Thursday, April 21, 2011

Taberna Wine Bar @ Singapore

Another wonderful discovery during my previous trip to Singapore. It has been at least 4 months since my last trip and certainly there are just too many places to go and I have too little time. That is always the case. *sad face*

My good friend discovered this place through a friend in Singapore and so happened that both of us were there for business, we met up at Taberna, had a few other friends over and decided to give this place a try. It's not your average wine bar and I'll tell you why.

For a start, this place does not have a food kitchen and so, there will not be any food churning out from this outlet. HOWEVER, you wouldn't be starving while sipping your favourite bottle because they have come up with this brilliant idea where Taberna allows you to order from the neighbouring F&B outlets. The choices are pretty interesting too from Ivin's Peranakan Restaurant, Pepperoni's Pizza which is an Italian restaurant and also the zi char from Hup Choon (Chinese food outlet serving a wide variety of a la carte chinese dishes usually with white steamed rice and soups).

So how often do you come across a place where you are served zi char and a bottle of burgundy? Hmm... that's pretty interesting! At no additional dining in charge, the friendly staff will help you pre-order the food and plate it for you. We even ordered from 2 different restaurants and the experience was great. Service is immaculate and they do not add a service charge or GST to your bill. Tipping for service is entirely at the customer's discretion and with such a good job they are doing, they do deserve a good tip! haha...

So what if you're drinking alone? There's always a companion called BOOK. The other interesting feature of this place is the collection of books on wines, whisky or even cognac for your reading pleasure. If you're still feeling bored, have a conversation to the manager, Mr. Tan or even Ervin, the sommelier if you want to know more about the wines.

One of the very good wines that we had that night was a bottle of burgundy by Domaine Michele & Patrice Rion 2005 Chambolle-Musigny Appellation from Cote de Nuits. Chambolle-Musigny is one of the smallest appellations of the Côte de Nuits. Given the tiny, fragmented nature of Burgundy vineyards, it still manage to fit two exceptional Grand Crus (Bonnes Mares and Le Musigny) and a couple of dozen Premieres Crus. These wines are known to be delicate and tend to be light bodied, but concentrated and intense on the palate.

After that, we switched to another beautiful bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape from Southern Rhone. The Chateau de Beaucastel 2000 is drinking very well now. It has a very earthy nose and a palate of herbs, spices, plums and firm tannins. It's a light wine and I think anyone would find this bottle a nice and easy drinking.

This is a fairly good place for your winescapades. Besides the drinking, you can also attend one of the many wine classes that are held at this place. The wine list is also pretty impressive with over 330 wines to choose from. Located in Binjai Park, very near to the Swiss club, this place is a hidden gem. Best to drive there or get a cab.

Taberna Wine Bar
17 Binjai Park
Singapore 589825
Tel: +65 6762 5570


Sean said...

looks like the sort of outlet that i wouldn't mind OWNING myself! heheh :D

suituapui said...

I had to google to see what zi char is. I thought people call them chu-char in KL...we do not have a special name for such places here...or not that I know of.

Huai Bin said...

Hey this is a really nice place! I like how there's books to read if you're enjoying a glass of wine by yourself. :D

Pretty unique Chinese dishes to pair with too! :)

eiling lim said...

Sean: I also don't mind owning this place! Maybe we should have one here in KL.

STP: Yeah their "tai chow" is called zi char in singapore.

Huai Bin: yeap it's a nice concept!

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