Thursday, April 14, 2011


It has been quite some time since I last visited Asia Cafe in Subang Jaya SS15. This place here brought back much memories of my college days. Before the days of Asia Cafe, this place here used to be an old cinema which is not in operation for a long time. But it was the place for some ass-kicking "pan mee" (flat noodles) and some other food stalls at that time. If I could still remember, it should be called "The Shades" as many umbrellas lined the pavements and we would hang out under these umbrellas during lunch breaks.

Gone are the days and now with Asia Cafe, this place is bustling and happening! The reason I am here is due to the strong urge of eating hawker food and the craving for a Kilkenny! I can be drinking Kilkenny at some watering holes in KL but there's no place like a food court where you can savour the "hor chien" (oyster omelette), fried radish and some grilled stingrays and clams. Before this, Kilkenny was not on the drinks menu as only Kilkenny draught are available at bars and pubs. With the introduction of bottled Kilkenny since December last year, I can now enjoy a good Irish beer anytime and anywhere.

I think serving Kilkenny at food courts is indeed a good idea. Usually the beer costs less at food courts compared to bars and pubs. I paid RM19.50 for these two bottles and I think it's very affordable. And if you're looking for a good hawker meal coupled with the affordable premium Irish beer, this is the best option!

Kilkenny goes best with chicken wings!

It's true that the bottled Kilkenny does taste different from the Kilkenny draught as the draught offers a smooth and more creamy head due to the nitrogenation process. Minus the less creamy head, the taste is still distinctive and smooth. And with all these good food surrounding me, I have no complains at all!

Be one who drinks the finest of ales.
Every day without fail.
Even when you have drank enough,
Remember that ale is wonderful stuff.

Kilkenny bottles are now available at modern food courts, restaurants, bars and pubs. For more info, do check put the website at


Sean said...

y'know what, i've probably drunk kilkenny before, but i can't remember what it tastes like! ya, i'm terrible at beers :D

KY said...

at ming tien it was 18.60 for 2. :D

suituapui said...

Nice place, many young people, lots of choices...but nothing really great. There's a new one at somne other place, right? Kota Damansara or somewhere?

Huai Bin said...

Ah I love Asia Cafe too! It can be crowded sometimes though coz there's a lot of college kids who frequent that place. :)

RM 19.50 is not too bad, I paid RM 13.90 per Kilkenny bottle at Island Cafe, SS2.

I could have gotten two for the price of one at these modern food courts. :D

I think it goes pretty good with a lot of food - went well with my cheese baked rice. :)

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