Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Revisiting Lafite @ Shangri La KL

The last time I dined at Lafite at Shang was probably more than half a year ago when they had a change of chef from Damon Campbell to now Georg Schroppel. I can see that he has changed the menu and it's interesting to see how the new dishes would fare.

It was a post birthday dinner for a friend and since he was craving for some French cuisine, Lafite was a timely excuse for an indulgence in some good food! Nothing much has changed at Lafite - same setting, same ambiance and probably the same concept. That night was particularly full as almost 80 percent of the place was occupied by ladies!

To start things off, the amuse bouche for the day was made to look like a mini ice-cream. The "scoop" was a salmon confit and the cone was a crispy pastry. The taste was lovely but sadly it was too small! haha... They had a new bread which is red in colour. Apparently it was red because it was made with beetroot and topped with black sesame seeds. The bread tasted very good with the aioli which is actually a garlic mayonnaise made with garlic, olive oil and egg.

Pierro Pinot Noir 2008

The wines of Pierro from Margaret River does indeed worth a mention especially this bottle of Pinot Noir. I've had the Pierro Chardonnay 2003 but certainly not the reds. Despite it being an Australian wine, traditional Burgundian methods still drive Pierro's pinot production. The 2008 bottle displays an aroma of plums, with soft and gentle flavours of red cherries and blackberries. It's medium-bodied with velvety textures and silky tannins. Very good for drinking now although you can also consider cellaring it for a few years. Priced at RM380+ a bottle at Lafite, I think you can probably get it outside for half the price.

Australian Kobe Wagyu Beef Steak Mille Feuille (RM75)
This is like a steak tartar using the Australian Tenderloin paired with lemon polenta and also topped with caviar. Had a spoonful, nice and flavourful but I'm not really a fan of steak tartar!!

Pan Seared Perigord Foie Gras (RM60)
The Perigord, a former province of France is apparently a truffle area and is famous for its foie gras. This dish consists of a nicely seared foie gras paired with a celery root puree, orange meringue, apricot almond chutney, spiced bread and the very interesting contrasting textures of sauce, fluffy bread and almond nibs. Love it!

Australian Kobe Wagyu Beef Tenderloin (RM160)
The tenderloin is cooked medium rare, paired with a bernaise sauce, herb pomme puree, black truffle puree, bone marrow and also a piece of pan seared foie gras. I was really having a good time indulging in foie gras, forgetting about my cholesterol levels. Who cares when you have a piece of foie gras dangling in front of you at that moment?!! The dish was excellent.

Australian Hill Side Farm Lamb Loin (RM120)
It's a combination of grilled lamb rack and braised lamb, served with couscous, fine ratatouille, and balsamic glazed tomatoes. The lamb was tender and free from gamey tastes but I am not a big fan of lamb and couscous either. My friend did have a special palate for food!

After both the starter and mains, we were both very satisfied and full. There were no room for desserts. It was indeed a very wonderful dinner. I had not had such wonderful french cuisine for sometime and this was really a good reward for a hard's day work.

Lafite is still one of the safest bet for fine dining in the KL food scene. Good job chef!

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Shangri La Hotel
11 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
T: +(60 3) 2032 2388


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i did a google on the wine and it retails for around 50 aud..maybe i should give it a try..

KY said...

i is no moneh for lafite T_T

Sean said...

the foie gras here makes my heart melt. they put a lot more effort into the recipe compared to usual pan-fried foie gras elsewhere, huh :D

Danial123 said...

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Anonymous said...

Ya, for almost rm1k dinner, it better be exceptional and not simply good. So who paid? You or him or on the house again?

eiling lim said...

Joe: Yeah you should try it. It's one of the good ones.

KY: I also now very broke!

Sean: Yeah the way they prepare the foie gras is really commendable. I love the texture and the sauce pairings.

Anon: You know... I also wished Lafite would pay for my friend's bday dinner. Maybe I should have asked.

foongpc said...

Looks yummy! But I won't go Lafite anytime soon cos too expensive and too small portion for me! Haha!!

suituapui said...

The cake looks like a blueberry cake... RM75! *faints! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! that must be a really a good Fren for u to treat him to such a lavish dinnerz, New boy friend or sugar daddy? The guy who gave those expensive presents perhaps?

Anonymous said...

A rm1k dinner wth a rich man who buys u expensive presents. Good tradeoff

eiling lim said...

Foongpc: Yeah it's quite expensive. Not my every day or month restaurant too!

STP: haha... pocket hurts!

Anonymous said...

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