Thursday, January 19, 2012

Have you sent out your CNY greeting?

I think in years to come, the act of sending out Chinese New Year cards during this festive period will be extinct. Just ask ourselves, how many greeting cards have you bought last year and how many have you actually personally sent? Well, I can honestly tell you that I've sent 4 Xmas cards (real cards) and 3 postcards in 2011.

These are the CNY cards I received from my high school friends when I was in college. Looking back, I have accumulated a drawer filled with hand-written cards and sometimes I would just sit back and run through all of them again. I miss you guys and your cards.

The internet, e-greetings and whatsapp have taken over the sending out of CNY cards due to 3 reasons - cost, time and hassle-free. Gone are the days when one anticipates for the cards to be hand delivered by postmen, collecting the stamps from the used envelopes and hanging the CNY cards received in the house as part of the decor. Gone are the days...

This year, I made a cute e-greeting and I sent it out using my Facebook which makes everything so much easier. Yes, I'm truly guilty for not buying any CNY cards and personally posting them. Maybank added a very cute CNY app in its Facebook page to allow users to create an e-greeting with lion movements and music that you can customise, check your Zodiac mash-up and then entertain your guests with some CNY facts that they might not know.

I love hand-written cards but technology makes life a breeze and this is what I did and sent out a while ago. The best thing is, Maybank is selecting one daily favourite to win the RM250 Ang Pow and the 3 best lion dances created stand to win a real lion dance performance to be sent to the winners house. Contest ends 31st Jan 2012 so don't wait till it's too late!

I also played with the zodiac mash-up and I happened to be an Aquarat! Lol... that's pretty interesting.

And after that, you can scroll through the CNY facts that you would want to know. They have quite a number of topics and you can wow someone with that.

It's a pretty good app to send out greetings, win prizes and do some fact-finding. Try to use it to send out your CNY e-greetings and I'm sure your friends will like it. Log on to Maybank CNY FB app here.

Kiasu mode ON. It's CNY, who doesn't want free money and lion dance?


Sean said...

heh, i'm an AquaRabbit! :D
gosh, ya, the only physical CNY cards i get now are from my insurance agent =)

suituapui said...

I didn't send out any... Lazy. LOL!!!

Jasmin said...

One is from me! I rmb we used to send each other lots of cards, letters and postcards. Yeah, I no longer send out cards, lazy as I age. I still keep the cards and letters you gave me in a box.

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