Monday, April 23, 2012

96 days to go for Olympics!

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 If there's one sporting event that I would watch on Olympics, it would have to be the swimming feat. I love watching the competitive swimming events, diving events and the synchronized swimming. That fascination I have for swimmers have been instilled in me since I was really young. And probably it got stuck to me till I've grown up now due to their well-built-6-packed-bodies?

There's one swimmer whom I've looked out for at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and he's Michael Phelps. I can't help but marvel at his beautifully sculpted tan body. And honestly I hate those full swimming suits that these swimmers have to wear nowadays which claimed to have improved the timings by second or microseconds?!! Gone are the days that you get to ogle at their bodies because all they have on were just swimming shorts. Sigh...

Picture taken from here.

Honestly, not everyone is lucky to be able to catch the Olympic Games live at the stadium as there were so much costs involved! There's air tickets, accomodation, food, and not to forget about transportation and other expenses while in London, where the next Olympics will be held.

If you're a blogger and loves to write, look no further. Here's a chance for you to catch the Olympics in London for free and be a star to be reporting about the games from London itself. As a Samsung Global Blogger, you’ll be mentored by celebrity judges and have the opportunity to file reports from London. You'll have your very own video blog promoted across 19 countries. You'll be sent out and about in the British capital to cover what's going on and give your unique take on the city.

To enter, just send in your 30 second audition saying why you would make a great Samsung Global Blogger for a chance to be in London during the biggest sporting event of the year! 

Tips to nail that video of yours:

  1. Produce a great video with high quality camera
  2. Know your audience
  3. Edit your video for more better impact
  4. Be clear and engage the audience with your story telling

All the tips in detailed explanation can be found here. And you can see some of the videos that the other participants had sent in here too.



suituapui said...

You're joining too? Good luck!I like Greg Louganis... Read his biography. Real sad, his life.

KY said...

where is your video eiling!

Sean said...

i think swimming and badminton will be the ones i'll try to catch! :D

missyblurkit said...

i have yet to edit my video! at this rate i am going i reckon i might not even get it ready when the dateline arrives:D

Cleaning Services said...

Looking forward to the Olympics as well! Especially the hurdling and the swimming! Oh yeah, and the javelin throw.

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