Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mooncake too soon?!!

Actually when I received this box of mooncake 3 weeks ago from a friend, I got the shock of my life. Since when these people started selling mooncakes so early?!! Certainly not 3 months in advance?!! He then told me that the mooncakes had just been released the day before he bought it and why not have it early so that you get the cream of the crop?!! Hmm.. now that's a thought!

First of all, I'm really impressed with the box and the packaging. The outer box is made of hard card board covered with a layer of faux-leather material with gold hotstamping of the hotel name and then attached on it was what looked like a piece of jade (of course it's not real jade!). The whole package really stand to impress.

The inner box consists of 4 carefully folded individual boxes containing the mooncakes which are also flow-wrapped for hygiene purposes and also to lock moisture out. I love the whole black and red colours as it's very oriental yet classy.

Every individual mooncake is made with care and attention to details as I can see that the pattern on the mooncake knocked out from the mould is deep and almost perfect. It makes the whole savouring experience better with such a pretty look. Don't you think so.

And lastly, I must applaud my friend for getting the right mooncakes as I love my mooncakes with salted egg yolk, preferably double yolks! And all these are double yolks with lotus paste! Wohooo... I don't know why but I don't fancy the new and bold styles of mooncake nowadays but I would still prefer a good ol' recipe of lotus and salted egg yolk. In my own opinion, the salted egg yolk was very good but the lotus paste still need some aging time as I find it "too fresh" to be eaten now. It's not the best mooncake so far but this is worth savouring.

I don't know if they have increased the prices from last year's as it used to be RM17.50 - RM22.50. Can't believe mooncake has become such an expensive delicacy. Well, I believe the bulk of the cost went to the packaging and the brand.

Best served with Pu-er chinese tea. Nom nom nom....


Sean said...

oooh, looks really heavenly, but my mission this year is to NOT eat any mooncakes at all! feeling guilty over the high sugar content :D

eiling lim said...

Sean: Not even one?!! unbelievable!

Taufulou said...

heee, yeah..still unbelievable when i received a mooncake menu from my tenant a month back . .

Huai Bin said...

Hmm...actually RM 20 per mooncake sounds about right...and it's cheap if it's Shangri-La's. :)

I used to get it at about the same prices...and that was several years ago!

...but you're right, it's way to early to be selling mooncakes.

Eat Only Lar! said...

I like my mooncake with double egg yolk too! Love it. Shangrila's mooncake has been my favourite since I was young. Their red bean paste mooncakes are really good, rich in red bean taste but not too sweet too, love it! =)

KY said...

i like mine with LOTSA egg yolk! yumssss

iLOVEmooncake said...

Thanks for sharing..

suituapui said...

Oh gosh!!! So very early indeed but who's complaining? If you want to save your calories for the actual day, send them over here. Want my mailing address? LOL!!! The packaging really looks stunning!

Gastro888 said...

Wow, those looks beautiful and tasty! Do they sell the white lotus paste with double yolk, too? I would never be able to buy something so nice in the US. Best type of mooncake we get over here is Wing Wah from HK. Great tasting but not as elegantly presented. Then again...taste > looks! :)

eiling lim said...

Taufulou: Haha... it's starting way early this year.

Huai Bin: Wow.. that's pretty expensive!

Eat Only Lar: Better than most of the mass production mooncakes out there.

KY: Me too!

I love Mooncake: u're welcome!

STP: Ok give me your address, I'll send you the mooncake box! hahah

Gastro888: Sorry I am not sure about if they sell the white lotus varieties. Yeah mooncake is really popular in malaysia.

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