Friday, April 13, 2012


What does this picture remind you of? Well, it reminds me of the olden days where my mom would make a trip to the sundry shop to order a new cooking gas cylinder. Then the sundry shop tauke would send his staff to send over the gas. Sometimes he would come in a bicycle and sometimes he comes with a motorcycle. Nowadays, I've seen them coming in cars and also vans.

As technology catches up, many has turned to using electric cooker than using cooking gas. They might think it's a hassle to order and change gas cylinders or it's just a move towards being technology savvy. Although I now have an electrical cooker at home which I have been using for years, I do have a gas stove too. It's been really useful to have the gas cooker because sometimes there's power cuts and that's when the gas cooker comes in handy!

If convenience is your concern, I have the answer for you. Just remember to dial 1300-888-GAS (427) and the rest is taken care of. This is the Gas Petronas delivery number which they have just launched.

3 Reasons why Petronas is more than just Gas delivery:
  1. Earn Mesra Points and then redeem for fuel at the Petronas stations and Kedai Mesra.
  2. Safety checks will be conducted upon delivery.
  3. Trained personnel is sent to ensure that the gas cylinders are installed properly.

Watch this video. It makes ordering gas looks so cool!

Need cooking gas?

Call 1300888GAS(427) to order Gas PETRONAS

For more info, visit


suituapui said...

Yup! Saw the add on tv. I wonder if that number is applicable in Sibu as well or not. We usually contact our own supplier.

Sean said...

looks like a great convenience! though thankfully, i won't need it, cos i don't cook at home or own any gas cylinders! :D

Anonymous said...

Dont' be deceived!!!! Very inconvenient!! Each time you have to wait for the operator to take down your details and wait minutes for them to send to the dealer!!! Wait for more than an hour is a must!!
I called a local sundry shop!! conversation 30secs delivered in 30minutes!!!
That says all!!! Go Petronas Service!!!

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