Monday, July 18, 2011

Liverpool & Hoofed @ TTDI

It all started with an email from a colleague asking me if I would like to watch Liverpool Vs Malaysia and I agreed. It has been 2 years since I went for a football match and it was Chelsea Vs Malaysia at that time. Oh well, no harm going even if I'm not a staunch supporter of Liverpool like some of my colleagues who seemed to know every player and even memorised the Liverpool song. I wonder if they can still remember how to sing Negaraku?!!

We agreed to assemble at Sid's Pub at 2pm for a drink before going to Bukit Jalil Stadium and we planned to start our journey at 2.30pm in order to get some good seats. But then, the plan didn't go well because someone was late, terribly late. At 2pm, one of the friends was still having lunch with the in-laws and we suggested why not meet at the stadium?!! But he refused. So we ended up leaving only at 3.40pm and by the time we arrived, it's almost 5pm! The traffic was horrendous and the parking is so limited. We had to resort to parking beside the main road, about a kilometer walk away!

The whole journey, my friends kept on blaming the guy who came late. Yeah, put all the blame on him! After all, never irritate a football fan. They can get very violent especially if they missed the game!!! Hmmm... something I learnt that day.

The stadium is quite full by the time we arrived. I guess there were easily 80,000 people as the stadium was almost full - full of the red shirt fans! Well, it depends who is the person doing the counting. If it's our govt, maybe there's only 8000 people at the stadium. woo hoo... I think there's only a few thousand wearing the blue or yellow supporting our national football team. It's not that we don't have the "semangat patriotik" but our football team really has nothing to shout about unless they proved themselves well internationally and not only in friendly games!!

Although the Malaysian team lost to Liverpool at 3-6, I think they have played pretty well and had at least given the Liverpool players some tough time when striker Indonesian-based Safee Sali scored 2 goals and then a free-kick blasted in by Safiq Rahim. Then on Liverpool's side, Charlie Adam took the penalty and scored, followed by substitute David Ngog and then Maxi Rodriguez made it 4-1 for the Reds in the 75th minute. And finally Dirk Kuyt scored to seal the English club victory.

It was a good game and the second half was definitely more exciting. The crowd had a fun time cheering and so do I. I am there to support Malaysia because I have a bet with my friend for a beer tower. He gave me a 3 goals lead but we both ended up with no free beers :(

After the match, we felt so thirsty for some beers! I suggested that we go to Hoofed at TTDI as I have not been to that outlet, or any of the other watering holes there which has been mushrooming for the past year. I heard Hoofed serves good porcine delights and thus it's a good choice.

Since downstairs is pretty packed, we adjourned to the 1st floor where it's less noisy and crowded. I think the 1st floor is more for wine drinkers. After a glass of Carlsberg, I ordered a bottle of wine for those who wanted to drink wine instead of beer. The bottle that we drank that night wasn't too bad. It's an Italian label called Cesari Principe Chianti 2008 for RM165. The other label that I was quite shocked to see was a bottle of Yellow Tail retailing for over a RM1++ for it! It's indeed expensive here.

The roasted pork belly (RM17) was not bad although not as good as the ones from Vintry. The Lam Yee Fried Belly (RM21) is another dish worth trying. These are more like the finger food that goes well with beer and wine.

Maybe we were too hungry that the 8 of us gobbled up 5 bowls of Bacon Fried Rice (RM19.60). It was fragrant, not too dry and the bacon makes the rice so appetizing. Very good if you're feeling extremely hungry - especially after a football match. Ok lah, I'm just watching and not playing.

If rice is not your thing, do try the Devil's hair pasta (RM19.80). It comes with roasted BBQ pork with honey and fried pork lard that is so crispy and addictive. We had a feeling that eating this dish is like having a plate of wantan mee!

While we were busy savouring our food, the bartender walks to our table and offered me a cocktail called "Whisky Nut" and he asked me to guess what was used in the concoction. I couldn't tell because honestly, I have no idea at all about cocktails. It turns out that it was a mix of Singleton Single Malt whisky with Hazelnut. Wow... I didn't know that they can make creative whisky cocktails! I was shocked that he told me that he knew that I liked whisky and all my friends were surprised too. He turned out to be one of my contacts in my FB that I haven't met before! Haha.. what a small world and what a pleasure to meet this way!

The night ended up in a good way for sure!

No 18A, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
TTDI 60000 Kuala Lumpur
(just beside Boathouse & The Pier)


KY said...

yea, at least our boys put up a fight, i saw part of it on tv. :D

Sean said...

heh, i live in sri petaling, very near the bukit jalil stadium, and i have to carefully time my return home nowadays to avoid all the football-related traffic jams! :D

thule a.k.a leo said...

You'll Never Walk Alone :)

Huai Bin said...

Whoa! It's a SEA of red. :D

It sounds like a lot of fun. I went once to a Chelsea game. Loved the energy.

eiling lim said...

KY: Yeah not bad. at least not so malu-fying.

Sean: Haha.. I think most of the residents there will have a headache for the past weeks.

Thule: haha you're a Reds fan?!!

Huai Bin: Yeah the atmosphere is so different from watching it on TV right?

foongpc said...

LOL @ can they still remember how to sing Negaraku!

How come you all still waited for your friend who was late? If I am a football fan, I would be mad too!

Never been to Hoofed. OMG! So sinful all the food! Haha! The bartender knew you via FB? Oh yes, I hate that feeling of people knowing me and watching me when I am in public that's why I prefer not to reveal my face online Haha!

eiling lim said...

Foongpc: Hahah... yeah we should have just left without him to the stadium!

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