Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Rebirth of a Classic - The Prequel

I saved the night on Tues to attend this event. It was my first time attending a watch event and thanks to Kelvin for bringing me along. The theme was all about going back to the classical days and we all have to dress to the roaring 20's. I did a little search on what people wear in the 20's era and decided that I should pile up on the pearl necklaces - afterall, that's all I have!

The event starts on the 3rd floor, in front of Prada with the registering of guests and viewing of the Bell & Ross watches. After that, we were ushered into the ground floor where there's an empty area which turned into the Bell & Ross event area where there's an endless flow of canapes and booze. Lots of photo-taking as well before the show starts.

It was really an eye-opening experience to me. The event was very well organised with beautiful deco, quality finger food and sparkling wine from Chandon Yarra Valley. The Pavilion KL Bell & Ross boutique launch party was graced by the CEO, Carlos Rosillo which brings the guests back to the 1920's. Two new designs, Wristwatch WW1 and Pocket Watch PW1 was unveiled as well.

The Pocket Watch PW1 & Wrist Watch WW1-96 Grande Date
The design is indeed classic and I love the clean look.

I love the fact that most of the guests took the initiative to dress up. Just like the people in the picture above, they really play the part! It gave me a feeling that we are all back to the twenties and everyone was having a good time!

At the same time, Mr. Frank Benjamin (chairman of FJ Benjamin) was just sitting in front of me and he was a very friendly guy residing in Singapore. We shared some pretty funny jokes of the republic. Maybe the highlight was the conversation between Amber Chia and me. I asked her how did she become so skinny after the birth of his son. Seriously she's even skinnier than before! I was quite surprised that she's a very friendly and her English has improved a lot. Kudos to her.

I never had an empty glass the whole night!

The performances for the night includes a rendition of songs by Deana Yussof, a tap dancing performance by Jojo Struys and then more singing with a nice live band.

Thanks to Kelvin & the chocolates are nice too!

It's indeed a very enjoyable evening & night. Though I'm not the biggest fan of Bell & Ross, they do carry a few watches that I would dream of buying. Ok, for now RM26k is a bit too much to think of. I shall forget about that BR S Pink Gold & White Ceramic watch. Sob Sob...

*all pics are courtesy Kelvin aka Lanatir


Sean said...

love the black-&-white look of your photos! it does give the event a classic, early-20th-century kinda feel (sort of, heheh) :D

KY said...

a watch fit for a datin! :P

Anonymous said...

You are right, the b&w you definitely look way older than 27 yrs old.

eiling lim said...

Sean: Thanks and yeah my friend is a good photographer!

KY: lol not me

Anon: Thanks for the comment!

li wei said...

so how did amber chia became so skinny after birth?? hehe

Blogger said...

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