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Taiwan (101) Restaurant @ Jalan Imbi KL

Somehow I had a feeling that people will be asking me that why I'm still having Taiwanese cuisine despite the recent news of the ban of Taiwanese food products tainted with toxic chemicals such as di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) and di-isononyl phthalate (DINP). Oh well, look at it this way, I've been consuming helluva other toxic products that I might not have realised and this one meal is not going to kill me instantly right?!!

This Taiwan 101 Restaurant is not to be mistaken with the other Taiwanese Restaurant called Fong Lye on Jalan Imbi which is just a few doors away. Located on the same road, this restaurant is just right after Overseas Restaurant with a green signboard.

Taiwan 101 Restaurant

This place looks rather empty and I must say that in KL or everywhere else, an empty restaurant is always not a good sign. Either the food is not good or it's too expensive. Therefore I went in without any expectations. The owner cum chef, James Wang greeted us. He's a Taiwanese and this restaurant has been there for 2 years which I've never realised! haha...

Chateau Barde-Haut 2008

One downside of this place is that they do not have wine glasses but they have these petite beer glasses that are so cute! We used it to drink the red wine my friend bought that night and it was a new experience. The Chateau Barde Haut 2008 is a sexy wine. It's soft, elegant, and full of pleasure. You can taste the black fruits, licorice and coffee. This wine is full bodied, long palate and has black fruit filled aftertaste.

The owner speaks only Mandarin and lucky I was able to converse with him with my "average" mandarin vocabulary and he was quite shocked that I can't read in chinese! haha... But don't worry as the menu has English translation too. What you'll missed out is the conversation with the owner to know more about his cuisine and restaurant.

The appetisers

These are the standard appetisers consisting of braised pig ears, braised egg, cold beancurd and seaweed. The pig ears are surprisingly tender and very addictive. According to James, his restaurant serves really authentic Taiwanese cuisine because the chef is Taiwanese and most of the ingredients are imported directly from Taiwan unlike other restaurants which uses local ingredients and hire local chefs.

The highlight would be this "San Pei Ji" which is literally translated to 3 cups chicken because there are 3 main ingredients involved in cooking this dish. When the dish came, the sweet fragrance from the basil leaves filled the room. There were not much saltiness in this dish compared to the same dish elsewhere. According to James, the secret lies in the soya sauce that they used. It was imported fron Taiwan and he showed my friends and I the bottle and it did smell different! This is a must try!

This is the restaurant's Special Beancurd. As explained to me, they make this fresh and even the soya beans are grinded by themselves and thus this dish will take sometime to prepare. The special thing about this beancurd is that there is no preservatives used and thus the rough texture. The specialty lies in the sauce. If you eat the beancurd as it is, it's bland but if you have it with the sauce, it has a rich stock and some saltiness taste. The level of saltiness depends on the amount of sauce you take it with.

This is the popular Taiwanese Minced Pork Rice. It was very good as the minced pork were really fragrant. The lacking in quality is the rice as they couldn't import any rice from taiwan and thus they have to make do with the Thailand Fragrant Rice. The way to eat this is to mix the rice and minced pork well.

I forgot the name of this vege but it was recommended by James and it was really delicious. It was really crunchy and just look at the beautiful greens!

The last one was the dessert. It's a herbal jelly (not guilin gao) but it's a different type served with milk and hasma. At first I declined to have dessert but after some persuasion, I tried and I love it! I even had two of this. If you order this before the meal, it'll be RM6 but if you order after the meal it'll be RM8!

I'm quite surprised with the food as I didn't expect it to turn out so well. It's really a different experience I had among so many Taiwanese restaurant in KL and I must say that this place is worth another visit!

Taiwan 101 Restaurant
No.80, Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-2144 9158


suituapui said...

Not really into Taiwan cuisine... One here, seems very popular but not really to my liking. I only like Taiwan porridge and beef noodles... LOL!!!

Sean said...

oooh, i think i've driven past this place a few times, but i'm never too sure where to park on this street! but i should deepen my education in taiwanese food, so this could be a good place to start :D

eiling lim said...

STP: haha... ok I know now u're not a fan of Taiwanese Cuisine

Sean: You can park opposite where there is a open car park

CUMI & CIKI said...

Lucky you! I didn't have great Taiwanese food in Taiwan:p hehe

ng wei kee said...

went to this place ytd for lunch with 8 adults and 2 children. very disappointed as they charged exhorbitantly for the appetisers that you posted (4 types). we did not ask for it at all and when they were served, we thought it is complimentary or at least wont cost rm10.00 per appetiser!.. they even charge for the cockeries.. they mention cos their cockeries are sterilised. we paid rm450.00 for the dishes... kangkung fried with beef, the tofu tat u mentioned, 9 minced meat rice, 2 white rice, stirfry pork with cabbage, stir fry greens with minced pork, the vege tat you mentioned, 4 herbal jelly, fish in vinegar sauce (the fish came in one medium size fillet), 3 cup chicken, 2 papaya milk drink, chinese tea pot and 3 grape juice. the dishes tasted average. yup, they mention they dun put msg. but it is so highly priced. i have been to taipei before. the mince meat rice here is only average in comparison. will not go there again and wont recommend others to go as well.

JoinMe said...

Hi eiling lim,
Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on, thanks. ^^
P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.

Anonymous said...

Just as the previous comment, we never order the 3 appertizers and the chef just served them saying that we must try. His trick is just like insurance agent selling his stuff!! Don't even bother to try this restaurant! The chef is just like a con artist! 2 persons dinner costs RM100! No wonder there is no customers!

Anonymous said...

Can't agree more. The owner is a first class con artist. I paid more than RM600 in total for a family dinner of 4. All because the conman spoke so fast in Mandarin (being a banana) I just agreed thinking he was a honest man.

Further he gave me appetisers which I did not even ordered !

Be warned of this place. Spread the word !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eiling,

I enjoyed reading your article, but I must say, this restaurant is not as good as how you described in your post! I was as disappointed as few of our friends up there...

As what you have mentioned as above "an empty restaurant is always not a good sign"

Thank you so much for sharing it though!

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