Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Affordable Thai at I'm Spicy @ Jln 17/45, PJ

I'm Spicy is quite a catchy name for a Thai eatery. This place serves Thai street food as their signboard says but of course they do serve dishes like steamed fish and curry. Tucked in a quiet corner of a row of shophouses at Seksyen 17 PJ, it's actually located on the same row as Kanna Curry House which is just behind Lisa De Inn at the Rothman Roundabout (technically, it's no longer a roundabout because it has turned into a traffic light juntion). Opened for nearly 9 months, I can't believe I have not realised its existence even when I went to Kanna to have my banana leave rice!

This place gives me a very pleasant and carefree feeling due to the space and bareness of the restaurant. I don't have to dress up to dine here and it's cosy enough for me to feel comfortable. It's air conditioned for diners' comfort due to the spicy nature of the food that might cause uncontrollable perspiration.

I'm Spicy House Drink - RM6/glass RM15/jug
An aperitif to the dinner. It has pandan, lemongrass and mint leaves blended together with ice!

Pomelo Salad (Yam Soh Oh) RM25

This salad consists of fresh pomelo, thin julienne of carrots, green apples, cucumbers, served with fried squids and slices of lotus root and then tossed with a chilli paste with crushed peanuts. While I really love the fact that the pomelo is sweet and not sour, the chilli paste/sauce tends to be too little and thus not all the salad will be tossed evenly with the sauce. It's indeed a very refreshing appetiser. However, the plate is too small for a "lou sang" action!

After some refreshing aperitif, it's time for some fine scotch whisky, which is afterall the "water of life" and a good digestive. We are trying a new bottle during this dinner and it's no less a Glenlivet 21 years old. Although I haven't drank much of Glenlivet, this bottle is indeed a pleasurable one. It has a nice amber colour with a nose of oak, wood and fruity notes. It's a full-bodied whisky with spicy tones, nuts and chocolate. It's quite complex but not too overpowering. Perfect for an evening drink.

Tom Yam Prawn/Seafood (RM18 for small and RM30 for big)

For the Tom Yam, there is also a choice of clear or thick soup. You can also choose if you want seafood or chicken. We had both that night, 1 pot of chicken and the other a seafood tom yam. At the same time, you can also request for the level of spiciness depending on your preference or if you want to take up a spicy challenge.

Steamed Tilapia with Lime & Garlic Sauce RM45

Green Curry RM18 (2pax) & RM24 (4pax)

For the same price, you can choose if you want a green or red curry version with pork or chicken. This dish comes with a generous portion of meat and mushrooms and it's flavourful and not too spicy since we asked for a spiciness rating of 2.

Red Sauce Chicken Wings RM18

These chicken wings are marinated in their own recipe of herbs and spices and then deep fried. The fried chicken was not too oily and the taste of herbs and spices isn't too overpowering as well.

Stir Fried Thai Basil Pork RM18

I would have like this if it's a bit more spicy. While the minced pork is very nice with the fragrant basil leaves, it's a bit too sweet for my liking. Next time, I will increase the spiciness rating for this dish!

Grilled Pork Skewers (Mu Bhlng) RM18

Since they called themselves Thai street food, they bound to have some of the street dishes in their menu. This is the Thai version of satay. It's lean pork that is marinated with galangal, lemongrass and garlic and then chargrilled. It's served with a Thai sauce called Nahm Jim Jeaw which is a type of spicy dipping sauce. For those who doesn't like fatty pork, this would be perfect. Try to eat it while it's still warm.

Deep Fried Chicken Skin RM12

If there's one dish that you have to order here, I'll love to recommend the deep fried chicken skin. I know it sounds like having a cardiac arrest by ordering something so high in cholesterol and unhealthy but it's worth gaining some for this dish. It's so crispy, you'll forget you're snacking on chicken skin. It beats Lays potato chips anytime and it makes a good snack to go with the Singha or the whisky!

Red Ruby RM7

After almost a dozen dishes, we came to the end of the dinner - the eating but not the drinking! It was time for dessert and how could I not order a serving of my favourite Tub Tim Krob (Red Ruby). It's actually diced water chestnuts dipped into tapioca flour and served with a sweet coconut syrup and some jackfruit slices. This one here does it differently. They added some yam cubes and corn which gives it a crunchy texture. Interesting and worth trying too.

After the dessert, some of my friends went and play chess at one corner which they do provide and then the rest of us continued drinking and smoke some Partagas outside the restaurant. It's a nice place to hang out for dinner as they are ample parking space at night and it's cooling too. If you wish to bring your own bottle, it's RM15 corkage but they don't have proper whisky glasses. I think it makes a great place to dine if you want a good and affordable Thai dining.

I'm Spicy
1A, Jalan 17/45,
46400 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603-79542281


KY said...

need to try this real soon!

missyblurkit said...

oh yumms. grilled pork:D must must go try quite soon.

Sean said...

wow, whiskey with thai food! that's an interesting combo. i kinda find most wine too timid for thai food, so maybe whiskey works better :D

Mun Mun said...

Nice whiskey for the night. The food looks really tempting. I really like the green curry. Would like to try this place some day.

eiling lim said...

Ky: Yes you must!

Missyblurkit: yeah go and try!

Sean: Yeah it works pretty well as it doesn't overpower or underperform with thai food. hehe

Mun Mun: sure I'll take you there!

suituapui said...

Food looks absolutely great but so it's so very expensive. The pomelo salad at Payung here is less than RM10, RM8 only, I think...

suituapui said...

The green curry certainly looks yummy... Last time I had it at Payung here, it wasn't green...or maybe it wasn't bright enough to tell. Tasted good though.

Simple Person said...

i used to go to section 17 for chee cheong fun .. n never notice of this shop....
next time must look for it..

foongpc said...

Thanks for sharing this. I don't even know this restaurant exists! Haha! And I love Thai food! Yum!

eiling lim said...

STP: yeah probably it sounds quite expensive in smaller towns but here in PJ, I think it's considered as affordable. Everything in KL or PJ is more expensive than anywhere. hehe

Simple Person: Ooh.. then next time, you have to drop by to try this.

Foongpc: Haha.. now you know.

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