Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'm on One FM "Ho Chak" with DJ Yve Vonne

About 2 weeks ago, on a Saturday, I was invited by one of my good friend whom is a DJ at One FM on weekends as a guest to talk about chocolates. She has been wanting to do this show a long time as she knows that I have a passion for chocolates and the intention was to share the knowledge and busting some chocolate myths that people has.

One FM studio at Sri Pentas and people from the lobby can see through the transparent walls!

One week before the show, I've started to talk more in Cantonese. I really need to practice and also brush on up the language as I'm more fluent in my English rather than Cantonese eventhough the latter is my native tongue. I do watch TVB chinese dramas very often but my knowledge towards some of the more complex vocabulary is still not up to the standards.

There were only both of us at the studio. I'm amazed on how a DJ alone can handle all that is needed to run a show. It's definitely no easy task! It's a very carefree and easy going session which I enjoyed so much!

Yve Vonne at work!

I'm sure my colleagues had a fun time laughing at me when I asked them to help me translate certain vocabulary such as "cocoa butter", "cocoa fats", "minerals" and "recrystalisation". I had a hard time pronouncing it too! Hearing myself live on national radio is indeed an experience.

I didn't feel nervous talking live but what I was more afraid is mispronouncing the words. When it come to speaking Cantonese, my vocaulary is really limited but DJ Yve Vonne did a good job during the whole show trying to cover for me when I was lost for words.

Basically the show is more about learning how to appreciate chocolates, how to keep them and the benefits of dark chocolates. I've written some of the must try dark chocolates here if you're interested to know and also my blog posts on chocolates are here as well.

Please listen to One FM Ho Chak if you're interested in everything food! The program is on air once or twice a month on every Saturday 1t 12 noon. More details on and also Yve Vonne's facebook page here.

And here is the whole radio show which I've cut out the songs and uploaded on You Tube. Enjoy!


Mun Mun said...

This is so interesting about chocs facts. I wonder when you will do wine or food..?? It will be fun to hear you doing either this topic. Nonetheless, the funny part would be the "coco tao". Hehehe... Anyway, two thumbs up for radio chocs program me.

eiling lim said...

Mun mun: thanks for listening in to the program and support. I'm not qualify to talk about wines yet. Hopefully one day...

Corgi 1960 said...

Leng Leng, your cantonese really koyak lah. I did not get to finish the entire recording but can detect your nervousness.... Nonetheless, a milestone in your achievement. Well done!

eiling lim said...

corgi: Like I told you my cantonese sucks la! hehehe

CUMI & CIKI said...

wow, congrats babe.. u like a pro:D

KY said...

fehmes max! :D

eiling lim said...

Cumi & Ciki: Thanks babe. I'm not a pro-lah/!

KY: Mana ada.. you lah fehmes

Sean said...

i listened to the first three minutes, and you sounded OK to me. yeah, a bit hesitant, but i think that's natural. you still have a very pleasant voice. sorry i can't comment on the content of the interview, since i don't understand cantonese at all, heheh :D

suituapui said...

TV next...but hey! You were on TV before, weren't you? Cantonese? That's Greek to me...can't understand a word.

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