Monday, October 31, 2011

Peking Duck @ Solaris Mont Kiara

This is the newest outlet for the Palace Group of restaurants. It's not exactly the same as their other restaurants because this one specialises in Peking Ducks. Sunday was their 1st day of business and my friends organised a dinner there to test out the dishes. There are reasons why I never venture into Solaris or Mont Kiara because I always had a problem finding my way there. It's always after a few wrong turns, a few bucks of toll fees and then only I manage to find my way. Sigh...

The deco is cosy and inviting with a brightly lit dining hall with high ceiling and spacious table settings that revolve around the giant pillar that changes colour. There are 3 private rooms located on the mezzanine floor equipped with karaoke and also an alfresco dining area which can cater to steamboats too.

First thing I was asked to do when I arrived at the restaurant is to drink a glass of this. I have no problem with a Blue Label at all! Although it's a blended whisky and I'm not a big fan of it but I found this bottle to be drinking very well.

The machine that roasts the Peking Duck

They have a machine that can roast up to 6 peking ducks at the same time which is visible on the left of the entrance to the restaurant. It takes up to 35 minutes for the duck to be ready and if you want to consume it as soon as you arrive at the restaurant, then an advance notice is recommended.

The duck, as promised was crispy on the outside but perhaps the best thing was that the meat retains the juice and you don't get a dry duck! I must bring my dad here. One of the best peking duck in the city! The peking duck is served with mandarin pancakes, julienne cucumbers, spring onions and a hoisin sauce. The peking duck is carved and then the meat can be used to cook other dishes according to your preference such as with vegetables or with the noodles.

For the whole duck, it's just RM68 including all the condiments and with just an additional RM10, you can request the chef to cook the remaining duck meat into another dish. So, for RM78, you get two duck dishes. Isn't that a good deal?

To go with such a wonderful tasting Peking duck, we had a bottle of Chateau Angelus 1993. It was indeed justice served for them to elevate the Angelus to a Premier Grand Cru Classe status in the Saint-Emillion new classification. Angelus has been very consistent in its quality and although the 93 is not a very good year but their price can only go up with time given their quality. This vintage has an intense nose of smoke, chocolate & black fruits. It is amazingly rich and full-bodied but still silky and lush. It's nice to revisit an Angelus after the vertical tasting which was done so many years ago (here).

After a hearty meal of Peking duck, we tried the steamboat. The soup itself is very flavourful with the addition of deep- fried fish and coriander. The sauces/condiments include a chilli sauce and a premium soya sauce mixed with spring onions, fried onions, oil and sesame.

For the steamboat dishes, we had a plate of pork neck, a plate of thinly sliced beef, fish fillets, beancurd, meat balls, shrimp balls and the squid balls which are all made freshly by the chef. The results - not only the ingredients are fresh, the meat balls are amazingly tasty and the squid balls are so springy! I hope they can maintain this standard of food here as time goes by.

If hard liquor is not your thing, this restaurant also serves imported beers such as Hoegaarden, Erdinger, Stella Artois and also the Asahi.

You can also check out their dim sum & lunch menu. The prices here are not too expensive and some items here are really affordable.

Peking Duck @ Solaris
Ground floor, Solaris Mont Kiara,
No.2 Jalan Solaris, 50480 KL.
Tel: +603-6203 0423

(just at the corner of the building opposite Chilla Cup)


Anonymous said...

The Peking duck looks fantastic. Chateau Angelus 1993 - you 'seem' to have extracted wording from a review done by Robert Parker (a wine advocate).

Anonymous said...

Anon 209, now only u realize her wine review is normally a somewhat copy and paste of RP's words?????

The many benefits of Google.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon 2:32pm (and Eiling), I wasn't having a go at the blogger nor do I disbelieve that she did enjoy such a fine wine. It's just that when 'borrowing' someone else's words, it's only courteous to mention that one is quoting someone. Yes, Anon 2:32pm, it's extremely easy to work out when a person is a wannabe. Eiling - your reviews of the food you get to taste is some times quite good, well done.

eiling lim said...

anon: i didn't read RP's review on this whether you believed it or not. it was based on the comments that we shared with the friends at the table yesterday.

Anyways no point explaining. Guilty till proved innocent. That's the way to go in Malaysia.

eiling lim said...

Anons: If you would have read my older posts on wines, I would credit the source where I used the quote from which I've used quite many times from WS, WA & tanzer.

Sean said...

whoa, the duck meat looks magnificent! will definitely visit this place the next time i'm looking for chinese food. and i've never seen that roasting machine before anywhere else! i wonder whether it's a special machine, or whether other restaurants also use it to roast their ducks, but they keep it in the kitchen? :D

suituapui said...

Oooo...I love Peking Duck! Yummmmssss!!! Btw, is Mont Kiara and Bukit Kiara the same? Going to KL 16-20 December - friend's son's wedding at a restaurant in Bukit Kiara.

Btw, when are you coming to Sibu? Hope not during those dates as I will not be around...

Anonymous said...

"If you would have read .....,...., from WS, WA & tanzer"

So now, no need??

Pls give some credit to the real author,pls. I do see you as a person with strong upright principles.

eiling lim said...

sean: this is the 1st machine that they are using it in their restaurants but I'm not sure about the other restaurants.

STP: No. Solaris Mont Kiara is much further up the road and it might be confusing if you have not been there before but no harm trying to locate it.

Anon: I've seen the link that you provided and I think the elevation of the classification of Angelus to the Premier Grand Cru is a fact which can also be found on wikipedia as well. As for the tasting notes, they bound to be some similarities. And as for the 93 not being a good year, I called my sommelier friend to ask about it and that's what he said. If I were to quote RP, I will take the sentences verbatim. He didn't think it was lush and silky, so are you sure that was RP's tasting notes? I have my principles too.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you say la.

Anonymous said...

It's OK, all is fine, don't anyone get too upset about the comments. In this instance, you may not have quoted RP outright, just a manipulation of his sentences. Anyone going to the link provided by the other Anon will be able to see for themselves that you have indeed extracted from RP's; but we will not continue to argue about it. You may insist that there are bound to be some similarities in tasting notes but those 'grandeur' words just didn't befit a simple food blog. So, it was that that made me check out your para and discovered RP's review. It would have sounded more real if you had described how the wine tasted to you when it was in your mouth. Having opened this can of worms, I checked out a few more of your previous reviews. Much as I shouldn't say it (after all I am only a drop-by kind of visitor to your blog and can opt not to read it), your writing style seem to reflect you as a champion show-off. But, nothing wrong with that. Is it respectful of you to your country to pen words like "Anyways no point explaining. Guilty till proved innocent. That's the way to go in Malaysia."? Comes across as you being defensive to unfavourable comments. All is good, no offence meant.

eiling lim said...

Anon: Grandeur words? You must be kidding me. I would like to know which words are so "grandeur" that a such a humble (or rather "simple") blog like mine might not be able to comprehend? A show off maybe, but a champion, hmm.. I might not be able to handle such a big title. I'm sorry, that's what my blog is all about. Anyways, I think it's pointless to be engaged in a war of words with a faceless & nameless person. Thanks for your comments.

Taufulou said...

so many drinks in a dinner like that..

weet weet..must be a very good drinker liau . . :p

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