Monday, September 26, 2011

Crispy Pork & Shrimps Wanton with Alcohol

Ok, I'm not really an alcoholic (futile attempts in convincing people because they know that I can drink them under the table) but sometimes I feel that it's interesting to use some of the bottles I have at home into cooking. It's a boring Sunday and Mom decides to make some fresh minced pork and shrimps wanton. She was telling me about the wonderful recipe she read in this book and she wanted to try it.

The ingredients are really simple but there was one particular ingredient she lacked - the chinese RICE WINE. So I told her, forget about the boring rice wine, why don't you use this instead?!! I took a chair, climb up to the top of the cupboard and pulled out a bottle of liquer and she thought I was mad. "Huh?!! You want me to use this Kwai Fei Lychee Liquer?" and I said, why not?!!

In addition to this wacky ingredient, I asked her to add some fried streaky bacon bits as well! Therefore, the 2 secret ingredients that made the wantons taste so awesome is the Lychee Liquer and Bacon!!!

The main ingredients are:

Pork (preferably 3 layered pork)
Bacon Bits
Wanton skin

Ginger (shavings)
1 teaspoon of sesame oil
1 teaspoon of Kwai Fei Lychee Liquer

The pork will have to minced. You have the option to mince the shrimps with the pork but I prefer it to be whole or chopped into halves so that I can still have the succulent texture of the shrimps. Mix the minced pork and shrimps together and add in the seasonings as well as the bacon bits. Stir well and then refrigerate for half an hour by covering it with a cling film.

Mix it all up & refrigerate!
This ensures the marinate takes into effect and the meat will absord the flavours over this period of time.

After that, using a spoon/spatula, scoop some of the mixture into a piece of wanton skin and wrap it up. If you have smaller wanton skins, I suggest that you cut the shrimps into smaller pieces.

Since she didn't make that much wantons, all you'll need is just a small pot of oil to fry them. Heat the oil to medium high and then slowly put the wantons in. Deep fry the wantons until they turn to a light golden brown. Then, turn up the heat a little before dishing them up. This is to prevent the wantons from absorbing too much oil during the last frying process. You can also use paper towels to absorb the excess oil from the wantons.

The finished product is lovely isn't it?!! It's crispy and the best of all, there's no fishy or meaty taste to the wantons because the ginger covers the fishy smell and the liquer takes off the meaty taste. What you'll get is a very light and umami taste of the wantons which goes very well with some chilli sauce. For me, I would love to add more bacon bits! We all had it for an afternoon tea snack. All thanks to Mom and my wacky ingredient!


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KY said...

that's one interesting taste i bet, want!

eiling lim said...

KY: It is but can't really taste the lychee. I should have added a little more.

Mun Mun said...

Mm.. Sounds really interesting. Would love to give that a try. You must savoring every bit of the wanton eh.. Lucky you! Your mom must be a pretty good cook too. Thumbs up for Mommy!

Sean said...

hey, this sounds like a brilliant recipe. i've never heard of kwai teh liquor before. but y'know what might be even better: eating that wanton with some lychee cocktail! :D

eiling lim said...

Mun Mun: Thanks and mom is a good cook!

Sean: hey that's a brilliant idea!

suituapui said...

Oooo...that looks awesome! Nice! In cooking, should be innovative and creative...not sticking to recipes all the time, so dependent.

eiling lim said...

Stp: thanks!

Basset Training said...

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