hotel wit such prices wihich wanna match marina bay sands

4get bout goin 2 such lousy hotel wit such price when marina bay sands is close by :x :x :x

Huai Bin said...

I loved the eggs at breakfast, ate a whole bunch of them, can still see the shells. :)

Congrats to the two winners from Casino de Genting. Us! :D

missyblurkit said...

not stayed in Genting for the longest time since its so close to KL. But with those rooms at those rates...its actually a good idea to get holed up in Genting for a change instead of driving home after our yumcha session.

suituapui said...

Nice. Wonder when I'll get to go to Genting again. Last time there was in the early 90s... So different now.

Anonymous said...

Then, you go suck lemon at MBS!

foongpc said...

Oh secret revealed! LOL! I also always wonder what's up there, so thanks to your post, now I know! : )

Anonymous said...

I could go suck lemon anytime at MBS as it is easy 2 get perks plus the food n service way way better 4 the price we pay u better go suck uncle lim lemons instead u freak :x :x :x

Anonymous said...

The chairman suite is Abt sgd17000, go suck lemon in your pompous luxury.

Better a freak than a loud mouth pompous ignoramus.

Taufulou said...

wah lau weih..

look at the room, didnt know there got such exclusive room..wonder when is the last time i smell the air there. . :D said...

Well , thanks for the review , it was very knowledgeable and I know what is beneath the Genting Logo which now I know it's a royal suite. At lest I can tell my friends if they did not read your blog. I will be following your blog from now on and do provide more on orgasms possible. Keep up the good work with the other 3 bloggers who went to Genting.

eiling lim said...

gptan56: Thanks for your kind words!

Anonymous said...

The chairman suite use to be a western restaurant call "The Peak" which serve nice western food at a reasonable price with excellent services. Really missed that place :)

eiling lim said...

Anon: Ooh I didn't know that. Well, it's also nice that if there's a restaurant up there with such a nice view.

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