Friday, March 23, 2012

Dine under the stars at Tanzini Upper Deck

We're too early for Tanzini but do not fret, there's always The View at 29th floor to hang out until Tanzini opens its doors at 6.30pm. The View at G Tower is a rooftop bar with an alfresco concept and it's such a relaxing moment to be having a drink here in the evening before adjourning to dinner.

The Happy Hour Promotion is serving an Italian house wine at RM29 for 2 glasses. The timing is just right. After the 2 glasses, it's 7pm and time for dinner at Tanzini Upper Deck which is just next to The View. But if you come from 28th floor, where Tanzini is located, you'll be ushered to the stairs that takes you to the Upper Deck.

Dining Under the Stars

Tanzini Upper Deck is a contemporary fine dining restaurant which only opens for dinner and private functions serving 4-6 courses of degustation menu whereas Tanzini is a casual dining with an ala carte menu. Both of these restaurants are inspired by the fresh food movement where freshness and quality is their most important mantra.

Pictures from KY

There's a also a cigar room where one can indulge in some cigars before or after meal. If you like the open air, there's a small balcony for your convenience too. KY and Haze was there and I asked Hue Gee to come along for the dinner.

Shortly after we have sat down, our champagne glasses are filled. The wines list has been prepared by the sommelier, Mr. Eddy Lau but unfortunately he was not there that night. We had something equivalent to Cristal's brother - the Louis Roederer Brut. Haha... Although it's a non-vintage champagne, the Brut Premier is still one of my favourite bubbly with its full texture, fruity aromas and refreshing notes. It's not too yeasty and thus makes an elegant bubbly for an aperitif.

We were really excited when the amuse bouche were brought to the table. It looked like lollipops in the pots. But in fact, these are actually scallops which are grilled and caramelised. I love the creativity of this simple yet seducing taste with its sweetness intermingled with savoury notes. It reminds me of grilled cuttlefish.

The 1st Appetiser, Halibut-Salmon "Mokume Gane". The orange strips on the halibut is made from salmon - how interesting! It's served with house pickled ginger, Candied Hojiso, horseradish and lemongrass calamansi granita in a small shot glass. I love how the citrusy granita gives the whole dish a lift in taste.

This is the BLT Soup. It made from Veloute de tomates (cream of tomatoes), bacon marmalade, 30" lettuce M-Sponge and Tempura Soft Shell Crab. All the names sound too confusing for me but the dish is really simple. The sponge and the soft shell crab absorbs the tomato soup really well and the acidity of the tomatoes is just right. Thus this maketh a good appetiser!

We also managed to sample the Smoked Tea Oyster. The soup base is made of a consomme of oyster, Fenugreek, and there's Smoked Trout Roe and Osyter Kara-age on a stick with Gingko nuts at the bottom of the soup. I somehow disliked the gingko because it gives the dish a bitter ending. Next time, I'll ditch the gingko and have the rest. The OX Tongue Yakitori proved to be a favourite. It's ox tongue sliced thinly and infused with miso ginger and paired with a Yuzu dressing, asparagus kimchi and fried bernaise. It's tender and has very robust flavours. Should be eaten while it's still warm.

I love the next dish - House cured Muscovy Duck. The cured duck goes so well with the plum sauce and melon galia which is spanish melon that is sliced so thinly. Perhaps the most interesting ingredient in this dish was the Pop Rocks. It reminds me of the Pop rocks that I used to enjoy when I was a kid. The candy pops in the mouth when it's in contact with liquid. Yummy!

KY had the "Redefined Aussie Pie" which looked so good!
But none of us know how to eat it because it's simply too beautiful to dig in.

Deconstructed English Man's Treat

Served on a newspaper (laminated), it's recreating the traditional English Fish and Chips. This is actually a fillet of Marbled Goby Fish with Carbonized Batter that is fried until it's crispy. It felt like I'm eating the left over crisps of the fried chicken! Served together are the glazed savoy cabbage, texturized garlic oil and a 62 degrees celsius Organic egg yolk. This is a very complicated dish but I like the contrasting textures and the egg yolk certainly is a unique addition.

The last main that we had was the "Uncle Sam" Braised Wagyu Beef Cheeks in Rye Flavours. I personally don't really like braised beef because I like them to be pan seared to a medium rare. I want to taste the natural meat flavours and it's juicy texture. This beef cheeks is slowly braised in rye stock and served with grilled king trumpets mushrooms, dark chocolate crouton and vegetable. The taste is rich and robust but it failed to mesmerize me.

Chef Eugene also spared some time from the kitchen to explain every dish to us. He has been very kind to have spent some time answering our questions on food and also to make sure that we have an enjoyable night. Service was good and the ambiance was really nice too.

The dinner would not be complete without a sweet ending. The dessert that we were having that night is called "Flamed Popcorn Gelato". It has a very nice buleed banana, black Elderberry glazed Fuji apples and a salted Caramel Toast. Some Grand Marnier was poured onto the glazed apples but somehow the spirit makes the dessert a little too bitter. There was not enough sweet elements in the dessert to mask the bitter Marnier. Having said that, I still enjoyed the brulee Banana. It was truly delicious.

Tanzini Upper Deck offers 3 sets of courses. A 4 course dinner is at RM 155, a 5 course dinner is at RM185 and a 6 course dinner is at RM215. Prices are before taxes and service charge. I would like to thank the hosts for such a stellar dining experience and also their hospitality. I'm sure Tanzini Upper Deck would have created a niche for itself as the menu is not too pricey and you get really quality ingredients as well as amazing food presentation.

Level 28, G Tower
Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2168 1899


missyblurkit said...

i wonder if the bitter ending from the gingko was caused by them not removing the "heart' in the gingko itself?

Sean said...

ooo, muscovy duck! that's something i try to order whenever i see it on a menu. i think it's available at la vie en rose, but i'm not sure where else in kl :D

eiling lim said...

Missyblurkit: They removed the heart but somehow the taste is still bitterish.

Sean: Yeap it's truly wonderful. You can try it here!

suituapui said...

Eeeee...I dunno what happened but suddenly I've developed a fear of heights!!! Even walking along that link bridge (1st Floor) from Mid Valley to Gardens, I had cold feet... Die lor!!! Old age!

suituapui said...

Is that KY's bride to be...or have they tied the knot? She's very pretty...

Huai Bin said...

Everything looks so good! I like how they use aesthetics combined with good ingredients and creative serving techniques like the newspaper.

Man, it looks like an awesome place for dinner. :)

Edi神 said...

good food...

can eat with curry ?

Cindy said...

i wish to try the lollipop scallop!!

KY said...

easily the most beautiful dinner i've ever had, of course, partly thanks to the 3 ladies in attendance kan? :D

eiling lim said...

STP: really? The mid valley bridge is only 2-3 storeys high. Lol.. Yeap that's KY's bride!

Huai Bin: Haha.. this will be the place where you'll spoil yourself and maybe your date. Wishing you luck!

Edi: Eat with curry? Which dish?

Cindy: That one is really awesome!

KY: Of course. Tenkiu tenkiu/

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