Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A week in Singapore

What a week!

I'm in Singapore for work again since last Sunday as our team are getting all geared up for the exhibition in Singapore Suntec Convention Hall. It was the annual Tax Free Asia Pacific show for all things duty free! Although it wasn't my first experience being an exhibitor at this show, it was however my first time having such a big stand. It was 4 to 5 times of the average booth I had before.

MARS booth at TFAP 2011

I really like the Tax Free show as you can see so many new product launches, big brands, impressive displays. The brands represented in the tax free industry is really extensive from high end fashion, perfumeries, cosmetics, skincare, tobacco, liquor, chocolates, travel accessories and also IT gadgets.

Glenfiddich booth
They have the awesome 40 & 50 year old whisky!

Big fashion houses like the Bvlgari and Dior has closed doors booths for exclusivity and privacy.

Imagine the heaven of confectionery for sampling, whisky drams to taste, cocktails to sip and luxuries for indulgence. This is the best exhibition ever!

Marina Mandarin Singapore

For convenience, I stayed at the Marina Mandarin Singapore which is just located opposite Suntec Convention Centre. This is my first time staying there as I have always preferred to stay at the Meritus Mandarin in Orchard Rd.

Lucky I have booked a room 2 months in advance as during the exhibition period, the hotels around this area is always fully booked. My room was quite nice in a way that there's a balcony and a view that over looks the Marina Bay Sands. The room is quite spacious but I find the shower cubicle in the toilet a bit too small.

I'll be back to KL on Friday for the weekend before flying again for a global meeting somewhere far far away...



Sean said...

50-year-old whiskey! that means since 1960! wow :D

Anonymous said...

Hook a Rich Goldfish yet?

Anonymous said...

Where is posting on fine chocolate?

eiling lim said...

Sean: yeah... it's really rare

Anon 12:53: it's a tax free exhibition, not a fish tank show.

Anon 10:29: ohh sorry... the pic is too small to see that the VALRHONA chocolates is at the corner of my stand. I'll make sure I enlarge that next time. happy?

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