Saturday, January 21, 2012

Run, Eiling! Run!

Those are the lines I've heard for the past 2 morning runs I had while in Rome.

"You can do it!"
"Run, Eiling, run!!!"

It's no easy feat when running in the cold. It's my 1st ever morning jog in the cold where the temperature falls below 7 degrees celcius. I'm used to hot and humid weather where one starts sweating before the run but here in Rome, I only sweat after the run and my hands were freezing!

On the 1st morning run, we made it to the Colosseum. I only managed to catch a glimpse which is less than a minute and then we ran back to the hotel. From the hotel to the Colosseum and back, it took us almost 30 minutes for a 4.24km distance. I made it!

On our 2nd run, my colleague had a brilliant idea. He suggested that we should run to another country. What?!! It's just a short distance to the Vatican City (which is in fact a sovereign city state) and we just ran all the way until we reach the St Peter's Square.

We passed so many beautiful sights and buildings along the way. Too bad as I have no opportunity to stop and admire them (or rest) as my colleagues are really crazy runners. They can run so fast and full of stamina. I'm at least 1-2 minutes behind them every time!

But in the end, I still made it! It's 4.02km from our hotel to the Vatican City and back. After that, I had a quick shower and head out for our meeting at 8.30am. I must say that I really enjoy having a morning jog in the cold and in a new country. It just make the whole experience a whole lot better. And after the morning workout, it kept me warm throughout the day in Rome. So bring your jogging shoes the next time you're away and you'll be surprised how wonderful a morning jog could be!


Sean said...

heheh, if the pope had been awake and looking at st peter's square that morning, maybe he'd have been amused to see you guys jogging so early in the morning! but it sounds like a really cool, really unique & really fun experience :D

Mun Mun said...

WoW!! Never done a morning run during winter days. Must be fun and freezing at the same time.

Could tell you had fun!! Shall take ya advice and give a try to run during winter.

Well done, Eiling!

eiling lim said...

Sean: Haha and then he'll make his way down to the square and greet me? hehe

Mun Mun: thanks and yes, you'll have to run!

suituapui said...

Wow! Hunky running mates you've got there. Lucky guys - got hot babe to keep them warm...Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

eiling lim said...

STP: they are really hard to catch up ok!!

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