Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I broke my phone!

Over the weekend, an unfortunate incident happened. I shattered the screen of my Samsung Galaxy S1 at the cemetery during the time when I was about to get into the car. I think things happened for a reason because on the way to Nirvana, the car in front of me went over a pebble and the pebble (as big as 20cents) hit my windscreen and there was a loud knock. However, it didn't damage my windscreen which I felt really blessed and lucky.

But manatau, I ended up shattering the screen of my phone when I accidentally dropped it with the protective cover open. And when back luck strikes, it never stopped. The phone dropped face down on the tarmac road and thus the beautiful shatter you see in the picture. I think my grandparents are angry at me for not getting them the NEW Hellpad. Sigh... Why?!! Why?!! Why?!! Or is my grandfather angry at me for forgetting to bring his Guinness Stout?!! We didn't bring any real ones, but we did burn a few for him.

I tweeted about my misfortune and most of the answers I get were "Congratulations. It's time to buy a new phone!" KNS... I knew this incident is going to make the biggest dent to my bank account and true enough. I asked how much to fix it and it's RM550 to replace the screen all because it's an Amoled screen! Double KNS.

But you know what?!! I'll be out scouting for a new phone this week. I'm going to share the good news for all gadget freaks and technology savy people like me! There's a fair in town and it's so awesome because it's a "I Love Tablet" Fair 2012 brought to you by Celcom.

Venue: Concourse, Low Yat Plaza, KL

Date : 26 March - 1 April 2012

Time : 10.00am – 10.00pm

Don't miss out on this great deal. Get ready for the unbeatable offers on the latest Tablets & Phones, special rebates and lucky draw. There's just so much to see and with all these great deals, you won't be able to resist them. These are some of the great offers:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

More Samsung Galaxy Tabs on offer!

If you're not interested on tablets, there's a wide range of smartphones on offer too. Check these great offers out as well!

iPhone 4S, Blackberry and also Sony Xperia S!

Celcom will also be introducing their HD Voice service for the 1st time at the fair!

  • Just sign up to purchase the Sony Xperia S from as low as RM1,218
  • And you’ll be able to get a 2nd HD Voice-enabled smartphone (choose from the Nokia N9, Sony Xperia PLAY, or Blackberry Torch 9810), at 50% OFF the RRP!
  • With 2 HD Voice smartphones, you’ll experience the best voice quality you’ve ever had, on the best network ever!

This is not it. There's more to the I Love Tablet Fair 2012. At any time of the day (randomly), Celcom will announce a super-special-surprise deals on some of the most wanted handphones and tablets. All you need to do is, be there at anytime of the day from Mon to Sun and pay attention to the announcements! We won't be telling you what the deals are and you'll have to be there not to miss out.

Maybe I'll go and check out this LG Prada!

  1. On Saturday 31/3/12, Celcom will have HOURLY LUCKY DRAW at Tablet Fair
  2. Every hour (from 12:30pm – 9:30pm), 1 winner will be drawn to enjoy SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 7 PLUS @ ONLY RM397 + FREE 1 MONTH Celcom Broadband Advance worth RM98
  3. To qualify, customers just need to sign up for any Celcom plans on the day at Tablet Fair!
  4. T&C apply (*Purchase of device without plan subscription not qualified)


Anonymous said...

Ur Father bought u that phone,, 5 figure bonus and a Rich bf which u can bat ur eye at to get one, still wan to komplain?

Huai Bin said...

Ooh the Xperia S for RM 999 onwards. It sounds like quite the bargain. I've been eyeing that phone for quite a bit. Nice dual core 1.5 Ghz with graphics unit and a 12MP cam.

Just the thing I need to replace a digicam for everyday use. :D

eiling lim said...

Anon: Haha... yes that's my birthday present from my dad, I've spent all my bonus on my house and I don't have a bf. So why can't I complain?

Huai Bin: Yeap you should go and have a look. Maybe during the special hours, they will reduce the price some more.

Sean said...

oh, i cracked my phone screen last month too (dropped it too). it's actually even more cracked than yours, but luckily, it's still usable. it'd cost RM250 to replace the screen, so i'm just gonna wait for several more months and change the phone later this year :D

CUMI & CIKI said...

you make me wanna go shopping!!

Anonymous said...

lost something small and saved something big. there could be some serious incident ahead waiting for you, but this phone saved you.

Anonymous said...

U broke up with the bf so fast ? Shocking news!

suituapui said...

Ya...go and get a new one, no worries!

suituapui said...

Have a peep at Huai Bin's iPad screen... But at least, it still works ok. LOL!!!

missyblurkit said...

better to buy a new one then. the repair is about 25% the price of a new phone per se.

Huai Bin's iPad is certainly bearing some interesting battle scars. but yours is more shattered than his.

Bryan Barnes said...

It’s rather unfortunate that your old one couldn't be repaired, and that you had to get a new one. It’s just that I’ve seen phone screens that are way worst cracked and chipped that yours, and yet the repair still managed to replace it. But then again, if the parts needed and labor required will cost you more than half the cost of a new phone, then it really was best to just get a new one. Anyway, it’s just about time you move on to tablets, or tablet phones for that matter, as they can be quite convenient. I hope that one lasts for years to come!

Bryan Barnes @ Cell Phone Repair, IN

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