Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Water Dragon Year

It's been a year of ups and downs and finally the Rabbit hops off and here come the Water Dragon. I hope it'll be a wonderful year and not to mention the 3 vital things which are truly important in chinese culture - health, wealth and success. Therefore, to start the year with a bang, I've bought myself some lottery tickets, hoping to strike a pot of gold someday this year. LOL... (so far, I haven't even strike a dime but I will not give up!)

Dad was home for CNY from Qatar and we all missed him so dearly. It's a tradition at home that we had to serve him and mommy tea in order to get the ang pows. At the same time, we have to recite some meaningful Chinese New Year greetings and it's really a challenge. So sometimes, we ended up with crap messages like may the share market be bullish and may mommy never scold us so much this year. Heheh...

It's also a time of togetherness. We went to Pavilion KL on the 1st day of CNY because Dad has a biz appointment in the city. At the same time I went to the YTL Open House at JW Marriott and Dad's friend gave me the biggest ang pow ever - RM50. How often do you get so much from a stranger?

It's really disappointing to see the value of ang pows nowadays. 20 years ago, I get RM10 from relatives and then 20 years later, I am still getting the same amount. What happened to the cost of inflation? Even friends gave me RM10 nowadays which is a big increase from RM2 and RM5 you get from strangers a decade ago. And I can predict that the ang pow will be capped at RM10 for a long long time.

In financial point of view, house visiting for singles is a nett loss activity. You bring a gift that costs more than RM30 and you get a RM10 ang pow in return. Where's the ROI?!! The only way to get your ROI is to eat all the cookies and drink all the beer! I'm kidding. Afterall, CNY is all about giving and celebrating. Thus the ROI is not applicable. But you can always gamble and make back the money!

It's also a time to meet your childhood friends! I've been back in Ipoh for a few days and I managed to visit my dearest friend Jasmin whom I know since we were in MGS and then David who came to the restaurant on surprise and poked my shoulder. It's so good to meet up at least once a year to know that you've not been forgotten! Lol..

It's also the time of the year to put on some kilos! Gosh, I've been eating non stop from the 1st day of CNY to this day. There's so much to eat and I think I easily finish the whole tin of Kuih Kapit at my relatives' house. I think the amount of 100Plus I drank for these few days is more than what I drank in a year! Before we make our way back to KL, we had to stop by at Funny Mountain to taste the best Tau Fu Fa in the world! It's so yummy!!!

And that includes waking up at 8am to go to your parents' friend's house to see 3 dragons and 8 lions danced around the house.

The Lim family wishes you a very Happy Dragon Year!


Sean said...

Heheh, if you strike a huge lottery win, please consider passing a small portion of it to your loyal blog fans, ya (5 percent cukup) :D

Huai Bin said...

Love your post! :)

That's the CNY spirit. Just being together, as a family. :D

missyblurkit said...

rm50 for an angpow from a stranger is WOW! good luck with the lotteries...I should give it a try for teh heck of it. been ages since i bought any lottery or gave anyone a lottery ticket.

gong hei fatt choy!

suituapui said...

Wishing you and your family all three - health, wealth and success.

Mun Mun said...

Well in terms of your lottery luck, I am sure this year would be yours. Be patient eh.. Looks like you had loads of fun n plenty to eat.

Good to see the big happy family!

Catch up soon?!

eiling lim said...

Sean: Haha... ok i shall consider that.

Huai Bin: Thanks!

Missyblurkit: Thanks. Yeah it's like buying a hope.

STP: Thanks and same to you!

Mun Mun: Yes, catch up soon!

Anonymous said...

Ziling - David was not there by surprise ok. David was there to pick me up la!

Edi神 said...

happy chinese new year

indeed an eye opener!

7billion funds from EMPEROR OF CHINA

mr. trillionaire?

sylvia said...

Wish you and your family members a healthy and wealthy Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Gong Xi

Sam Rentals said...

Great pictures. You have got really lovely family!

Anonymous said...

How come ziling always stand on the outside?

Anonymous said...

gong hei fatt choy! nice family picture and i can imagine how much you miss your dad! cant believe he's still overseas for work nowadays! hope you have been well, take care! shuyi

eiling lim said...

Ziling: whatever la,

Sylvia: Thanks and same to you!

Sam Rentals: Thanks.

Anon: Dunno why. It was a coincidence?

Shuyi: hey babe! Gong Hei Fatt Choy to you too. Yeah we all missed him since he only come back twice a year.

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