Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy 54th Birthday Malaysia!

As we celebrate today's 54th National Day, have we reflected upon what we have done right in the past that led us to achieving an independence, what we would have done now for a brighter future or what we can do in the near future to sustain the growing nation? I guess these questions do not seemed to important at all these days because all we cared was - wohoo.. It's a Public Holiday!

Oh well, we might be proud of our independence but did we really achieve an independence in terms of thoughts and actions? Look what happened today, look at the f*cking mainstream media, do you think we really achieve an independence? We were so dependant on the government to plan for the nation, we rely so much on subsidies and we believe so much lies. What's the truth? Anyone dared to speak a word?

We have no independence on thoughts. We were suppressed by the people whom are supposed to serve the nation and it's citizens, not realising that the slaves are actually us! The "People should not be afraid of their governments. The Government should be afraid of their people." - from the movie "V for Vendetta". The phrase remains as a dream...

So as we dreamt of a good holiday this week, think about the real meaning of independence.

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

iPad Interactive Menu @ Sakae Sushi

This is the time for bold imaginings, creative ideas and keeping up with technology. That's exactly what Sakae Sushi did to its 3 outlets comprising of The Curve, Berjaya Times Square and Sunway Pyramid. I saw how the ordering system at Sakae Sushi evolves from the humble beginnings of a monitor and a mouse, then a touch screen monitor and now straight to the iPad 2 through an interactive menu.

One can only say that Sakae Sushi has indeed answer consumers' call for a trendy Japanese restaurant by making ordering a breeze for everyone! This makes this restaurant a step ahead of all its competitors by being the 1st in Malaysia to use an iPad ordering system. I was excited to see how it could be incorporated in such a busy restaurant with so many tables and so many outlets.

What's a better way to dine with one of my dear girlfriend, Merkaine whom is also excited to test out the system. Bracing the Thursday evening traffic on the week before Raya holidays, we managed to arrive on time to meet up with Valerie, the marketing lady behind the chain of restaurants whom is so nice to host dinner for just the both of us.

It was indeed a surprise to see all tables, even the 2 seaters, are all equipped with the iPad 2 units and boy, I wonder how much they have spent on acquiring these gadgets and the new system?!! The best thing was, I was trying to figure out how I can dismantle the holder and run away with 1 unit of the iPad 2. Anyways, it's impossible because the iPad 2 is locked into a stainless steel holder which the only possible way I can think of is to unscrew the whole holder from the table! I shall refrain myself from thinking further as they might suspect it's me if they loose one of these!

The menu is easy to navigate by just flipping the screen like how you would flip a magazine. You select the items you wanted and then it will appear on another screen prompting you to confirm the order and also quantity. After it has confirmed, you can also check the status of the dish on the same page as it will indicate if it's being prepared or has been delivered. In case you forget to confirm the orders, after 2 minutes, they will be a pop out message asking you to confirm the order. Isn't that cool?!!

To start the ball rolling, we had to order some food to test out the system of course! Valerie recommended us a few dishes and the Ika Karaage (RM12.90) is one of them. Merkaine and me both agreed that these squids are fried to a perfect finish with the right crispiness without loosing the juiciness of the flesh. It's springy but not too chewy which I thought they did ace this dish.

The Salmon Mentaiyaki (RM15.90) is also one of the highlights as the Salmon was well pan-seared and the skin remained crispy. The flesh is not overcooked and you cans till taste the juiciness of the flesh and its natural flavours. Merkaine did most of the sushi ordering. We had a Tuna Mayo Inari (RM3.99), which I love Inari no doubt but I prefer it plain than having it with the tuna. Then we tried the Mini Ebi Tempura Sushi (RM3.99) and the Unatama Sushi (RM5.99) which consists of a slice of Unagi and Tamago. I think the price charged for these sushi plates are rather affordable.

The other must-try includes the Hotate Mentaiyaki (RM20.90) which is grilled scallops with an interesting sauce and toppings. Although it's a little expensive, it's still worth a try. The Salmon Sashimi Sashimi (RM9.99) at first glance might not be something special, but it's certainly fresh and the cuts are thick! Valerie tells me that though they are a chain store, quality and freshness of the seafood and sashimi is never compromised.

The Shiro Maguro Sashimi (RM7.99) is worth a try as it's very different from the usual sashimi as this is the butterfish. I think the reason why it is called the butterfish is due to its oily flesh which is smooth and slippery. It can be served sashimi style or this month, they have a monthly special featuring the butterfish cooked with mushroom. It's not to my liking as I prefer it to be raw but Merkaine likes it.

It was so fun because we both are trying out dishes we would not normally be ordering at Sakae Sushi. We were really stuffed and I thought there would be no room for desserts. Boy, I was so wrong....

These sorbet - Orange, Lemon & Pineapple are just too cute to be eaten. These sorbet are imported together with the fruit itself in this presentation. I would have thought that the staff filled the sorbet at the kitchen but it came like this when they ordered it. The fruit was frozen together with the sorbet!

Different people might have different preferences but mine is certainly the Orange Sorbet as it is tangy and zesty, giving me the "ooomph" I need to stay awake! The Lemon Sorbet has a very smooth and silky texture which is almost yogurt-like! The Pineapple is special as the taste is mild and pleasing.

Merkaine had to make a last order on the Green Tea shake with red beans. The presentation of the dessert is indeed very nice but I would have thought that they should have a richer green tea taste instead. It was such an eye-opening experience to try out the different desserts that I would have never even thought of ordering. From now on, I'll definitely make room for a dessert at Sakae Sushi.

It's great to see how this Japanese Sushi chain is incorporating fun technology into the dining experience. Not only the new ordering system would improve the efficiency, it is also allows customer to have a fun time scrolling through the menu and enlarging the pictures for clarity. The menu is also ever-changing with introduction of new dishes every year.

Merkaine & I are definitely satisfied as the dinner cures our curiosity and also our stomachs! Valerie was also very kind to give us a goodie bag each comprising of this cute Sakae Sushi frog soft toy which my gf loved so much. She hoped that by kissing the froggy, it will turn into a prince. Sadly, the reality is indeed very cruel. There's no space for fairy tale now...

Happy Holidays! I'm off for 10 days!

Sakae Sushi
The Curve, Ground Floor
Petaling Jaya
Contact No: +603-7725 1172

Friday, August 26, 2011

Fancy 7 benefits in a bottle?

Notice how girls seemed to be broke almost every month? And how much we loved shopping? The amount of space needed for our room? Well, this is why - we have loads of beauty products to buy! Ranging from hair care to nail care, from head to toe, we need tens if not hundreds of bottles of these wonder products to enhance our beauty.

There's every product for head to toe!

I personally, have loads of nail colour in the shades of red. To guys, it may just be red. But to me, all these reds are different! And when it comes to moisturisers, you'll need one for the face, one for the body and one for the place where the sun don't shine! And those really adds up to the amount of products I have on my dressing table.

Noticed that my mosturiser bottle is nearly empty and it's time to go shopping for a new bottle! Yay on one side but heartache on the other because it's time to fork out loads of moolah to buy a bottle of cream that is not a life-saving item but completely necessary. I'm a very simple person when it comes to choosing a particular skincare product.

When I go searching for the bottle of moisturiser, I am looking at one that gives me the best benefits besides the affordable pricing and a trusting brand. Most of the moisturisers in the market now does not only offer the effects of moisturising and nourishing, some even offer the whitening benefits which garnered lots of approval from youngsters nowadays because of the amount of sun we are exposed to. Having a fair and smooth skin seemed to be the trend.

However, I was introduced to the new Olay Total Effects. It has never crossed my mind to try Olay because I can still remember the days where it was called Oil of Ulan then and the ads of this brand is all over the TV. I still have that perception that Olay is for the older and more mature ladies. Well, I was challenged to change my perception towards Olay Total Effects. The new moisturiser seemed to be the hottest product off the shelf because of the 7 EFFECTS that they promise to deliver.

Honestly I hate it when people tell me that I looked older than real age. The conversation always start with this
"Hey Eiling, tell me, how old are you?" and I'll usually say "Why don't you take a guess?" And the replies I always get are - "Let me guess, you're 28 this year?" They always guess that I'm a few years older than my biological age. I guess the usual skincare with whitening is just not enough. Whitening do not include anti-ageing benefits.

Although I'm in my 20's, I've started to feel the effects due to our hot and humid weather and constant exposure to UV rays from the sun and also the dusty environment. Until I discovered Olay Total Effects! Love the light texture, and my skin actually starts to feel plumper after just a few weeks. I like that it has UV protection as well!

This is all you need for each application.

Total Effects fights 7 signs of aging (fine lines and wrinkles, rough texture, uneven skin tone, dullness, prominent pores, age spots and dryness) by:

• Minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Moisturizing to soothe and nourish dry skin
• Balancing color and tone while reducing the appearance of age spots
• Smoothing skin’s texture with gentle exfoliation
• Refining to minimize pore appearance
• Protecting skin’s surface with antioxidants
• Firming skin’s appearance with hydration

I've been using the Olay Total Effects for 2 weeks now and I have been tracking the changes I've experienced throughout this period of time. My beauty regime is simple: wash with a facial cleanser, apply toner & moisturiser. I do this in the morning and before I go to bed. Although the changes are not very drastic, as I do not have any visible wrinkles on my skin as of now, the moisturiser does provide my skin with enough protection and at the same time keeping it moisturised even in air-conditioned rooms and in the hot sun.

This is the right product for women in their 20's if they are looking for a product that gives them both the whitening and anti-ageing effects. It's always good to start early with the right skincare to achieve a clear, fair and flawless complexion.

Before & After

The skin is more evenly toned and pores has been reduced. The best thing is that the cream is now in a lighter formula for better absorption and less greasy on the skin. Knowing that the moisturiser also provides antioxidants to protect the skin surface gives me a peace of mind especially due to the nature of my job. I do go out in the sun once in a while during my market visits and therefore, I appreciate that the moisturiser is doing a good job by providing the 7 anti aging benefits in 1 formula for visibly younger-looking skin that looks more resilient to aging.

There's something about this moisturiser that I really like - the signature scent of a powdery and sunscreen bouquet. Considering the affordable pricing (RM40+) for this moisturiser, it is worth a try if you haven't test the Olay Total Effects yourself. It's available at most leading hypermarkets & pharmacies.

Do visit this link to share & further discover what other women are feeling about their skin!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dinner @ Grand Palace Pavilion KL

This is another one of those dinners where friends meet up, have some simple food and nice wines. Our usual hang out place would be the restaurants and particularly this place at Pavilion KL as it has a good chef, nice private rooms, convivial because we knew the staff there and it's a convenient meeting point for some of us.

We started off with Chateau Chasse Spleen Blanc 2007, a Bordeaux white made from a Semillion-Sauvignon Blanc blend from the leading estate of Moulis. While Chateau Chasse Spleen might have been listed as the Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnels during the 2003 Cru Bourgeois classification which was then anulled in 2007 due to dissastisfaction from the producers, it still remains as the top of the Cru Bourgeois even when the 2010 one-tier classification was introduced. While the new Cru Bourgeois classification was being prepared, 6 out of 9 former Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel (Château Chasse Spleen, Château Les Ormes de Pez, Château de Pez, Château Potensac, Château Poujeaux and Château Siran) decided to remain outside the new one-tier classification. Instead, they formed a group named Les Exceptionnels.

This white here has a nose of minerals and lemon zest. On the palate, you can taste the honeyed fruits that is so rich and also some grapefruit and lemon notes. I love the fresh acidity which is balanced and it's a long and dry finish! It's definitely an aperitif.

Claypot Tofu with Oysters

Oysters go very well with white and thus the chef made us a special claypot tofu with big juicy oysters that are not cooked completely so that we can still taste the freshness and the sea flavours of the oysters. I like this dish very much. It's a twist from the normal appetisers I had.

One of my favourite red is also this Chateau Pontet-Canet from Pauillac. Located adjacent to Mouton in Pauillac, this estate has been in top form in recent years and now routinely produces wines of near-first growth class, with rich, concentrated cassis fruit and lush texture. That night, we are drinking a 2002 vintage which has a very densed nose on the fruits, particularly the black fruits. It's full-bodied, with generous but soft tannins and aromas and flavors of currants and wild berries with a lightly spiced finish. (Robert Parker's Wine Advocate: 88 points / Wine Spectator: 92 points / Stephen Tanzer : 91 points)

To go with the wines, we had a plate of fried Chinese ham called "Kam Wah Fo Tui" in Cantonese or also known as "Jinhua ham" in Mandarin which is a type of dry-cured ham named after the city of Jinhua in the Zhejiang province of China where it is produced. It is highly popular with the Chinese as it is used in the soup and many dishes due to its taste, and characteristics including an abundant layer of fat surrounding dark and red toned meat, a pronounced but not unpleasant odour, a fine textured meat with high levels of intramuscular fat, and a taste that is highly salty, umami, and sweet. That night, we had the fried ham served with fried roasted pork wrapped in a lettuce DIY style. It's wonderful!

The other one of my favourites is the fried fish which is fried to a crispy outer layer but still fresh and juicy inside and poured over with a bowl of warm sweet & sour gravy with cucumber and tomato cubes.

Pauillac de Chateau Latour Pauillac 2007 is actually the 3rd wine of Chateau Latour. In 1990, the estate began releasing 'Pauillac de Latour' every year, giving it the same attention and care as they do for the Grand Vin and the 2nd label, Les Forts de Latour. Wine Spectator- Offers floral and berry notes, with currant and licorice. Full-bodied, with a sweet core of fruit. There's silky tannins and a fresh, fruity finish. Reserved and balanced. Best after 2012. Score: 90 points. —James Suckling, March 31, 2010.

The pan-fried beef with garlic is also another recommended dish as it compliments the red wines very well. The beef cutlets are tender and juiciness remained intact.

As for desserts, the staff recommended these cute coconut egg custard tarts. The desicated coconut gave the egg custard filling a rough texture but at the same time it makes the tart more fragrant. The puff pastry is crispy and layered which goes so well with the filling.

All in all, it was an enjoyable night with simple dishes and good wines!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Caviar of Chocolat

Chocolate enrobed Caviar?!!

Caviar in the chocolate? Hmm... I really haven't try before but this is really regarded as the Caviar of Chocolate due to its appearance that resembles a luxury delicacy and much sought after, non-fertilized sturgeon roe. Ok, there's really no sturgeon roe in there but it's actually biscuit cereals coated in dark chocolate.

No other can do this as good as this French chocolatier.

EQUINOXE - Crunchy Pearls Pack 2.64oz
It's sold in twos - one with crunchy grain & the other candied orange.

My boxes of chocolates look good in a bowl of beansprouts too!

Trying different shooting modes on the DSLR.

This is really an addictive indulgence. Imagine the irresistible crunchy pearls coated with 55% cocoa which is made in the Valrhona factory, melting in your palate and providing that extra crunch! It's made from the best ingredients and coated with the best chocolate made in the factory at the Valley of Rhone.

It tastes like rice crispies coated with a semi bitter smooth chocolate and I enjoy popping it into my mouth pieces by pieces. It might be a little difficult to hold on too, using a spoon is a good idea but it's not as fun as using your fingers.

I would call this the amuse bouche of chocolates just like caviar! Have the miniature spheres a little before tucking into a bar of Valrhona Guanaja or even have them be sprinkled onto your favourite ice-cream dessert!

EQUINOXE - Crunchy Pearls Pack 2.64oz

This is like the mini version of an orange peel coated with chocolate. This small little bottle contains candied orange peels coated in dark chocolate with a minimum of 66% dark chocolate.

This is also another favourite chocolate of mine. The chocolate coating is not too thick so that you can still taste the smoothness of a Valrhona chocolate. The candied orange peels provide an acidulous notes to the semi bitter chocolate. You have to try it to get into the addiction of what is called a piece of good chocolate that is worth paying an arm and a leg for!

I can assure you that any other brands that is available in the city might not be able to rival the taste and quality of this!

You can only find both of this product in Singapore. I found it selling at SGD$20 at the ThreeSixty Marketplace in Ion Orchard. Cheers to good chocolate!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Money Not Enough!

Sigh, it's such a cruel world where you can't afford the things you wanted! I was visiting the Perfect Livin 2011 exhibition at the Putra World Trade Centre where they exhibits the stuff that you'll need for the house from electrical appliances to furnishings. It was my first visit to such an exhibition as previously I don't have to care about the deco. Ever since I've joined the home owners club, I need to start thinking what am I going to do with the house!

Well, it's such a wonder that RM20k don't get you much nowadays. That's approximately the price of 2 units of 1 seater sofa that I fell in love with, with a Lebensstil fridge and a induction cooker. Wow... how could one possibly furnish the whole house at one go?!! I'm partly to be blamed because of such fine tastes. I just couldn't help it... I want my dream home!

And my dream kitchen is one that looks like this. There's a built in wine fridge to store my wines and champagnes with the right temperature. Then, there's an island in the centre for me to do my baking or act as a dining table if I'm dining alone or if it's just 1 or 2 people.

Back to reality, I can't really afford this kitchen and my house is not that big! Just the built in kitchen cabinets itself will cost more than RM10k, not inclusive of the fridge, the sink, the cooker, the oven and kitchen hood! Double sigh...

I want a colourful theme for my living room!

Lucky I didn't commit myself to sign up any packages at the exhibition despite them giving big discounts as I believe a wise consumer should only buy something they need at that time. I won't be rennovating the house till next year and certainly I won't need to buy anything now! You know what they say, there'll always be another exhibition... soon!

Massage & Body Scrub @ Aspen Spa

During the afternoon, I took my Mom to Aspen Spa located on the 1st Floor of Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7 at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail for a nice body scrub and full body massage. There's a promotion during the Merdeka & Raya where the whole package only costs RM138 for a 90 minute treatment. Though it may not be some fancy spa places but it does offer a very professional and relaxing massage. The body scrub was very good as I can feel the difference after all the dead skin cells have been removed and the body is well moisturised now.

As for dinner, Mom and me decided to buy some food from the Ramadan Bazaar near our home instead of her cooking or eating at the restaurant. It's my 1st ramadan bazaar so far for the year. There are not many choices as only a few stalls are set up in my housing area. I was craving for ayam percik and lucky there was a stall selling that!

For RM3.50, it's a pretty decent price but I was more disappointed with the quality. They didn't grill it properly as the chicken were not completely cooked. The marinate wasn't strong enough but the chilli sauce does a good job by covering the lack of flavours.

The chicken murtabak I had wasn't any good either!

Colourful drinks don't appeal to me..

Actually I do realise how much food prices have gone up! I bought 5 pieces of really small fried cempedak (a fruit resembling jackfruit but has a soft and slimy texture) for RM2! The pieces were really small and I thought it was really expensive.

Seriously, if you think eating at the bazaars are cheap, they aren't. I usually end up buying more than what I can really stomach because I can't stop buying all the different kind of food that I wanted to try but then can't finish them. Money these days really can't buy much!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Higher Speeds & Volume Quota with Celcom Broadband

How could anyone live without internet nowadays?!! I definitely can't. It's becoming more and more difficult to part with this wonderful technology but at the same time, choosing the right broadband provider is also very important.

It's good news to all current and curious Celcom Broadband users. Now, Celcom has new enhanced plans and offerings which allows you to enjoy higher speeds and better volume quota! No worries about exceeding your quota as new plans comes with 1GB FREE additional quota with free speed upgrades and you can surf freely with up to 10GB data per month.

Like all these singers?

Celcom Broadband is constantly rewarding its customers with better upgrades and app to enhance the web surfing experience. Now, introducing Musicube! Suscribers can now download all the music they like from this cool app called Musicube, Celcom's very own music player. Now isn't it cool to have the best of both worlds?

1. Enjoy all your favourite songs in MUSICUBE
Get the latest songs from both local and international artistes in MUSICUBE. You can download an unlimited number of songs, absolutely FREE when you sign up with a Celcom Broadband plan now.

By accessing MUSICUBE, you can enjoy:
• New releases every week
• The choice to download by album or song
• Quick and efficient song or album search function
• Unlimited music downloads
• The latest songs across all genres, both local and international
• Direct access to music from your computer
• Access to your music library online and offline

To subscribe and enjoy unlimited music downloads with Musicube:
  1. Subscribe to a Celcom Broadband data only plan
  2. SMS ON MUSIC to 22990
  3. Receive authentication key
  4. Click on the icon to download the application
  5. Launch MUSICUBE
  6. Key in your Celcom Broadband number (login) and authentication key
  7. Start downloading unlimited music!
After your free Musicube trial, RM4.99/month will be charged to your account accordingly.

2. FREE security suite for a peace of mind browsing

Net Safe is a tool for you to have secure internet connection. From as low as RM4.99/month only for 1 user and RM6.99/month for 3 users. More info at here.

3. FREE limited edition USB modems

From 22 July onwards, new subscribers can get their hands on the latest MTV World Stage USB modems. You can choose from 4 cool designs according to different music genres – rock, hip hop, electro and pop. While stocks last!

With all these goodies, what's there to say no to?!! Check out its plans and affordable rates:

For more info, check out the brand new Celcom Broadband webpage here.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Champagnes & Wonderful reds

Ok, I do admit that sometimes I'm very spoilt when it comes to dining and drinking. I have friends with fine tastebuds and thus sometimes the dinner can get a little lavish. So happened that during dinner sometime ago, it also coincides with my sis getting a promotion and it was very kind of my friend to call for a celebration with some wonderful bubblies.

Dom Perignon 2002

The Dom needs no introduction. However, the latest release of the 2002 shows that it is capable of drinking well with a very floral bouquet, hints of ripe apricots, passion fruits and peaches on the palate and a finish with a subtle hint of bitterness. It's good to drink now.

Right after we finished sipping our Dom, a lady brought in a plate of strawberries. At the corner of my eyes, I've already spotted a bottle of Cristal, the jewel and tête de cuvée of Champagne Louis Roederer chilling in the champagne bucket. I was squealing with delight but my sis was kinda blur and didn't know I was excited about her favourite champagne.

"If a wine could ever make you want to pull the top down on your '68 Ferrari convertible, rip off the rearview mirror and take off, this is it" as quoted by Wine & Spirits.

And so, the strawberries were meant to go with the Cristal 2002. Wine & Spirits gave this a 100 pointer but it managed to get a 96 from Robert Parker which is the same rating for Dom 2002. Cristal 2002 is brilliant yellow with light amber highlights and has a beautiful mousse with fine cordon of persistent and fine bubblies. The nose is intense and delicate, revealing a clean and well-blended mixture of flavors of honey, cocoa, lightly toasted hazelnuts, candied citrus fruit.It's a harmony of well-blended flavours that is silky and refined.

The dishes we had were pretty simple. There's steamed prawns, "seng kua" with pork, bbq pork ribs and also my favourite pork noodles. Ok, almost all the dishes are pork.

And a cigar in between dishes.

My friend liked the idea of doing blind tastings as it tells whether we really like the wine as it is or because we knew it was an expensive label. Obviously none of us knew what we were drinking that night until the end of the dinner.

Blind tastings of reds

Oh I do love blind tastings. It made the whole wine drinking experience so interesting and exciting because you just wanted to know if your tastebuds really do get influenced by the mind after knowing the labels.

The first wine has a very nice nose. It turns out to be one of the wines that I so wanted to drink! it's a Vega Sicilia Valbuena 2000. Vega Sicilia is indisputably one of the great estates of Spain.The one we were having is actually a second wine of the Unico, which is dubbed as Spain's "Chateau La Tour".

Vega Sicilia Valbuena 2000
This was the vintage of the good wine grower, for much depended on careful work in the vineyard, which has given the wine richness and concentration, with tightly knit fruit and nicely balanced oak, making for a structured but elegant wine.

Powerfull on the nose, some oak, vanilla, tobacco, but well integrated. Good acidity and bitterness. Long and complex finish.

I love the palate of the second bottle, not knowing that it's actually a bottle of the Wirra Wirra Chook Block 2002. Why this wine of Australia is so special, you ask?

From time to time Wirra Wirra produces wines from very small parcels of extremely intense, high quality fruit. Chook Block is a unique wine which is not made except in exceptional vintage like 2002. It is not made to a particular style; winemaking is purely in a custodial sense attempting to reflect in the wine the quality of both the Chook Block Vineyard, and the vintage. The fruit was 100% Hand Picked, with bunch selection by hand to remove any undesired bunches. "There’s no doubting that it’s a deep, profound wine!"

Only 250 cases were made! There's an oriental spices bouquet with an underlying score of licorice. On the palate, it's concentrated, chocolatey with a refined structure of finely balanced acid and fine grained tannin. As this is purely Shiraz, you can expect it to be medium to full bodied and has a savoury complexity and exceptional length in flavour and intensity.

The friend of mine was trying to bluff me and tells me that this is a bottle of YellowTail which until today, I've yet to taste it. I told him, "If this is really a Yellow Tail, I really don't mind drinking this all the time at all!" And then he kept quiet. Oh come on, I'm still not drunk. The 4 of us drank these 4 bottles in one dinner.

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