Saturday, November 19, 2011

Daniel's Home Made Pan Mee @ Kota Kemuning

Thank God that now Kota Kemuning has some decent food for us people whom are staying in the neighbourhood to have something to nibble on. Those were the days when a meal in the neighbourhood is solely for survival purposes. Nowadays, many better eatery has been popping up, namely the famous Bidor Pun Chun Duck noodle, Pao Xiang BKT, Jalan Imbi pork noodles and now an addition to my choice of breakfast includes the pan mee from Daniel's.

Thanks to Yiling whom discovered this place that serves home made pan mee (Hokkien style flat flour noodle) which is usually served with minced meat and sweet potato leaves.

As you can see on the menu, they serve more than a dry & soup version of Pan Mee. There's a chilli pan mee, Seafood Pan Mee and also a Hakka style pan mee. This is a good strategy to ensure that the customers don't get sick of eating the same style of pan mee every time they come here.

This is the Hakka Style Pan Mee. It resembles the Hakka Noodles with a generous amount of minced meat, fried shallots and spring onions except that the noodle is substituted with the pan mee. A light noodle but packed in taste from the meat and fried shallots and not too dry.

Yiling has the soup version of pan mee which is served with sweet potato leaves, some minced meat and fried anchovies. I find the taste of the soup acceptable but somehow the noodles wasn't as smooth and slippery as I imagined it to be. For this type of noodle, I still prefer the ones at Berkeley garden.

I ordered a Chilli Pan Mee which looks very appetising. It has minced meat, fried anchovies, dry chilli paste, fried onions and topped with a poached egg. Wow, the chilli is indeed spicy. Just spoonful of it is enough to make me sob and went all teary-eyed. Yeah, I'm really a lousy spicy eater. Not as good as the Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee but better than average for me.

Besides that we also ordered some meatballs to go with the noodles. These meatballs are RM2 for 5 pieces and they come in a size of 20 cents coins which goes right into my mouth in one bite. The pork balls are nice but not excellent. The milk tea that I ordered was a little too sweet. I wonder if sugar price has gone down?

Overall, this is not too bad a place if I have a pan mee craving and didn't want to venture too far out of the neighbourhood. This place is bright, tidy and clean which come as the plus points. I like their creativity portrayed in their pan mee art hung on the wall. It's refreshing!

Daniel's Home Made Pan Mee
38 Jalan Anggerik Vanilla M 31/M
Kota Kemuning, Selangor.
(right opposite Kota Kemuning Food Court, the row of shophouses behind Maybank)

Tue - Fri : 10am to 9pm
Sat - Sun : 7.30am to 3pm
Off on Mondays


annant said...

i luuuurve pan mee, be it soupy one or dry spicy one. but i can't seem to find chilli pan mee in penang :(

Anonymous said...

where is foochow type?

Nava Krishnan said...

Thanks for sharing as I live at KK and at times need to try out new places too.

Sean said...

gosh, i think i've never been to kota kemuning before. but this outlet looks interesting. seems like you can customize your order and add so many porky items (lard, liver, etc) to the pan mee! and their sense of humour is cute too (to eat or not to eat pan mee, heheeee) :D

CUMI & CIKI said...

great find! I love Pan Mee one.. must try this place lah!

suituapui said...

Oooo...looks soooo good but I haven't the slightest idea where this is. :(

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