Saturday, May 21, 2011

Part II: Oenotheque by Wine Universe @ Singapore

Exactly one year ago, I gave this restaurant a try (post here) at the republic and this year, almost around the same time I returned for another dinner. I had to arrange a dinner for my customers during the Tax Free show and good french cuisine coupled with convenience is the key. Thus, I made a reservation with the chef, Paul Longworth weeks in advance to organise a dinner for 8 people.

Too bad the chef was not around and it's been a year since I last saw him. However, his team of chefs did a good job that night coupled with really good service from one of the staff, Jello. Yeah, his name is pretty unique and cute. There's a choice between ala carte and degustation.

I was in charge of ordering the wines and I chose a bottle of Domaine Duclax 2005 Chateuneuf du Pape from the southern Rhone. The sweet spot for drinking Châteauneuf du Papes is usually the first 5-6 years after the vintage according to Robert Parker. The best of them will continue to hold on to life (but rarely improving) beyond 15-20 years. It is only the exceptional Châteauneuf du Papes that will evolve for 20-25+ years, and those are indeed a rarity.This bottle was quite a decent drink at SGD$100 a bottle. It has an earthy palate coupled with nice balanced flavours.

The degustation menu is priced at SGD$98.

Sauteed duck liver, grapes, apples and Balsamic
It's an interesting combination of savoury duck liver paired with the sweet citrus notes of apples and grapes. The balsamic sauce with apple foam completes the dish which provides the layering of textures.

Saffron & Leek risotto, Parmesan
This dish is a little too heavy for me as I find that the Parmesan cheese flavours too strong and over powering. The risotto is very nice but it fills you up too quickly.

Fille of line-caught snapper, emulsion de poisson & rouille pearls
The snapper is tender and fresh which pairs very well with this broth/soup-like dish. Look out for the surprises in the bowl!

Palette Cleanse
with a sorbet and sparkly surprise on the tongue!

Grade4/5 wagyu rump
Instead of the Kurobuta Pork, we had to add SGD$10 to change it to the wagyu rump served with celery, baby spinach and horseradish froth. I had mine medium rare but everyone else had it medium well! The portions are very generous and the meat is tender.

Coffee creme brulee & Belgium chocolate ice cream
Everyone was filled to the brim and hardly anyone is able to finish the dessert. I find this a little bit too sweet for my liking.

Overall the dinner was very satisfying as everyone loved the foie gras starter and the wagyu rump. I think you have seriously consider the level of hunger before ordering a degustation menu as the portions are big. The wines here are pretty affordable and it's definitely a good place to indulge in good food and wines. They even have some special wines from Switzerland which I was tempted to try but my boss preferred to drink French that night.

Oenotheque by Wine Universe
9 Raffles Boulevard,
#01-109 Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596
Tel: +65 6338 0717


Sean said...

that's quite a value-for-money degustation menu. i love saffron risotto, it's my favorite kind of risotto (especially when topped with veal) =)

Anonymous said...

Of course it HAD to be another glowing review, afterall it was your choice.

eiling lim said...

Sean: It used to be somewhere below $90. Prices of food has really gone up!

Anon: Oh well, if you can accept that, stop reading and commenting. After a while it gets boring to read the same ol comments.

CUMI & CIKI said...

am soooo jealous of your high life! good for you girl. Yeah Sing is a real haven for fine dining. I go crazy there everytime la!

Anonymous said...

Foam on every dish! It seems the chef only knows to serve foam.

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