Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Long Weekend

Hey, it's a long weekend with the Labour's Day falling on Sunday. So what are you guys up to? Too bad labourers like us have to look forward to a public holiday...

I had my 3 days all planned out and it's pretty tiring. I just came back from Bangkok on a day trip and the day started with me going to the airport at 7am and ended with the plane delayed for 40 minutes. I took a cab home and got stuck in a stagnant traffic and it made me late for my dinner plans with my buddies.

Went to Malone's in KLCC to meet up with 2 buddies which one of them is affectionately known as Gayvid because David sounds too uninteresting for a buddy like him. Known him for 11 years since high school days and we were lamenting how old we have grown! It's really difficult to keep in touch with high school friends as all of them are scattered around the world! I had 3 pints of Guinness there - actually I had less than 5 Guinness in my life!

And as the night went by, I had another Mojito, a Singleton on the rocks and some black bitter shite.. oops I mean shot. After that, I knew it was time to go as I was slurring...

Couldn't really wake up early this morning but I managed to pull myself out of bed by 10am to head for my appointment with the hairstylist at 11am. I need a hair cut badly as you can see that my hair is getting too long and it's out of shape.

And yay, after a few hours later I had a nice hair trim and a nice dye. The colour was brownish and subtle. Just the way I like it. But the best part of going to a saloon is that they can blow dry your hair so perfectly that it's mission impossible for me to do it myself at home. I wished I have a sister whom is a hairstylist! All for only RM160+ including a hair colour treatment. Money well spent.

Then, in the evening I went shopping with mom. I was also checking out the new Crocs Tone which has just launced its new collection. Then, I went to Warehouse and check out the sales! Since I'm a member, I get an extra 10% off on top of the discount given.

These are the 3 dresses that I like. I've never had a leopard print dress but Mom says I can't wear that to work so don't waste the money. I think I'll get the blue long sleeved dress. It'll look good with some accessories. What do you think?

Anyways, have a great weekend. I'must run tomorrow... (just to make sure I did something healthy during the holidays)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Rolland Collection Wine Dinner @ The Pressroom Bangsar

The dinner invitation came very timely which is just right after I got my medical report and a liver passing with flying colours. Ok, to be making sure that I am keeping my liver well and strong, I'll better consume good wines and eat good food. It's time to roll, babeh with the Rolland Collection!

The dinner is hosted by Sunrise Wines & Spirits and it was held at The Pressroom in Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC). The last time I was at this restaurant were some moons ago and I've not dine here for quite sometime. It's a good reason to come back and try their dinner menu.

Danny Rolland and Michel Rolland

Dany Rolland was in town to lend grace to the dinner. She is a renowned oenologist and a right hand person to her husband, Michel Rolland whom is a famous wine maker and consultant. Together, they formed the Rolland Collection, a range of Bordeaux wines with 5 appellations from the right bank, where the Rolland family originated in Pomerol.

There were particularly 2 wines that I was looking forward to try that night. A quick scan at the menu and wine pairing, I knew these 2 wines would be the highlights of the night.

Ch. La Grande Clotte 2007, Bordeaux Blanc

This white Bordeaux from the vineyard of Lussac terroir consists of a blend of 60% Sauvignon Blanc et gris, 25% Semillion and 15% Muscadelle. The fermentation is done 100% in new french oak barrels. The 2006 vintage was rated 90points by Robert Parker Wine Advocate and I was wondering how the 2007 vintage would be doing. Dany told me that she would rate the 2007 vintage a notch better than the 2006. The 2007 is fresh, flowery with citrusy notes and minerals. It's acidity is refined with a persistent finish and it would be drinking well now or probably in another 1-2 years.

Ch. Le Bon Pasteur 2006 Pomerol

The wines from Chateau Le Bon Pasteur in Pomerol are from vines that are more than 30 years old. The grapes are harvested manually at full ripeness and are sorted before and after destemming. Then the grapes are fermented separately in small tanks and aged 15-18 months in new french oaks. Rated at 90 points by Wine Spectator, this wine is also worth noticing as it has very soft tanins, aroma of plums and blackberries and it's full-bodied. You will also find it having hints of vanilla, chocolate and coffee undertones.

What was equally important to a wine dinner is of course the pairing of food with the wines. In my opinion, the food does affect the palate of the wines and thus a lot of effort and careful planning must be put into the menu.

Tian of Crabcake
With Avocado & Tomatoes dressed in Cilantro Oil

Paired with a glass of Ch. La Grande Clotte 2007 Blanc, this crabcake compliments the wine very well by bringing out the freshness of the white. The crabcake itself is moist and crispy on the outside.

Roast Duck Spring Roll
with Jackfruit Salsa, Hoisin & Lemon Dip

Paired with the Spanish Campo Alegre 2007 from Toro. This wine is the 2nd wine of Campo Eliseo, made from 100% of Tinta de Toro which is a Spanish classic variant of Tempranillo grapes. They are then aged 12 months in French oak barrels. This is a wine with lots of blackcurrants, spices, peppery and also oaky. When I look at the menu, I already can expect that this pairing is going to be very tricky. The Spring roll was too hard and the jackfruit salsa was sweet and sourly. Overall, the taste did not really jive with the wine. It's an interesting dish but too bad the jackfruit didn't compliment the wine well.

Foie Gras Ravioli
And Beef Consomme with Truffle Foam

Paired with a glass of Ch Le Bon Pasteur 2006 from Pomerol. This is the iconic wine of the Rolland Collection with a blend of 80% Merlot and 20% Carbernet Franc. The foie gras ravioli is complimenting the wine very well with its robust flavours but the dish came in a little cold. The beef consomme which is slowly simmered with mushrooms and beef bones were very tasty. I drank every single drop of it! And I was wishing that I can have bigger bits of foie gras...

Wagyu Cube Roll
With Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Maldon Sea Salt

Before adjourning to the mains, we had a scoop of orange sorbet to cleanse our palate. The wagyu was done medium rare but from the looks of it, I had a feeling that it was done rare because the meat is still very tender and reddish looking. It's nice but somehow it didn't give me a very good taste of the beef. The flavours were subtle but lucky the simple preparation style matches the Ch Le Bon Pasteur 2006. The red meat brings the plums and blackberries flavours out of the wine.

Chocolate Cigarillo
with Honey Mascarpone Cream & Coffee Mocha Ice Cream

I was glad that the dessert has finally been served as the portions for the dinner is quite substantial and I'm definitely filled to the brim. This chocolate dessert is paired with a glass of Remhoogte 2005 from Stellenbosch South Africa. It's a good vintage from South Africa and with a blend of Merlot, Carbernet Sauvignon and Pinotage, it gives this wine an oaky and smoky palate.

The dessert was very sweet and I managed to have a conversation with the Head Chef, Saiful @ Bob. It doesn't help that I'm a chocolate snob and thus I was very curious about the chocolate he had used for the dessert. It was a 55% cocoa lined with a brandy snap. I suggested that he should have used a 70% cocoa instead given the nature of the sweetness from the other ingredients. The 70% dark chocolate would have tasted better with the combination and together with the wine.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable dinner as Dany herself has been educating us about the wines and sharing her passion in this field. These wines are priced from RM180 for the white and the reds except Ch Le Bon Pasteur 2006 which is at RM500/bottle. There were some hits and misses with the menu and there is still room for improvements.

Sunrise Wines & Spirits Sdn Bhd
Tel: +6012-2154811

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Doc says...

I've never knew how scary it felt to be collecting a medical report until I had to do it myself. For the past few years, I have really been neglecting my health so much so that I didn't even bother to go for a full body check-up. All I did was some blood tests when I was in college. Deep down, I knew it was supposed to be a priority but I was just simply to lazy to make time for it.

Ok, so finally I woke up one morning and decide to pull myself to my usual gynecologist which is just in my neighbourhood to go for a full medical check-up. It was more than a month ago that I did the health examination and when they called me to pick up my report, I was quite scared actually. And guess what, I didn't have time to pick it up until last week, which was 2-3 weeks later!

I plucked up my courage and drove myself to the clinic. The receptionist told me that I had to wait for more than 20 mins to see the doctor and I told her can I just collect the report and leave? He said, "No. The doctor wants to speak with you."

"Er...." I was so scared that something bad had surfaced! Was there a problem with my liver? (since I drank quite a fair bit these few years...)

It was a 30 minutes wait before I could see the doctor. As she went through my report page by page, my heart skipped a beat. And not until she read the last page of my report that I dare to take a breath! I'm glad I survived the results and basically my bad cholesterol was a little high and my Calcium is a little low.

When asked about my liver, the doc says my liver is fine. I was so worried and I even asked her whether I should be taking liver tablets due to my drinking nature. She says I didn't need to but I think I should. I have been advised to exercise more and which I have been religiously doing it. Sigh... and I would have to return after 12 months for the next medical check-up.

It's really true that you feel good without going through a medical examination because after that you'll feel so uneasy fearing that there might be some problem with your health. Right now, I am feeling very ecstatic due to the pink of health. I just need to control my consumption of cholesterol infused food which I loved so much! And as for wines and whisky, I would still drink them but at moderation levels... I've gone more than a week without alcohol already!

Cheers to good health. I'm drinking tonight for sure!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Look, it's so light!

It's true that they say a good pair of shoes reflect one's mood. I was just polishing and cleaning my shoes today and I didn't realise that despite having to throw away as well as give away so many pairs of shoes, I am still left with 30 over pairs. I just didn't expect myself to be owning so many pairs and yet I thought I didn't have enough of them! Maybe I am the Imelda Marcos in the making....

My shoes to match my clothes and mood...

Recently, I found myself to be owning yet another pair of shoes from Crocs. The previous Crocs that I have were the Hanalei & Havana which I found them to be so comfortable for my market visits as I need to walk a lot and I don't want to be seen wearing flat pumps.

Hover Lace Up (RM209)

This time, I got a pair of the new Crocs ultra-light unisex collection called Light on Your Feet using the Croslite technology where the shoes are lightweight, soft, non-marking and odour-resistant! This shoe is incredibly lightweight and an average shoe size weighs 200gm or less!

It's like your pair of sneakers but only much lighter!

The Hover Lace Up is the lightest in its class, featuring a canvas upper and a Croslite material outsole for lightweight cushioning. The hybrid construction of the shoe increases the flexibility and at the same time reducing its weight. No wonder these shoes were worn by the street dance crews during one of those dance-off competitions.

The shoe looks great with casual wear - shorts and T-shirts.

I'm so heavy, I don't need another pair of heavy shoes to weigh me down!
Hence I love my Crocs Light on Your Feet!

It's so light, I can jump!

I think you would really have to try it to believe it. My girlfriends were also surprised at how light these shoes turned out to be. And since I'm always traveling, these shoes weigh almost nothing to my baggage. This morning I happily scrubbed off the mud and grass off my shoes and they still looked brand new!

*pictures are taken by my gf's bf. He's so pro!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Taberna Wine Bar @ Singapore

Another wonderful discovery during my previous trip to Singapore. It has been at least 4 months since my last trip and certainly there are just too many places to go and I have too little time. That is always the case. *sad face*

My good friend discovered this place through a friend in Singapore and so happened that both of us were there for business, we met up at Taberna, had a few other friends over and decided to give this place a try. It's not your average wine bar and I'll tell you why.

For a start, this place does not have a food kitchen and so, there will not be any food churning out from this outlet. HOWEVER, you wouldn't be starving while sipping your favourite bottle because they have come up with this brilliant idea where Taberna allows you to order from the neighbouring F&B outlets. The choices are pretty interesting too from Ivin's Peranakan Restaurant, Pepperoni's Pizza which is an Italian restaurant and also the zi char from Hup Choon (Chinese food outlet serving a wide variety of a la carte chinese dishes usually with white steamed rice and soups).

So how often do you come across a place where you are served zi char and a bottle of burgundy? Hmm... that's pretty interesting! At no additional dining in charge, the friendly staff will help you pre-order the food and plate it for you. We even ordered from 2 different restaurants and the experience was great. Service is immaculate and they do not add a service charge or GST to your bill. Tipping for service is entirely at the customer's discretion and with such a good job they are doing, they do deserve a good tip! haha...

So what if you're drinking alone? There's always a companion called BOOK. The other interesting feature of this place is the collection of books on wines, whisky or even cognac for your reading pleasure. If you're still feeling bored, have a conversation to the manager, Mr. Tan or even Ervin, the sommelier if you want to know more about the wines.

One of the very good wines that we had that night was a bottle of burgundy by Domaine Michele & Patrice Rion 2005 Chambolle-Musigny Appellation from Cote de Nuits. Chambolle-Musigny is one of the smallest appellations of the Côte de Nuits. Given the tiny, fragmented nature of Burgundy vineyards, it still manage to fit two exceptional Grand Crus (Bonnes Mares and Le Musigny) and a couple of dozen Premieres Crus. These wines are known to be delicate and tend to be light bodied, but concentrated and intense on the palate.

After that, we switched to another beautiful bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape from Southern Rhone. The Chateau de Beaucastel 2000 is drinking very well now. It has a very earthy nose and a palate of herbs, spices, plums and firm tannins. It's a light wine and I think anyone would find this bottle a nice and easy drinking.

This is a fairly good place for your winescapades. Besides the drinking, you can also attend one of the many wine classes that are held at this place. The wine list is also pretty impressive with over 330 wines to choose from. Located in Binjai Park, very near to the Swiss club, this place is a hidden gem. Best to drive there or get a cab.

Taberna Wine Bar
17 Binjai Park
Singapore 589825
Tel: +65 6762 5570

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

WIN: 8 Bottles of Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh

Happy Wednesday and voila!

I'm feeling very generous today and I want to share some goodies with my readers! What makes a good day? For me, smelling good the entire day makes my day! Guess what? The new fragrance Daisy Eau so Fresh by Marc Jacobs has hit our shores.

Before everyone else has got their hands on this bottle, I've got one here with me now! I just love the wonderful sparkling energy of this fragrance. Love the bottle design too. And because I am feeling so happy today, I decide to share the goodies!


This is a fruity, floral fragrance for those who wants to exude radiance and charm. It has crisp raspberries, the sensous wild roses, and the deep warm plums. It's a bubbly fragrance, not too serious but very sophisticated!

Pavilion KL


1. Go to PAVILION KL where the Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh promotion area.
2. Take a picture of yourself "Having a Daisy Day" with the daisies at the promotion area.
3. The first 10 readers to send in the pictures will stand a chance to win.
4. I will choose 8 winners from the 10 pictures submitted.
5. The prize: Daisy Eau So Fresh EDT 75ml worth RM265 will be given out in June 2011.
6. Send your pictures to with your Name and Contact details.
7. Contest period : 18th to 24th April 2011
8. Winners will be announced here on 3rd May 2011.

Be creative & start snapping now!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Of Barolos and Durian Macarons

I think sometimes in life, we shouldn't always walk the safe path. Walk a different path and see how the outcomes turn out to be and you'll be surprised that you have been doing the same thing everytime that you missed some of the surprises out there! It applies to almost everything and action but this time I want to talk about food!

Recently, I attended a dinner with some friends and instead of the usual opulent dinners that we have at Imbi Palace, my friend ordered a pot of white porridge and some dishes. It's like having teo chew style porridge except that this place here has air condition and good service!

The usual and "unsual" dishes served that night with the porridge includes the salted fermented black bean fish, the fried luncheon meat, stif-fried cabbage with roasted pork, prawn with eggs and some other accompanying dishes.

What was unusual with the dinner was the pairing of porridge with wines! The wines that we had that night were one of my favourite labels for Italian wines. There are actually a wide variety of wonderful wines from the Italian producers and my favourite is particularly the Barolo. Having tasted one of the very fine Barolo from Pio Cesare (here), I'm slowly but surely loving it. After all, it is one of the finest producers of Barolo in Alba.

Pio Cesare Barolo 2004 & Barbaresco 2003

Barolo is produced by a single grape variety, called Nebbiolo from the Piedmont region in Italy. It is rich and deep in colour. Nebbiolo grapes produce wines that has flavours of licorice, cherries, spices, roses and violets, tea, and anise. A young Barolo usually has fierce tannins, but when cellared properly, it can age well and soften the tannins and turning it into a real gem!

This is not my first bottle of Pio Cesare's Barolo 2004. Having tasted it on a few occasions from one to two years ago, this bottle is aging very well. Typically for a bottle of Barolo, it will reach its peak in about 10 years and afterall, this 2004 bottle is one of the historic vintages. Ranked at 6th spot in Wine Spectator Top 100 in 2008, this Barolo fascinates almost every wine aficionado with its bold and aristocratic personality.

It has a glossy garnet hue, almost like a Pinot Noir but the nose is very different. This one here has exciting aromas of black berries, cherries, and a wonderful bouquet of flowers that drifts smoothly in the glass. Since this is a 2004 bottle, the tannins has been softened due to the aging process, but it remains bold, full-bodied, lingering finish and it's definitely a robust wine with great opulence. 94 points by Wine Spectator

Guess what we had for dessert?!! Usually, in Imbi Palace, we are given a choice of coconut pudding, mango pudding, honey dew sago and also the "suit kap" but this time, my friend brought along his own dessert for us. It was the durian macarons.

Durian Macarons

When it was served, I thought they looked like the normal green tea macarons but when you bite into them, the durian puree oozes out and the aroma fills the palate. It was durians! I loved the creativity of the bakers and it was indeed a delicious product. Very impressive and the durian was full of flavour. Would definitely check out this outlet - Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie soon!

Enjoyed the night very much. It was porridge paired with Barolos and Barbarescos and durian macarons for dessert. Chinese, Italian and French in a melting pot!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Not a hotel: Casa Fina Fine Homes @ Langkawi

I've always stayed at hotels everywhere I go mainly because it's safe, there's breakfast, room service, gym and swimming pool. Then, I realised, for all the service and facilities that I am paying, I only used the room as in the bed and the toilet! I don't call for room service, I don't need people to make my bed everyday and I don't even use the gym and the swimming pool.

So, for this business trip, I decide to stay somewhere near the beach in Langkawi which is of course on Pantai Cenang but I do not want to spend so much staying in a hotel as I will be out of the room from 9 to 6 and it's a complete waste of money. I chose Casa Fina Fine Homes after I saw the pictures on the internet. It looks like a new place to me and since the pictures look good and the price is right, why not give it a try?

Located on the main road of Pantai Cenang, right opposite of Langkawi Underwater World and just beside the Landcons Hotel, you can miss this place as it has a very big signage perched in front of a row of new shophouses.

Among the facilities or ammenities provided are toiletries such as toothbrush, shampoo and shower gel, some hangers for clothes, towels (both bath and hand towels), complimentary bottled water, tea and coffee, a fridge, cabel TV with channels like CNN and StarMovies and free WiFi. If you need a hairdryer or iron, you can always request from the reception.

They have a few room types. Mine is a deluxe with king size bed.

I found the facilities and ammenities are sufficient as they would even clean your room everyday. But one downside though, they only allow you to have 1 keycard and you would need that card to activate the switches and thus it gets a little too hot in the afternoon because the air cond could not be switched on when you're out.

They are around 30 rooms for rent. I paid RM138 for my room and that's the nett price. I find it very reasonable and most importantly, the place is clean and well-maintained.

Green and cosy!

I won't mind staying here again as it is nice and convenient. Taxis can easily be found just opposite the hotel at the Zon duty free shop. There were also many restaurants and shops along the main road. Access to the beach is about a 3-5mins walk to the opposite side. It's nice to find a nice place to stay!

Casa Fina Fine Homes
Tel: +604 9533 555 /+60124344 991 /+60122516 338
Facebook Page

Thursday, April 14, 2011


It has been quite some time since I last visited Asia Cafe in Subang Jaya SS15. This place here brought back much memories of my college days. Before the days of Asia Cafe, this place here used to be an old cinema which is not in operation for a long time. But it was the place for some ass-kicking "pan mee" (flat noodles) and some other food stalls at that time. If I could still remember, it should be called "The Shades" as many umbrellas lined the pavements and we would hang out under these umbrellas during lunch breaks.

Gone are the days and now with Asia Cafe, this place is bustling and happening! The reason I am here is due to the strong urge of eating hawker food and the craving for a Kilkenny! I can be drinking Kilkenny at some watering holes in KL but there's no place like a food court where you can savour the "hor chien" (oyster omelette), fried radish and some grilled stingrays and clams. Before this, Kilkenny was not on the drinks menu as only Kilkenny draught are available at bars and pubs. With the introduction of bottled Kilkenny since December last year, I can now enjoy a good Irish beer anytime and anywhere.

I think serving Kilkenny at food courts is indeed a good idea. Usually the beer costs less at food courts compared to bars and pubs. I paid RM19.50 for these two bottles and I think it's very affordable. And if you're looking for a good hawker meal coupled with the affordable premium Irish beer, this is the best option!

Kilkenny goes best with chicken wings!

It's true that the bottled Kilkenny does taste different from the Kilkenny draught as the draught offers a smooth and more creamy head due to the nitrogenation process. Minus the less creamy head, the taste is still distinctive and smooth. And with all these good food surrounding me, I have no complains at all!

Be one who drinks the finest of ales.
Every day without fail.
Even when you have drank enough,
Remember that ale is wonderful stuff.

Kilkenny bottles are now available at modern food courts, restaurants, bars and pubs. For more info, do check put the website at

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Auld Alliance @ Singapore

There's a reason why I would never get sick of visiting Singapore or for the fact that how could this small little country which is 50 minutes away by flight could be more interesting than my country? I am always attracted to this island filled with a good mix of restaurants and its watering holes.

One of the must-visit-places on my list this trip was Auld Alliance. Situated at Chijmes, a historical landmark in the heart of Singapore's where it used to be a girls' convent and now transformed to a happening nightspot in the city. I had informed Emmanuel Dron, the owner of my visit as the last time we met, it was more than 6 months ago in Pavilion KL. This is the dream of Emmanuel whom is so well-versed in whisky as he has already been in this industry for many many years. I first met him while he was still attached with La Maison Du Whisky and now he has his own bar!

I asked him why the name "Auld Alliance" and it seemed that it was represents him, a Frenchman in an "alliance" with Scottish whisky. In the books of history, the Auld Alliance was an alliance between France and Scotland which played an important role during the wars. And thus he felt that this name befits the story of this bar too!

The bar area might be small and limited but there were two other rooms that can sit another 20 to 30 more. There is also a cigar room where you can just bring your own cigar and have a smoke while enjoying the whisky. I really love the concept as the furnishings and fixtures gives this place a rustic charm, looking like a time-warped bar and cosy at the same time.

The highlight of this place is of course the huge selection of whisky. Boasting of almost a thousand over bottles here, the Auld Alliance could consider itself carrying one of the most comprehensive selections of whiskies here in Singapore. Just look at the bottles displayed, and you'll think "My God, when can I finish having a taste of every bottle?!!" The 101 whisky resolution has been a great challenge but this bar makes the book looked like child's play.

Now I can strike Bunnahabhain 18yo off the list! Yay!

Emmanuel is very proud of his collection of rare, old and collectible drams, including Macallans dating back to the 1950s, and I had the pleasure to try a rare Macallan 18yo White Label distilled back in 1984. He also carries a wide variety of Japanese whisky like the famed Karuizawa and Ichiro Card collections and also the American bourbons.

I'm very impressed with his collection and I managed to try a few whiskies before I called it a night. One of the more special ones include this Domaine de la Romanee Conti Fine Bourgogne 1991 brandy. The Benriach 1976 is also another rare bottle. These bottles are usually not on the shelves of the normal bottle shops.

Do you know how they make the iceball?

There's this cute little gold cylinder shaped machine that was perched on the bar top where I was just curious what it actually is. The staff took a block of ice from the blue container, fit it into the gold cylinder and then reattach the top. Slowly, the cover forces the water out of this ice block and a big iceball is formed! This is so amazing! Ok, I was just being excited.

There were 2 guests whom ordered an Absinthe and I finally got to see how the Absinthe is prepared the traditional French way. The French Absinthe fountain was used to slowly drip the ice water onto the sugar and then diluted into the absinthe. It was quite interesting as I've never seen Absinthe prepared this way, opposed to the lighting up of sugar.

If you are not a fan of whisky, there's always Champagne, cognac, armagnac, absinthe and rum. One thing though, there's no food served here as this is a serious drinking place! hahah....

*BTW they have moved from Chijmes to the address below:

Auld Alliance

9 Bras Basah Road, 
RendezVous Hotel, 
Gallery #02-02A Singapore, 

  • Singapore 189559

Tel: +65 63372201

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