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iPad Interactive Menu @ Sakae Sushi

This is the time for bold imaginings, creative ideas and keeping up with technology. That's exactly what Sakae Sushi did to its 3 outlets comprising of The Curve, Berjaya Times Square and Sunway Pyramid. I saw how the ordering system at Sakae Sushi evolves from the humble beginnings of a monitor and a mouse, then a touch screen monitor and now straight to the iPad 2 through an interactive menu.

One can only say that Sakae Sushi has indeed answer consumers' call for a trendy Japanese restaurant by making ordering a breeze for everyone! This makes this restaurant a step ahead of all its competitors by being the 1st in Malaysia to use an iPad ordering system. I was excited to see how it could be incorporated in such a busy restaurant with so many tables and so many outlets.

What's a better way to dine with one of my dear girlfriend, Merkaine whom is also excited to test out the system. Bracing the Thursday evening traffic on the week before Raya holidays, we managed to arrive on time to meet up with Valerie, the marketing lady behind the chain of restaurants whom is so nice to host dinner for just the both of us.

It was indeed a surprise to see all tables, even the 2 seaters, are all equipped with the iPad 2 units and boy, I wonder how much they have spent on acquiring these gadgets and the new system?!! The best thing was, I was trying to figure out how I can dismantle the holder and run away with 1 unit of the iPad 2. Anyways, it's impossible because the iPad 2 is locked into a stainless steel holder which the only possible way I can think of is to unscrew the whole holder from the table! I shall refrain myself from thinking further as they might suspect it's me if they loose one of these!

The menu is easy to navigate by just flipping the screen like how you would flip a magazine. You select the items you wanted and then it will appear on another screen prompting you to confirm the order and also quantity. After it has confirmed, you can also check the status of the dish on the same page as it will indicate if it's being prepared or has been delivered. In case you forget to confirm the orders, after 2 minutes, they will be a pop out message asking you to confirm the order. Isn't that cool?!!

To start the ball rolling, we had to order some food to test out the system of course! Valerie recommended us a few dishes and the Ika Karaage (RM12.90) is one of them. Merkaine and me both agreed that these squids are fried to a perfect finish with the right crispiness without loosing the juiciness of the flesh. It's springy but not too chewy which I thought they did ace this dish.

The Salmon Mentaiyaki (RM15.90) is also one of the highlights as the Salmon was well pan-seared and the skin remained crispy. The flesh is not overcooked and you cans till taste the juiciness of the flesh and its natural flavours. Merkaine did most of the sushi ordering. We had a Tuna Mayo Inari (RM3.99), which I love Inari no doubt but I prefer it plain than having it with the tuna. Then we tried the Mini Ebi Tempura Sushi (RM3.99) and the Unatama Sushi (RM5.99) which consists of a slice of Unagi and Tamago. I think the price charged for these sushi plates are rather affordable.

The other must-try includes the Hotate Mentaiyaki (RM20.90) which is grilled scallops with an interesting sauce and toppings. Although it's a little expensive, it's still worth a try. The Salmon Sashimi Sashimi (RM9.99) at first glance might not be something special, but it's certainly fresh and the cuts are thick! Valerie tells me that though they are a chain store, quality and freshness of the seafood and sashimi is never compromised.

The Shiro Maguro Sashimi (RM7.99) is worth a try as it's very different from the usual sashimi as this is the butterfish. I think the reason why it is called the butterfish is due to its oily flesh which is smooth and slippery. It can be served sashimi style or this month, they have a monthly special featuring the butterfish cooked with mushroom. It's not to my liking as I prefer it to be raw but Merkaine likes it.

It was so fun because we both are trying out dishes we would not normally be ordering at Sakae Sushi. We were really stuffed and I thought there would be no room for desserts. Boy, I was so wrong....

These sorbet - Orange, Lemon & Pineapple are just too cute to be eaten. These sorbet are imported together with the fruit itself in this presentation. I would have thought that the staff filled the sorbet at the kitchen but it came like this when they ordered it. The fruit was frozen together with the sorbet!

Different people might have different preferences but mine is certainly the Orange Sorbet as it is tangy and zesty, giving me the "ooomph" I need to stay awake! The Lemon Sorbet has a very smooth and silky texture which is almost yogurt-like! The Pineapple is special as the taste is mild and pleasing.

Merkaine had to make a last order on the Green Tea shake with red beans. The presentation of the dessert is indeed very nice but I would have thought that they should have a richer green tea taste instead. It was such an eye-opening experience to try out the different desserts that I would have never even thought of ordering. From now on, I'll definitely make room for a dessert at Sakae Sushi.

It's great to see how this Japanese Sushi chain is incorporating fun technology into the dining experience. Not only the new ordering system would improve the efficiency, it is also allows customer to have a fun time scrolling through the menu and enlarging the pictures for clarity. The menu is also ever-changing with introduction of new dishes every year.

Merkaine & I are definitely satisfied as the dinner cures our curiosity and also our stomachs! Valerie was also very kind to give us a goodie bag each comprising of this cute Sakae Sushi frog soft toy which my gf loved so much. She hoped that by kissing the froggy, it will turn into a prince. Sadly, the reality is indeed very cruel. There's no space for fairy tale now...

Happy Holidays! I'm off for 10 days!

Sakae Sushi
The Curve, Ground Floor
Petaling Jaya
Contact No: +603-7725 1172


Sean said...

Looks like a fun and hassle-free way of ordering! The other sushi chains will probably copy the idea in the next few months, I'm guessing! :D

Anonymous said...

So did sakae sushi paid for the dinner; afterall the mktg mgr is there?

Huai Bin said...

It looks delicious! :)

Yeah, the ordering system would make things much easier. if only we can play Infinity Blade on it. Haha!

I know someone who would love the plushie, I didn't know they came out with those things.

Happy holidays Eiling! :D

CUMI & CIKI said...

We were there, the day b4 YOU! :D

KY said...

no need to deal with those beat up mouse already. hahaha

eiling lim said...

Sean: I think so but it would be expensive to invest in this system.

Anon: Yes, I did state that this is an invitation by Sakae Sushi.

Huai bin: Haha, you can suggest to them on the Infinity Blade. Then probably no one will be leaving after the meal. Happy Holidays to you too.

Cumi & Ciki: I know!!

KY: haha yeah

suituapui said...

Ya...I saw somebody's post on this. Definitely better than ill-trained, rude Mandarin-speaking-only Chinese waitresses that we get a lot around here.... Like we owe them money or something. Tsk! Tsk!

I hope they're not making you pay for that...e.g. by jacking up the prices. Most importantly, the food must be good...never mind what gimmick people may use.

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