Thursday, September 29, 2011

Friday Nite with me at Neverland...

Ever wonder what can one do on a Friday night?!! Fridays are my favourite days as I know that the weekend has arrived and it's time to do things I've always wanted to. Don't you feel that life is too stressful to let Friday nights go by in a breeze?

A few of my favourite activities on a Friday includes....

Admiring the picturesque sunset at the beach. Too bad, I only get to do this once in a blue moon whenever I'm on holiday. Imagine sitting by the beach, sipping a cool glass of martini and enjoying the sea breeze... Hmm..

Or, I could be sipping some wine and drawing a cigar on a Friday night with some friends. It's really cool to have a bunch of friends having a nice dinner and then popping some champagne bottles as the night goes by. This is one of the heavenly pleasures that I enjoy immensely because of the great company, nice drinking wines and good food.

And the ultimate - Hitting the CLUB on a Friday night! I'm such a party goer when I was younger (making myself sound very old here) and what I loved most about it is the music. Nevermind if you can't dance, cos all you need is to move with the groove. Now that my party days has mellowed, and age is catching up, it's time to be choosy about the clubs BUT never let the party spirit down!

The newest & hottest club that everyone is now talking about is in town! NEVERLAND has landed on our shores, and here comes Peter Pan & Tinker Bell a club that accomodates clubbers with an interactive bevy of performances in a trendy yet stylish and hip environment. Neverland envisions itself to be the cornerstone of KL city's night life.

With a fully refurbished stand alone of 900 seating capacity and an on-site parking for 500 cars, I am now giving away tickets to let you and your friends to be the 1st to attend this PRE-LAUNCH party happening on the 7th October 2011, a Friday night of course!

Each of the 10 lucky winners will be able to bring 1 + 1 people for the Pre-Launch. That means you will win 3 tickets in total - one for yourself and two for your friends). Each ticket comes with a FREE DRINK. Isn't that great?

How to win?
  1. To win, the participants would need "LIKE" the Club Neverland FB page.
  2. Answer 2 simple questions.
  • What is it that I'm eating for breakfast in this video?
  • Tell me what would make the best clubbing experience?
You can leave the answers and your contact (email & phone numbers) at the comment section or if you want more privacy, please email me at before 2nd of October 2011 at 12noon . Winners will be notified by Nuffnang. Winners to collect tickets from Nuffnang office starting 10am, Tuesday, 4th October until 2pm, 7th October 2011.

The best answer wins!

You won't want to miss this party!


Sean said...

neverland! cool name! definitely makes me think of peter pan and the magical land where everyone will never become adults, heheh :D

Taufulou said...

don know what is that..but sounds pretty cool . .:)

neverland like once go never come back . .

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